Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rubber Ducky, You're the one!

I made my first trip to the fair last night! The very first thing I saw was a big thing of Rubber Ducks. I love them!! I wanted to walk right over and pick one up. My mom said Mimi said yes! (It comes in VERY handy having a MiMi with you at the fair!) I got to pick up 2 different ducks and then got a prize. How cool is that?

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The Mississippi State Fair

I went to the fair tonight with my parents and my Mimi! I was VERY sleepy when we got there because I had just gotten a dose of Tylenol before leaving the house. As you can see, I have a bloody band aid on my big ole head! I was outside at MaMaw's house with my daddy and stepped off of the sidewalk and my head landed on the concrete. It was not a happy moment in my life! (or daddy's, for that matter!) Mommy had to work in Vicksburg today, so she got to the house about 15 minutes after it happened. They kept cleaning the wound with peroxide and decided I didn't need stitches. So, after it quit bleeding, they put a band aid on. It still bled a little bit but that was okay because it gave me MAJOR sympathy points at the fair!!

I won a prize right after we got there. Impressive, huh? It wasn't that hard. All I had to do was pick up a rubber duck and somehow won a prize! That is my kind of game.

My dad took me to the size wize sign so I could see how tall I was. You have to be a certain number of inches to ride each ride.
You should see the slide they have at the Fair! This thing is massive!!! Everyone thought I might be scared but I wasn't. My dad took me up the steps and told me how much fun it was going to be.
Whew...that was FUN! I got to do it TWICE! I had a real serious face when I made it to the bottom, but as soon as we stopped, I started giggling.

My dad and I rode a bee! I went up and down and all around. I might would have enjoyed it even more if I had not been so sleepy!

I was very tired but my Mimi knew how to make me smile...she grinned at me like Mr. Hibbs does. That always makes me laugh!
FINALLY...they let me sleep! The bad thing was that I slept ALL THE WAY through dinner. That certainly isn't fair! (no pun intended!) Who goes to the fair and doesn't get to eat???
My MiMi decided I needed the full fair experience and made us go into the livestock show. My mom was not happy about this decision. She said it stunk in there. She was right! Fortunately, we didn't have to stay in there long.
My FAVORITE part of the fair was the petting zoo. I loved it. MiMi bought be some carrots so I could feed all of the animals. They were very happy to see me.

I could have stayed in there ALL night. I wonder if my mom would get a goat for me? Probably not, huh? After we left the petting zoo, they made me wash my hands! Maybe I wanted to stay dirty!!!!

Here I am sitting on a horse! Do I look like a cowboy? Mom and dad passed right by this little horse but MiMi decided I needed my picture made on the horse.

I rode this big dinosaur with both of my parents. One of them got a little woozy! I won't say which one because I don't want to embarrass her by calling her a wimp!
ROASTED CORN...YUMMY! I'm all about that. Finally, I got some fair food. I'm not a big fan of corn but I kind of liked it.

I was not a fan of caramel apples. MiMi got one but I took one taste of that and walked right away. They tried to trick me by putting fruit up under all that candy.
I was a fan of the cotton candy. I didn't want to hold it, but I did want to eat it. As long as mommy would feed me, I would eat it.

Please notice the big ball in the last few pictures. I won this tonight and LOVED it. They could have saved A LOT of money tonight by just going to WalMart and buying me a $2 ball!


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