Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning fun!!!! (from the mommy!)

First of all, we were in complete control of this situation and Jonah was never in danger. The kid has NO fear. Second, please ignore the way both Dan & I look. We had just gotten out of bed and were watching "Cat in the Hat" when Jonah climbed up on the ottoman. Third, notice what a mess my living room is! These days, there is no such thing as clean. I guess that is what a toddler does to your house! But, give me a mess ANY day! This boy makes it ALL worth it.

Mr. Fix-it!

The DVD in our living room went out. We aren't really sure what happened to it, but it is DEAD! My dad would have just tossed it, but there was a DVD still in it that had to be removed. My dad got his tools out so he could tackle the job. I could tell he wasn't sure what he was doing, so I stepped in and took care of it for him. (Yes, it was unplugged!!!)

My Saturday night bath video

Friday, October 26, 2007

Just hangin' out

My mom got home from work late today. It was well after 5 when she made it home. Daddy had me dressed in these new PJ's. She bought them for me earlier in the week when she went to Vicksburg. She was back in Vicksburg today but I didn't get a thing. What's fair about that???

They had a Sunday School fellowship at Pig Out Inn but mom got home too late for them to go. I think they were kind of glad because I was in an ILL mood. I bet you didn't know I could whine. Trust me...I can!!!!

They played with and tried to keep me happy but it didn't always work. Although, the pictures I am showing you will refute that. Here I am in my Laugh & Learn chair that the Trusty's gave me for my birthday. Please notice my sippy cup of water sitting on the table!! My mom was so impressed that I knew where to put my cup. Uhhh...does she think I'm stupid???

If you have been a reader of my blog, then you know I have been obsessed with PraiseBaby DVD's since I was just a tiny baby. Well, my mom was looking on Amazon last week and discovered they have a new DVD out that is Christmas music. She ordered it that day and it came in just 2 days later. Well, our DVD player has been broken (poor Daddy!) in the living room, so I haven't gotten to watch it. My dad moved another DVD player in the living room today and got to see it tonight. I was ENTRANCED!!!!

Cleaner...or PLUMBER?????

My mom pulled everything out of my closet today so she could clean. My daddy got the Dustbuster for her so she could vacuum up the dust off of the the wood floor. As soon as she put the Dustbuster down, I picked it up. I then felt it was my duty to carry it around and act as if I were going to vacuum.

See??? I even played my piano while holding the thing. Daddy took me to the front with him and I found another cleaning tool. THE BROOM! I wasn't as smooth with it because it was so much bigger. I almost knocked the pictures off the wall in the hallway.

I tried to help but my mom didn't seem so happy to have my help. She kept taking away every cleaning tool that I picked up. Then she snapped this very unfortunate picture of me. Can I help it that my pants were a little big and that my daddy didn't have my diaper tight enough???

Thursday, October 25, 2007


My sweatshirt has a hood. My mom pulled it over my head and I thought that was hilarious! So, rather than getting to school on time, we stopped to take pictures. I'm not so sure I always understand how a photo op takes precedence over everything else! But, in my does.

When I got home from school, I noticed a turkey pumpkin sitting by the kitchen door. That turkey was outfitted in MSU colors and bandanna. That's kind of funny. I wanted to pull the feathers out but my mom decided that was not a good thing to do. (She spoils ALL of my fun!)

Then, I realized there was a big box by the door. Mommy wouldn't let me see what was in it because it is one of my Christmas presents. Santa mailed it to our house so he would have one less thing to carry. Apparently, I have been VERY good this year because the presents are already coming.
My mom bought some apples at the store tonight. I devoured those things. Well, all except for the skins. I would chew and chew then spit the skin out.

After dinner and my apple, I had a much needed bath. My poor mom has to scrub the tub every time I get out. She is looking VERY forward to the day that I don't need a bath after every meal.

I have gotten pretty good at brushing (combing) my hair. My mom is trying to teach me to do things for myself. That works out well because I am VERY independent.
Up until yesterday, I DESPISED the thing that suctions my nose. If I saw it coming, I started crying. Then, out of the blue yesterday, I decided it was there to help me, not hurt me. So, when mom came towards me with it, I just turned my head and let her suction me. Ya know, that sure makes things a lot easier!!! I wish I had done that months ago. Mom says now that I brush my teeth and hair, I should learn to suction my nose!!!

Before I was ever born, my Granny & Granddaddy's friend Laverne made this blanket for me. I haven't really used it much because I have never slept under a blanket. This week, the weather turned chilly so mom pulled my blanket out. I LOVE THE THING!!! I sleep under it at night then drag it around with me.

Tonight, mommy put me in the chair with my three bedtime must-haves! I have my blanket from Mrs. Laverne, Mr. L.E. Phant (get it, elephant?? HA!) that Uncle Doug and Aunt Allison gave me and Lammy that the Marchbanks gave me. They all bought them before I was born but now I can't sleep without them. They sure keep me company all night long when I'm in my bed myself!
Mom did this video while daddy was at a church meeting tonight. She tried to get me to do my nighttime routine all ending with 'night-night' (which I say numerous times every night) and 'bye-bye!" But, in my usual fasion, I refused to perform on command.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catch up post!

Whew...I've been so busy I haven't really had time to post. Do you know how many things there are for a 15 month old to explore. Who has time to sit down and type. Mommy encouraged me to fill you in on what I've been doing all week. So, here goes.

My mom started taking Monday and Wednesday afternoons off at her job because she couldn't find anyone to keep me. While I think that is very sweet of Mr. Hibbs to let her do that and very fun for me that she can, I find it rather disheartening that she couldn't find ANYONE who wanted to stay with me. What's wrong with that? Has my cuteness factor gone down? Am I bad? Do I stink? (well, sometimes I do, but I can't really help that!!!) Anyway, this new development has wreaked havoc on my self esteem. I might have to put away my board books and pull out self help books instead!!!

The one perk of mom staying with me on those afternoons is that I get to eat lunch with the Hibbs and my parents every Monday and Wednesday after preschool. They used to go to places like The Eola, Pearl Street Pasta, Ruby Tuesday, etc. Now that I have joined their lunch group,we tend to frequent places like McDonald's and Wendys. Apparently, I made such a huge mess at The Eola that they aren't really comfortable going back there for a while!!!

Monday, we had lunch at McDonalds and I had my very own cheeseburger. I basically pulled the cheese off of the burger, ate it and then proceeded to make a mess with the rest of it.

Mommy let me get just as messy as I wanted because I was headed home for a bath anyway. She had to clean the tub after that bath because of the excess food that was stuck to my body.

When Daddy got home from work, he stayed with me for a little while because my mommy needed to go look at some furniture. He let me wear his shirt! It was a little big but the pictures made mommy smile when she found them on her camera.

When we woke up this morning, it was CHILLY at our house. So, I wore long sleeves and long pants to school. I even wore a jacket. Mom let me wear this shirt since I am about to outgrow it. It says it is 18 months but anything from GAP or OLD NAVY runs very small on me. I have to wear things a whole size bigger. This shirt is on the way out but I wanted to wear it at least once more. My teachers thought I looked so funny.
When mommy picked me up, we met everyone else at Wendy's. I was very happy to discover they have yogurt an mandarin oranges there. I had a very healthy lunch but I did get to have some of Mrs. Cathy's Frosty.

I have a new obsession...KETCHUP! I LOVE IT! I dip anything I'm eating in ketchup then lick the ketchup off and dip again. My mom says that is double-dipping but I don't care. I want every bite to be covered in the stuff.
Well, while we were eating, guess who showed up? Sue-Sue! She was driving by and saw our car so she stopped. While she was standing there, a lady came to our table and said this to my mom, "Excuse me, I am about to leave but I wanted to tell you that your son is so precious! I have had a really bad day and watching him has made me so happy!"
Isn't that sweet? I have admirers!!! I have to admit...I did ham it up to that lady. I kept turning to her and waving. I even offered her a bite of my chicken. I guess she could look at me and tell that I don't offer to give food away very often.

Well, that's all for now. I guess I'll be back later in the week with more updates. Next Wednesday is my big dress up day. I can't wait to show you my costume!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Balloon Race (from the mommy)

Last weekend was the BIG Balloon Race in the Miss-Lou. We were excited about all the festivities. We went Friday night to the Balloon glow, flea market and carnival on the LA side. We parked on this side of the Levee rather than fighting all the traffic on the other side. It was quite an adventure to get Jonah to walk up that hill. He loved every minute of it but wasn't very stable!!

Dan stood behind Jonah when he was at the top of the hill and let Jonah fall backwards into his arms. Jonah thought that was the best thing EVER! He giggled and giggled. The kid has NO fear!!! When he finally reached the top of the levee, he discovered the carnival on the other side. He said "oooohhhhhh!"
He immediately took off down the levee but fortunately, daddy jumped in front of him and helped him take his time getting down that hill. He would have been very happy for us to let him go (roll) down the hill on his own.
Dan's favorite part of any carnival or fair is the corn dogs. The man LOVES corn dogs. He felt it was time for Jonah to experience his first corn dog. I'm such a freak when it comes to cutting things up so Jonah doesn't choke. So, a corn dog really stressed me out!!! After the picture, I took the corn dog back and gave him just little pieces at a time. (I know, mommy ruined the fun!)

We made our way over to the riverfront so we could watch the fireworks. We left Jonah in his stroller as to avoid him diving into the Mississippi River. Dan LOVES fireworks and wants Jonah to have the same passion for them that he does.
We me up with the Hargon's and watched the fireworks with them. Joshua and Marlie seemed a little more impressed with them than Jonah did.

Unfortunately, our only Balloon Race experience was Friday night. Jonah woke up pretty stuffy Saturday morning and had a low temp. So, we spent the day inside. Since he had a temp on Saturday, he didn't get to go to church. He's feeling much better now.


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