Saturday, September 8, 2007

A happy surprise! (From the mommy!)

Dan, Jonah & I went to the church this morning for a Young At Heart brunch. I had my cell phone on silent. When I checked it on the way to the car, I had a voice mail from my old friend and boss, Patty Allred. Many people who read the blog know about Patty. I did my college internship at her Medical Practice, Our Healing Place in Jackson. I also kept her little boy, Luke from the time he was 9 months old until we moved away for Seminary. Luke was our ring bearer in our wedding. They have always been such special friends to Dan & I. She called to say she and Luke were on their way to Natchez and just wanted to see if we had time for them to stop by. We were so excited to see to see them. Patty came to my baby shower in Jackson but has never met Jonah. We put him down for a nap in hopes of him being in a great mood while they were here. He woke up from his nap, ate a great lunch and then entertained the Allreds for the afternoon and early evening!

Luke is now 13 years old. It is so wild to see this young man play with my own little boy. I remember spending lots of time with Luke when he was Jonah's exact age. That is such a weird feeling.
We all went to dinner at Cock of the Walk. Dan and Luke took Jonah out to the bluff to cure his boredom. Jonah really enjoyed being outside and looking at the Mighty Mississippi.

I thought it would be really cool to have a picture with two of my favorite boys. Apparently, Jonah was not interested in being a part of this photo!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday afternoon (From the mommy!)

Jonah got his 4th haircut this afternoon. His first haircut was in Disney World. His other three haircuts have been from his friend, Mrs. Michelle. She keeps telling me that if I want to get rid of him, she will take him. I've never made that available to Jonah because she has a pool! That might be enough to persuade him to make a move. She does SO great with him and he really loves her. So, that makes haircuts fun!

The first thing he did was brush his hair with the HUGE brush I handed him to play with. Once he figured out how to brush his hair, he does it every chance he gets. He kept getting mad when he couldn't see himself. So, daddy held a mirror for him. He is so vain! :-)
Then, he kissed himself in the mirror. Not only is he vain, he LOVES himself. He kissed himself over and over.
Here he is with his big boy haircut. Michelle even used the clippers this time. It really did make him seem so much older.
After his haircut, Jonah went to hang out with Greg and Cindy Randall while we went to eat at Pearl Street Pasta. We had a gift certificate and it was wonderful. We had a great time and I think Jonah had just as much fun with the Randall's. He didn't want to leave their house.

Day 2 of preschool (from the mommy!)

I left my camera in Jonah's back pack today. I was very happy to find pictures his teachers took during the three hours he was with them. Look at how red his cheeks are in this picture. He must have been playing very hard. This picture was taken in the gym where they go to play with balls and ride in cars. He is standing next to a Cozy Coupe. I think he was a little disappointed with the Cozy Coupe because there was no button he could push to make it go. (His Tot Rod has spoiled him!)

Apparently, Jonah got bored with the cars and decided to play with a folding chair instead. He and Gabe seem to be quite content hanging out around the chair.
After snack time, Jonah and his friends spent some time playing with the kitchen. I think he likes cooking and cleaning. This could work out very well for his mommy! :-)

I was very happy to see that Jonah did much better on his art work today. Check this out!!! Look at how much more he colored on this page. Dan seems to think he had a little "help" on this one. I prefer to think he has just improved THAT much in 2 days.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Easily entertained! (from the mommy)

You have to watch this video. My child is amazed by very simple things!!!! Tonight, I was writing in Jonah's baby book after we finished dinner. Jonah was hanging out in his high chair waiting for me to finish. He was getting a little antsy, so I looked over at him, made a popping sound with my lips, blinked (I dream of Jeannie style) and nodded at him. He totally cracked up! We did this for at least 5 minutes before I ran to grab the camera.

Doesn't that just make you smile? I keep watching it because it makes my heart happy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Church time

We went over to the sanctuary to see my dad before I headed to the nursery. Mom always tries to get to church early on Wednesdays so I can see him for a few minutes. Wednesdays are such long days for him and I never to see him. (Today was a little different because I saw him before and after preschool!) When I got to the sanctuary tonight, my dad and Bro. Joshua were in there getting ready for WOW. Bro. Joshua took me to the piano and let me play some.

After I got bored with playing the piano, I got down on the floor to play some. Mr. Greg and Mrs. Cindy came into the sanctuary and played with me for a while.

After a littlewhile longer, Caroline and Mrs. Trudie came in. Caroline and I entertained all of the adults while we waited to go to the nursery.
Here we are at the altar! If our parent's wishes come true, this may not be the last time we are at the altar beside each other. If that does happen, then maybe I will be wearing my shoe instead of holding it in my hand.

The happy boy! (from the mommy)

When I got home from work today, Jonah was in a fabulous mood! After preschool, he slept over 4 hours!!! He was very giddy while I was feeding him his snacks before church.
After snacktime, I took Jonah to the back to change him. I put his new "Hello, my name is trouble" shirt on him. Apparently, that shirt has magical powers that make the slogan come true. As soon as I put the shirt on him, he immediately turned into the boy who got into EVERYTHING!!! I'm not sure we will be wearing this shirt again!

Day one...DONE!

What an incredibly fun day I have had! Those three hours at preschool went by way too fast! I was in the snack side of the room when I heard my name called by a VERY familiar voice. Ms. Audley opened the door and I saw my mom and my dad! Whoo-hooo!

Ms. Audley stepped out of the way and I took off. I waved all the way to them. If you look at my hand, you can see.
I was so excited when I got close to my mommy that I started running and giggling. Mommy said it was precious!
She scooped me up and smothered me with kisses and hugs. I think she missed me WAY more than I missed her. It isn't that I didn't miss her, it is just that I was so busy having fun!

When my parents went to parent orientation last Thursday, mom asked Ms. Audley if she could send her camera to school with me. Ms. Audley said they would be glad to take pictures throughout the day. Well, mommy didn't send her camera today because she figured they would be too busy on the first day of school to worry with taking pictures. When Ms. Audley saw mommy today, she asked where her camera was. She was going to take pictures but couldn't find the camera. Bummer!
She proceeded to tell mommy that I "enjoyed...really enjoyed snack time!" Of all the things she could have said about how smart I am or how musical I am or what a good sharer I am, she chose to point out what a good eater I am! How embarrassing!
Here I am with my teachers, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Audley. Ms. Ruth, our class helper was in the back sweeping. I'll get a picture with her on another day.
Marlie seemed quite content in her picture with Ms. Shannon and Ms. Audley. I think she enjoyed preschool as much as I did.

Do you remember Anna Laura from Dr. Russ's office? You can read all about her here or here. Well, she doesn't work at Dr. Russ's office anymore. (I think it is because it was too hard for her to give me shots!! I mean, seriously, could you hurt me and live with that???) Her little boy Gabe is about a month older than me and is in my class at preschool. How cool is that? Now, I get to see Anna Laura without getting stuck with a needle!

After we left the building, we stopped for a few minutes on the steps so we could check out our papers we got as we left. We had a note from Mrs. Lisa (the director) and a coloring sheet we did today. It was my first art project. Mommy was very proud of it. (I think it will be on the fridge if you want to stop by and take a look!)

Oh no...look at Marlie's coloring sheet. She did MUCH better than me. I'm kind of embarrassed about mine so I turned it over. I didn't' want to show anyone. I didn't realize you were supposed to actually use the red marker they gave us.

As if I weren't already embarrassed, mommy made us hold them up for a picture! Then she said I might need to take remedial arts and crafts. HOW RUDE! I'm just learning! It was my first time to hold a marker. Give me a break. Besides, Manna already said if I wasn't creative, she would work with me. It looks like I may need that extra attention if things don't shape up in the art area.
On the way home, mommy found this in my bag, It is my first progress report. As you can see, I ate well! (Ha...go figure!)
And, for your viewing pleasure, my first piece masterpiece! Even though I didn't color much, I did write a capital N in the middle of the page. I didn't see any other one year olds doing that.

Stay tuned for my next adventure to preschool. It won't be long before I'm quoting the Preamble!


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