Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The boy who wore orange

Apparently, my fall wardrobe consists of ORANGE clothes! Every time I put a new outfit on, it seems to have orange in it. Surely my Christmas clothes won't have orange anywhere in them???

Monday, November 5, 2007

Another visit to Dr. Russ

I have been a sick little boy since last Thursday. You wouldn't know it if you saw me but I've had a rough time. I have been really congested. All of that stuff was running down into my belly which made me throw up every time I had anything to eat. It was REALLY gross!

My mom was beginning to think I might be bulimic. Seriously folks...I probably lost 3 or 4 pounds the last 4-5 days. So, we went to visit Dr. Russ. (I'm pretty sure I am eventually going to get a frequent patient discount there.)

Since I was a work-in patient, I had to wait a little while once I got back. My mom was SO glad daddy was there to help entertain me. I get so bored in those rooms when I have to wait. If you add to it how bad I was feeling, you had a whiny little boy on your hands!!!

Dr. Russ came in to see us. After she visited with my mom and dad, she checked me over and said my ears and throat looked great. BUT, my nose was not looking great. She said it was very swollen in there and had lots of congestion. She said that because I weigh 25 pounds now, I can have the 2 year old dosage of medicines. That means, I can get more decongestant inside of me to help flush that yucky stuff out. The good news is that since Dr. Russ told my mom and dad what to do, I feel much better and haven't thrown up at all!!!

I go back next week for my 15 month check-up, so I will have all the stats for you on my height, weight, etc.


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