Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Last Monday, I went to the Pumpkin Patch with my parents and the Hargon Family. I thought we were going there to play but it ended up being one very long photo shoot! Don't tell mommy, but I really did have fun! (Even with all the pictures!!!)

I had never touched hay before. I was very intrigued by it. I could have sat on that bale of hay all afternoon and played with that stuff.
This next picture is one of those that my mom wishes she had a video of. They put me down next to Marlie and I started talking to her in great detail and seriousness. None of them know what I was saying but I was very intent with my words. I'm pretty sure Marlie knew what I was saying because she smiled at me when I was done.

If you know my mom, you can imagine that I would have more than one outfit for this adventure to the pumpkin patch. She felt like I had to wear overalls at the pumpkin patch but also wanted me to wear the cute (her words, not mine!) Fall outfit from Strasburg. So, these next pictures are AFTER the wardrobe change!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jonah's first visit to the library

I went to the library with my mom today. She found it rather interesting that as soon as we entered the place, I decided to start talking. She tries to get me to say stuff all the time when we are with people. I usually refuse just so she looks silly. But, the moment I entered the place that is known for being quiet, I started talking.
Mom looked for the book she needed then we went into the children's room. I walked right over to a girl on the computer but she never offered to let me help her. I even patted her on the back and said "Hey!" She seemed unimpressed.

Mom helped me pick a book and then let me sit at the kid's table to read it. She read some of it to me but I really wanted to look at it by myself.

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My green balloon & my dog!

After the pumpkin patch, we went to Walmart. While daddy unloaded the groceries, mommy let me play outside with my balloon and my dog. Most of the time, my favorite thing in the world is my dog...except when there is a balloon anywhere around! So, Max took a backseat while I played with my balloon.

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Monday night, the Hibbs' surprised me with ice cream. They showed up at our door with blizzards for mommy and daddy and plain ice cream for me. (How they got a blizzard and I got stuck with plain ice cream is still a mystery to me!!!) I have tasted ice cream several times before but I have never gotten my own bowl or spoon. Getting older certainly has its advantages!!!
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Warning: I look like a geek!!!!

I thought you might like to see how I look when my dad gets me dressed for school. He tucked my shirt in and pulled my socks up as high as they would go. Is this embarrassing or what? Thank goodness for my mommy!!!

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Pumpkin Patch Preview (from the mommy!)

Diane Hargon, Dan and I took Jonah and Marlie to the Jefferson Street Preschool Pumpkin Patch last Monday. I have GREAT pictures to show you but haven't gotten them up yet. I thought you might like to see a little preview.

I took these pictures but my friend, Jami Ainsworth tinted them for me. She does GREAT work and if you live in the area, you should check her out. She has a blog that she keeps for her granddaughter but it has a good bit of her photos of Natalie from the last couple of years. Be sure to check out the cotton patch photos. I'll be sure to have some of those done of Jonah.

Ok...this is all for now, but check back over the weekend for more pumpkin patch pictures, balloon race, ice cream with the Hibbs and Dan's version of dressing Jonah for preschool! cute is this kid?? I still can't believe he is ours and we get to keep him forever!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad Hair, Funny Hair, Drums & Piano

When I woke up from my afternoon nap today, this is how my dad found me. I was grinning and had a bad case of bed head!!! Before getting me out of the bed, he went to grab the camera. (My mom is really starting to rub off on him!!!)

My mom didn't realize he had taken any pictures so she took some when I got to the living room. (Apparently, bed head is very exciting around our house!!)

Since we had church tonight, mom had to wash my hair to get it to 'calm' down. Daddy was on the phone with his friend Gary so mommy fixed my hair a special way. She took me in to show daddy while he was still talking. He thought my 'punk' do was pretty funny! Mommy said it was appropriate because I was wearing my drummer shirt.

She eventually combed my hair so I would look like my normal self for church. I think she should have left it that way since the very first thing I did at church was play the drum! At the end of this post, there is a video that shows me playing the drum while Bro. Joshua plays the piano.

I quit playing the drum long enough to belt out a little tune. Actually, all I said was "Ahhhhhhh" over and over but I think everyone enjoyed my version of "Ahhhhhhh!" (For those of you who don't get to church 30 minutes early, see what you miss????)

After playing the drum, I moved to the piano. I'm not quite good enough to do that by myself, so Bro. Joshua had to help me. I know I look scared to death in the next picture, but I wasn't it. I was just amazed at what beautiful music my little fingers made!


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