Friday, October 12, 2007

In September of 2006, I went to my very first football game. You can look at the pictures from that night to see just how much I have changed. I was less than 2 months old that night. Now, here I am at almost 15 months old. Lots of things have changed since that night. The picture of me and my mom (above this writing) was taken in the same place, but 13 months apart.

I stood at the fence for a while and watched the cheerleaders. I wanted to get down there with them because they were running and jumping and no one was telling them to be still. (Or constantly moving them out of the way!)

After we sat down there for a little while, we moved up closer to the top. There were lots of friends from my church there. I was very happy to see all of them. That made the game even more fun!

This next picture is kind of funny because Mrs. Delynn is all blurred. That is because she was clapping and cheering. It is kind of like an action shot!

I was really enjoying the night and feeling like such a big boy until mommy pointed out that someone stunk! Apparently, that someone was me! (Thanks for pointing that out, mom!) Instead of scooping me up and heading for a bathroom, daddy gets me naked on the top row of the bleachers! WHAT?? How embarrassing is that?

I basically moved from person to person all night long. Mrs. Suzanne gave me nachos with cheese and chili. I was quite fond of that. I wish you could see the pictures of me eating the nachos. Mommy doesn't have any because her battery died about 5 minutes into the ballgame. (Aren't you glad she got that new camera so she wouldn't miss anything? Yeah, me too!) Fortunately, Mrs. Delynn had her camera and took lots of pictures. Maybe I can get those so you can see them.
I'm sorry that I am not dressed in Viking colors. We went to The Picket Fence looking for a Little Viking shirt but they only had them for babies. My thumb wouldn't fit in one of those! Mrs. Delynn was very nice to share her clapper and bell with me...that way I looked like a real fan!

Aunt Tam's birthday party

Uncle Clare called to see if we could have a surprise dessert party for Aunt Tam at our house tonight. That was fine by me! (I felt pretty sure cake would be involved!)

Sue-Sue had something in her hand that Max & I were both interested in. It turned out to be forks...not food!
I was playing with Uncle Cliff when he came in but I turned to look at the camera when I saw it. Hey...give me a break! I've been trained to do that.

Joshua read me several books. I enjoyed that except for when he was making up the story. I've read those books enough to know what is supposed to happen. The story he told me came from inside his head rather than the book. Once I can talk better, I will read them to him so he can see what is supposed to happen.

As the night went on, I became more and more mellow! Everyone could tell I was getting sleepy because I just sat down and listened to the conversations. That is SO not me! So, off to bed I went. (BORING!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How cute am I?

My mom bought this outfit back in the summer from Old Navy. She was afraid I would outgrow the shirt before it ever got cool enough to wear it. We had a little bit of cool weather this afternoon so she got it out. Check it out...

I got the shoes from Brandy, my mom's first cousin in Tampa, FL. She sent them last January but they just now fit me. They are like Converse hi-tops but from Old Navy. They matched my outfit perfectly.
I bet my dad wishes he could find a shirt with a screen printed tie like mine for Sunday mornings. That would probably make preaching a whole lot easier. Surely someone could make one for him. Maybe I'll work on that as an art project.

Halloween PJ's

Since we are in the midst of October, mommy decided it was time to pull out my Halloween PJ's. She worked really hard to get me to smile. I wasn't interested in the camera or smiling. All I wanted to do was play!

So, what does a parent do when they want their toddler to be still and look at the camera? She gives him his toothbrush. Yep, that's me...looking at the camera while brushing my teeth. My toothbrush solves most every problem. Too bad all of life isn't this easy!!!

School Pictures

Today was school picture day at my preschool. Several weeks ago, they posted the ad for pictures and had a sample picture we could all look at. The background was called "Venice." It was kind of a beach looking scene. Mommy and Mrs. Diane looked at it together and decided that me and Marlie should both dress the way we would if we were getting pictures made on the beach. Well, this is a difficult time of year to find those kind of clothes. Both of our moms searched everywhere for what they were looking for. Mommy finally decided on sandals, khaki shorts and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. See...

Well, when mommy dropped me off, she heard another mom tell Mrs. Lisa that she preferred her little girl's picture to be done on the traditional scene, not the Venice scene. Mrs. Lisa said, "Oh, that's the only one he has up today!" Mommy got in the car and immediately called Mrs. Diane. She headed up to our school to see what the deal was. YEP, only the traditional backdrop was being used. So, all of the other kids came dressed for that while me and Marlie looked like we were headed to Gulf Shores for the day. Their pictures will turn out so cute because they were dressed in formal clothes for the navy backdrop with the big red chair. The two of us will look like big geeks in our beach clothes!!! Oh well...I'm sure this isn't the last time my mom will make a decision that embarrasses me!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Playing with the new camera

My mom has been playing with her new camera today. Apparently, she is going to take more pictures of me so she can learn all the cool things it does. (Is it possible to take more pictures of me?)


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