Friday, August 31, 2007

Pizza Hut!

We went to Pizza Hut with The Lee's and Taylor Welch tonight. I was VERY fussy before we got there. My mom and dad thought I was just in a bad mood. In reality, I was starving to death. I ate some serious pizza. (and a few breadsticks, too!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun times with the water hose! (from the mommy)

When I got home from work, Dan was in the front yard watering plants. I could hear Jonah talking but could not see him. I walked around to the front door and he was standing there contemplating how to step down and get outside. He refused to let Rachal help him. He was jabbering as if to say "Let me do it MYSELF!"

He finally made it to concrete and headed straight for his daddy. We were a little crunched for time because we had a meeting. I knew I did not have time to bathe him so I told Dan to be careful and not get him wet and dirty. About that time, Jonah plopped down on the sidewalk and sat in a puddle of water. Oh well!

He played with the hose and then touched every flower and blade of grass that he could reach. I went inside to put up the camera. When I came out, Jonah and his dad had transitioned to the side of the yard and Jonah had the hose! WHAT?
This was his look of guilt when I asked him how he ended up with the hose! I think he knew he wasn't really supposed to have the hose yet didn't really care because he knew daddy had given it to him.

For a while, he pointed the sprayer out and away from him. He enjoyed watering the yard and spraying anything that got close to him. (Including me and Max!) The next picture is one of my favorites. That is genuine happiness on his face!

Then, out of nowhere, he realized a slight turn of he wrist would get him wet. Then, the real fun began! He kept putting his hand through the stream of water so it would spray him in the face.

He sat the sprayer down and used it as a sprinkler. He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED getting sprayed by the sprinkler. He just giggled and gasped when he got wet!

See? He would get sprayed right in the face, sputter and spit, then go back for more!

GOSH...what fun! It is a great thing to come home from work and have such fun watching this little guy have a blast in the most simple of ways! My life is SO blessed!

All good things must come to an end!

Quite often, I hear someone ask my mom if I am always smiling and happy. Truthfully, I am most of the time. But, sometimes something hits me the wrong way and I just have a meltdown. It doesn't happen often but I decided to give you a post chronicling my afternoon breakdown that turned into an all-out temper tantrum!!!

I had so much fun playing with the water hose. I was NOT ready to be finshed with it. My parents seemed to think the time had come to dry me off and clean me up. That DID not make me happy. I stared with just a little bit of crying.

Then, I got mad...REALLY mad! To begin with, I was upset because I wanted to keep playing. Then, they strip me down NAKED in the front yard. Uh...hello? Naked? I didn't see any of them naked in the front yard!!!!! What makes them think I would enjoy that? They finally covered me up with a towel but it was PINK!!! Once again...HELLO? I'm a boy and prefer not to be wrapped in pink!

Miss Rachal and mommy took me to my room to dress me. I screamed like they were beating me. Miss Rachal kept saying "I have never seen him do anything like this!" That just gave me motivation to scream louder. I continued to scream all the way to the kitchen. They put me in my highchair and thought that would calm me down. NOPE!

Finally, after a good 20 minutes, I decided to quit crying. Not because I wasn't still mad, but because I was tired. Who knew it could take so much energy to pitch a fit??? I guess I better save up my energy before the next fit!!!

Hangin' with Uncle Cliff

I got to spend most of the day Saturday with the Merritt's. (a.k.a. Uncle Cliff and Aunt Debra) They told my mom about all of the fun stuff I did. I would have told her myself but I can't talk. (Well, except for a few words that I say OVER and OVER and OVER!) Anyway, Aunt Debra gave mom the CD at church last night that had these pictures on it. I had LOTS of fun in the boat with Uncle Cliff. One day, maybe I can get in the water on the boat! (HINT, HINT)

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Pics from July

My mom found these pictures on a CD of pictures The Merritt's gave her last night. These were taken in July on the day after my birthday party. Apparently, my daddy was not ready to have his picture taken in the first picture. He looks serious, doesn't he? It's okay because it seems like Jessie and I were having LOTS of fun.

Wait, I think daddy was better prepared for the second picture. He seems happier, huh? I seem pretty happy too! It's probably because I love my daddy so much!!!!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I got to play with play dough tonight! It wasn't really all that exciting to me. Since they put me in my high chair, I assumed I was getting to eat. But, every time I put the stuff near my mouth, they screamed. What's up with that?

After a short time, I discovered the stuff could be kind of fun. It was very squishy! Daddy helped me make little balls with it. Then, I put all of the balls in the container. Mommy was very proud that I started cleaning up on my own. Man...she is rubbing off on me!

It was all fun until I tried to eat it again. So, that was the END of the play dough for me tonight!

It is HIGH time you hear from me! (FROM MAX!)

I understand that I received 10 % of the votes for who you would like to see blog most often. I'm not sure who gave me the votes but I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you! There was a time in my life that MOST people would have chosen me. Times change, huh? It is hard to believe that 13 months ago, my life changed drastically!!! Tomorrow will be 13 months to the day that they brought Jonah home from wherever they got him.

I will admit, I was not all that fond of him in the beginning. His crying got on my last nerve. And, I won't even begin to tell you how many times we had to get up in the middle of the night because of him. Our quiet, peaceful lives were turned upside down with all of the visitors and phone calls. I always did my part by barking LOTS to alert my parents to the visitors. They never appreciated my willingness to help. Apparently, my barking "wakes up the baby!" Uugh! That got old...QUICK!

But, as time has passed, I have come to realize this little guy is actually lots of fun. (DO NOT tell anyone I said that!) He likes to pick up my toys and taunt me with them. Everyone thinks that bothers me, but it doesn't. It is actually fun. It gets VERY boring sometimes around here. He keeps things exciting. When he picks up my toys, it gives me something to do. It is kind of fun to chase him. (and, I usually win!)

AND, he drops food...LOTS of it. That is GOLDEN for me. I have a permanent perch under his high chair. Not only does he drop food, sometimes, he actually gives me food. He thinks it is his duty to share food with me. I LOVE THAT ABOUT HIM!

Wait??? Did I just say I loved something about him? Whoa...times sure have changed. But, I guess the truth is's official! I do love him! But, he wears me out sometimes. That is why at look like this at the end of the day.

Monday, August 27, 2007

12 month photos

These are Jonah's 12 month pictures that Anne McDaniel took. We were brave and took Max along for the photo shoot. STUPID IDEA! We had to call Debra Merritt to come get him because he was so stressed out. So, we didn't get the nice family pictures we wanted but we did get one of Max smiling!

Once again, as with all of his other professional pictures I put on the blog, our photographer does not put pictures online so these are pictures we took of the proof book we got from her.

Do you see Max's teeth? He was smiling for the camera? Is he a poser or what?

The next picture cracked both of us up. What you don't know about this picture is that Jonah kept pushing Max off of the bench because he didn't want him in the picture.

The next two pictures are of Jonah in the Auburn outfit his Granddaddy got for him. He wanted a picture of Jonah in Auburn attire.

There they are! My little boy seems to be all grown up in these pictures. But, he is such a joy and so much fun. So, I can handle him growing because each day is a new adventure.


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