Saturday, November 17, 2007

Have you seen my baby boy? (from the mommy?)

After Jonah took his morning nap, I dressed and fed him then we headed out to run a few errands around Vidalia. I put him in his new jeans and sweater. I was completely amazed at how grown he looked. My little baby boy has morphed into this busy little toddler in what seems to be just overnight!!!

F.Y.I., the next picture has nothing to do with this post except to show Daddy what happens to his computer and external hard drive when he leaves it on the floor in the living room. I walked in to the room to discover Jonah seated on the floor, with his foot propped up on the keyboard of daddy's MAC with Max resting his head on the external hard drive. NICE!

Talk about a daddy's boy...this little guy is following in Dan's footsteps. He is holding a cowbell and kicking a soccer ball.

The last picture is the one I looked at and wondered just where my baby went. I snapped this as we headed into the REC center to take a check to Jami. He walked up the sidewalk like he was in charge of the world. I reached my hand out to him to help him step over the wire and he pushed my hand away. He wanted to do it on his own. He is gaining so much independence and beginning to look a lot like a little boy rather than a baby. He doesn't want to be rocked at night, he wants to be laid down in his bed an fall asleep on his own. Meal time has become quite an adventure because he wants to feed himself with NO assistance from us. I walked into his room after his nap today and he was holding his pants in his hand. He had a HUGE grin on his face and handed them to me as if to say "Hey, I went ahead and took these off to save you the trouble when you change my diaper!" He was so proud of his accomplishment. I was proud too, but as I changed that size 4 diaper, I remembered putting those newborn diapers on him 15 months ago and looking forward to the day he would sleep through the night or take his first steps or say "MaMa." Now, all of those things are in the past...
and I wouldn't change a single thing!

No, No, No, No, No!

When I woke up today, I was a little confused. I thought it was Saturday but my daddy was not in the recliner watching football. I figured I must be confused on my days because that is what I find most every Saturday.

Come to find out, it really was Saturday but my dad had to preach a funeral. So, it was just me and my mom for most of the day. She let me stay in my PJ's and we just played in the living room. I got told NO a lot this morning. I'm not supposed to play with the Video Monitor...I did!

I'm not supposed to take pictures of the shelf of the sofa table...I did!
I'm not supposed to play with the fabric samples that mommy has on the end table...I did!
I'm not supposed to ride on the zebra my MiMi gave me for my birthday...I did! Oh wait...I AM allowed to play with that. I get told NO so much that sometimes I just assume everything is off limits.

Once I realized she wasn't going to tell me NO about my zebra, I got off and moved on to something else. What fun is there in playing with something that is totally allowed???

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Pictures

I went to the Vidalia Rec center today to have my Christmas pictures taken by Mrs. Jami Ainsworth. She did a big three day promotion there so lots of people could go to one place to get their pictures made. Mom wasn't completely sure if I was going to get to go because I was sick today. But, I felt much better by picture time. Although, if you ask her, she says I was whiny! I'd like to see how she would feel being all dressed up and stuck in a wooden sleigh with four people yelling at you from different all different directions. As if that weren't enough, they pulled me out, changed my clothes and put me back in there again.

All in all, I think I did very well...whiny or not!!! Apparently, she must have liked my pictures because she bought 2 different packages with 2 different outfits.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Music Class Performance

We went to the church tonight to watch the after school music class give their fall performance. My daddy was going but happened to think I might enjoy the music so we all loaded up and went. My mom was glad it was a bit cool outside so I could wear one of my new sweaters. She even put me in khaki pants. Everyone said I looked all grown up.
As soon as we got outside, I took off running. I had no desire to get in the car seat. I wanted to run and play. My daddy caught up with me and scooped me right up. Hey, by the way, do you notice our new fence? They took down the chain link fence and extended our yard. I finally have room outside for some yard toys. YAY!

I enjoyed the music performance. I listened very intently as Michaela and Taylor sang their solo. I even yelled out a couple of times in support! Then, mommy picked me up and took me outside to support them from a distance.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Night MELTDOWN!!!

We got to church an hour early tonight in hopes of seeing daddy. We didn't know he was in a meeting so we just headed to the nursery. We played in there for about 45 minutes before anyone else came in. I was in a GREAT mood!

My mom discovered the nursery was short one worker so she decided to stay and help. I stayed in the toddler room with Caroline and Mr. Jay & Mrs. Wanda Welch. Mom went down the hall to help the Hargons in Heart Shapers. Well, after about 5 minutes, she heard someone screaming from the toddler room. She looked in the window to discover that someone was ME!
I must say, over the last 15 months, I have prided myself on how well behaved I have been in the nursery. Most nursery workers immediately tell my mom how wonderful I am. I don't believe the Welch's will be telling my mom that any time soon. Mrs. Wanda didn't realize mom was down the hall so she came out of the nursery to try to calm me down. Well, when I saw my mom, I had a complete meltdown. I wanted her and ONLY her.
I think that would not have been such a big issue except she was trying to work in Heart Shapers with 15 preschoolers. Apparently, a whiny toddler doesn't really help that situation. I would not let her put me down.
After they separated the boys and girls, she put Veggie Tales on for the boys to watch while they ate their snack. I finally got down and wandered over to the TV so I could watch too.

After snack, Mrs. Diane played games with boys while mommy checked on the girls in the next room with Mrs. Chris.
Natalie came out in the hall with me to play with the balls. I was really nice to her and shared the bouncy ball with her.

Oh I'm not! I decided I wanted the bouncy ball back. I was just before getting it from Natalie when mommy told me I wasn't being nice and then made me share. That did not make me happy either. (Although, it did work out well for Natalie!)
My mom apologized profusely to Mrs. Wanda and explained to her that I had shots today and I have been going to bed at 6:45 since the time change. She hopes that is all it was! I guess time will tell! :-)

Lunch & Dr's Visit

I had lunch at Pizza Hut today with my parents and The Hibbs. I don't know if you know this about me, but I LOVE marinara sauce. So, Pizza Hut was great choice for me because I could eat Spaghetti and Pizza. It was all over me so everyone assumed I really enjoyed my lunch. (I did, by the way!)

After lunch, we headed to see Dr. Russ for my 15 month well visit. I was very excited about being there and seeing Dr. Russ. I was unaware that this meant shots!!!!

Here are my latest measurements. I am 31 inches tall and weigh 25 pounds. I weighed 27 pounds at my visit last week but apparently all of the throwing up made me lose a little weight! I got my flu shot today so maybe I can avoid that YUCKY sickness.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I came home from WalMart tonight and Jonah was finishing dinner in his high chair. I stripped him when I stood him in is high chair then let him down so he could have a bath. Right as I was walking down the hall with him, Mr. Hibbs called and wanted to see Jonah. He was about to stop by so I left him unclothed. He desperately wanted to get in the tub so I asked Dan to entertain him until Hibbs drove up.

Well, they started this little game where Jonah would dive over his daddy, grab the ball, dive BACK over his daddy then head to the kitchen. Dan would chase him into the kitchen, Jonah would giggle, Dan would chase him back into the living room and the whole process would begin again. This went on for 20 minutes before before I got the camera out. He was a little worn out by this time but it was still funny.

Yes, we know...the diaper was WAY full. I thought he was about to get in the tub so I didn't change it. I didn't realize it would be 30 minutes of the sagging diaper. I think that is the fullest his diaper has ever been.

Oh, and one last thing...I know it looks like he was playing very rough. He was!!! This kid is ALL BOY!!! He has three different bruises on his head right now and none of them came from this playtime!

The "Jonah" Bench

My daddy was out of town last night for the Louisiana Baptist Convention. I was very sad without him but mommy kept me entertained until bedtime. We played with my "Jonah" bench for a LONG time. I'm getting better and better and putting the letters where they go.

It was all fun until the crazy thing turned over. I did it by accident but it really upset me. I pitched an ALL out fit when that happened. Mommy decided it was bedtime after my meltdown. (and she remembered just how much SHE missed my daddy!)

Monday, November 12, 2007

An active Sunday afternoon!

Yep, you see is my brand new cowbell! My daddy bought it for me in Starkville. He went to the AL/MSU game with Rob. (or rob h. for those of you who read my blog comments!) He had so much fun. I got to stay with my MiMi so I had fun too!

All of the festivities from the weekend had me WOUND up. My mom put me in this chair to take my picture and I immediately stood up. I've never stood in the chair before so I don't know what made me do it. Apparently, I'm not supposed to do that because she kept saying "SIT!" She tells Max the same thing but he tends to mind better than I do. I have hit a new stage in life where I wan to climb on EVERYTHING. My mom says it will be a miracle if I don't break a bone before I turn 2. She can't turn her head without finding me on top of something.

We got new furniture a couple of weeks ago. I don't get to play with the new pillows so mom puts them on the coffee table every time I pull them off the couch. I guess she doesn't realize I can get them off of the coffee table too. Maybe I will surprise her with that revelation tomorrow.
I got this Laugh & Learn chair from the Trusty's for my birthday. It is a new staple in our living room. If mom moves it, I search for it. It changes colors and makes music. It is loads of fun. My dad REALLY likes it when he is trying to watch TV. When you sit on the seat, it changes color and a plays a new song. I try to sit and stand as often a possible because I can tell how much my dad likes it. :-)


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