Saturday, August 25, 2007

The perpetual knot

PLEASE NOTE: The knot you are about to see is self-inflicted. My injury was witnessed by my dad, but not caused by my dad. I feel it is necessary to tell you this as to avoid an inquiries from Child Protective Services. (due to the excessive amount of knots my large head has endured!)

Earlier this week, The Merritt's called to see if I wanted to spend the day with them today so my mom and dad could go do something together. Personally, I can't imagine my parents would ever want to do ANYTHING beside spend time with me, but apparently they humored them and went on a date! They dropped me off at their house around 10 and I had a GREAT day. They had a pool set up just for me. They even have cabinets that I'm allowed to play in. ( and dad, please take note of that!!) I had lots of fun with them but was very tired when my parents showed up. I was so tired I was stumbling around and could barely stay on my feet. Well, that is when it happened. I was walking along and just fell forward. I caught myself with my hands but my head (you know how big it is!!!) just fell forward and slammed on the hardwood floor. It was not a good ending to an otherwise fun day!

I came home from the Merritt's house and ate supper then took a bath. You have no idea how much worse this knot looks than what the pictures show. If you see my profile, it looks like a horn trying to poke through. Poor me!

Obviously, the knot did not keep me from smiling!! I told you I love bath time. Can you tell?

After my bath, I brushed my teeth while daddy dried my hair. That is one of my most favorite parts of the day. I get to brush my teeth after every meal and I can hardly wait. I love it. I even cry whey they take my toothbrush away.
While daddy was drying my hair, I discovered all of the hair on his legs. Did you know that it is very easy to pull?

Daddy scared me when he yelled "OUCH!" Apparently, he didn't like me pulling the hair on his leg. Well, maybe I don't like some pink machine blowing hot air on my hair!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


We went to Cock of the Walk for dinner tonight and I got my own plate. I've never gotten to order off of the kids menu but I did tonight. I had chicken strips and french fries. It was so good! I'm such a big boy.

All I can say is YUMMY!

Nursery time

Guess who stayed in the nursery with me tonight? MY MOMMY!!! It was her night to keep the nursery. She and Aunt Tam kept my age group. We had LOTS of fun. I was the only boy...whooo-hooo! That worked out very well for me!

I had fun with Marlie and Sara Grace. We played chase for a little while. They can both run faster than me so I didn't do very well in that game. Can I just say how nice it is to have TWO girls chase me? Oh yeah...I'm the MAN!

Books galore!

I am such a big fan of books. Lately, they are my favorite toys. We have a magazine rack in the living room that is full of books. I have a shelf in my room that is also loaded down with books. I love to hold one book while mommy reads another book to me. I especially like the books that have things with different textures that I can touch and feel.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My first wagon ride

I got this really cool Radio Flyer wagon for my birthday from Pops, NeNe and Taylor. I've been wanting to ride in it but it has been too hot to be outside. Monday night, when it cooled down, we went outside for a wagon ride. Max was excited because he got to go with us. Mom and dad gave me a cup of juice and Max a cup of water for the trip. I also got to take a book just in case I got bored!

Well, Max (who isn't nearly as well behaved as I am) refused to follow the rule of staying seated and jumped out of the wagon twice before we ever left the driveway. So, that got him a quick trip to the backyard. He was not happy about being left behind. We could hear him yelping the entire time we were out in the wagon. Maybe he learned his lesson about minding mom and dad!!!

We had to stop pretty soon into the trip so I could check the tires. I'm a real man, huh? Every time I ride in my Tot Rod, I stop to examine the tires.

Yes, that's me yelling as we go down the road. I was doing my own version of "Weeeeeeeeee!"

I do love my wagon and am so happy to have it. It makes for much more relaxing trips down to the Merritt's or Welch's house. Mommy said that once it cooled off some, that I could ride in my wagon to church on Wednesday nights. I'll be the envy of the nursery!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My first lake party!

My mom's Sunday School had a party at the lake last Saturday. I didn't even wear my swimsuit because I've been sick and didn't need to get wet and hot. (BORING!) We got there and everyone else was dressed for the lake. I looked like such a dork. All the kids got to go out on the pier, in the lake, or in the pool. Me...I stayed on the porch with the old people! (You know, the people the same age as my mom and dad.)

Marlie's mom and dad brought chicken fingers for her to eat and she shared with me. (Well, "shared" if you call me reaching over and taking it from her sharing!) I've never been much of a fan of chicken but this time was different. I've never gotten to hold a whole piece. I always get little pieces torn off for me. I got to hold a whole chicken strip and I ate every bite of it. I think I have a new favorite food. FRIED CHICKEN! (I really am a preacher's kid!!!!)

When I got done eating my chicken, I walked right over to my bag and got some puffs.

Mr. Adam Probst was there and I think he is FUNNY! He made me laugh. See that look he is giving me? Well, he kept doing that and my giggle box got turned over.

I finally got to get off of the porch for a while and swing with Sara Grace Crane. I am all about a swing set now. My mommy told my daddy that I needed a swing set. Don't you agree?

Yes, here I am eating another one of Marlie's chicken strips! Poor Marlie...I hope she didn't starve because I ate her food.
Landry has the coolest thing at his grandparent's house on the lake. He has a gravel pit. My dad played with me in the gravel and I loved it. He even has a crane that moves the gravel.

Sara Grace and Marlie came over to play in the gravel pit with me and my dad. I would have told them that no girls were allowed but they are both cute, so I let them stay.

Kunkle Birthday Party

I had a very busy Saturday. I was invited to 3 different parties but only went to two. (Hey, a guy has gotta have a nap sometime!!!!) Madison and Makayla Kunkle turned 2 and had a party at Duncan Park. We got there and guess what they had? ANOTHER GRAVEL PIT. Me and my dad hopped right in.

After we had been there a little while, my buddy Noah showed up. I was glad to see him. I was even more glad when I realized his mom brought Goldfish Crackers.

And finally, this is my "please, can we go home" face. I was really tired from the festivities of the day. I enjoyed all of the partying but I really just wanted a tall sippy cup of milk and my bed!


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