Friday, August 17, 2007

Hanging out with The Strong's

My mom had her scrapbook group tonight. My dad had Believer's Blowout with the youth at the Riverfront. That means I got to go play with The Strong's! That was okay with me because I have so much fun at their house. Mrs. Michelle told my mom that if she wanted to get rid of me that she would take me. I'm keeping that in the back of my mind...they have a pool!

Be careful what you pick up!

I made the terrible mistake of picking up a Swiffer Duster and now my mom assumes I want to help clean! That was not my intention. I saw something that looked like a fun thing to play with and the next thing I know, I have a broom in my hand. Uhhh...this is not my idea of fun.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Girl!

I went into the Warehouse tonight and got to see Caroline for a little while. We hung out in the beanbag. It's okay...our parents were all there watching! I've heard a story about someone else I know in a beanbag but I won't tell that on my blog! (Hint: SUE!)

Here I am being sly with my arm around her. I didn't make eye contact with her then because I didn't want it to seem obvious that I was making a move.
She, on the other hand, is much more coy than I! She just reached right up and stroked my face. be young and in love!

She got up and left me all alone. That didn't last long because she came right back! I tried to act like I was ignoring her but if you look closely, you can see us holding hands. Yeah, we're in love!

Daddy is home!

When we got home from church tonight, I waited outside for Daddy. Mommy knew he was close behind so we didn't mind waiting in the 212 degree heat. We could hear Max inside barking because he wanted to be outside with us. Poor guy...he thinks he is human until we shut him up in that crate.
I was hanging out under the carport when I saw my dad's headlights. I started SQUEALING!!
My dad and I have this little game we play. He chases me and I run from him. This game lasts as long as my little legs will carry me from place to place. Eventually, I just collapse from the exhaustion! Here I am running from him before he ever got out of the car.

Can you see his head sticking out from around the corner? He is so scary sometimes. I can run vey fast when I know he is after me!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...again!

Miss Rachal had to go to Shreveport today so I got to spend the whole day with Mrs. Michelle Strong. She picked me up at my house early this morning and I got to stay with her until my mom and dad got home from work. When we got back to the house, there was a package waiting at the door with my name on it. It was from Uncle Tommy and great uncle and aunt in Florida. Remember them? I stayed with them when we went to Disney World back in April. Sissy is my mom's aunt...Mimi's sister!

Mom opened the box for me and it had 4 presents in it. It was my lucky day! The wrapping paper even had monkeys on it. I checked all the presents out and picked the one I wanted to open first.

My first present was a towel with monkeys on it. A lot of my towels are for babies. I'm a big boy now so I needed a bigger towel. Mom has washed it already and has it ready for me to use after my next bath.
After opening my towel, I opened THREE books. I LOVE BOOKS...especially board books like these. Mom makes me be very careful with books that have pages that tear. Board books are almost indestructible so I get to carry them around and play with them without hearing "Jonah, be gentle!" (I hate those words, by the way!)

Can you tell how happy my birthday presents made me? I liked them all! Thanks Uncle Tommy and Sissy!


I've come to understand that before I came along that Max spent a good amount of time in his crate. Once I found that out, I have begun to do my part to make him spend more time in there. Every time we get ready to go somewhere, I go to Max's crate and wait for him to come. When he gets there, I tell him to "O." That means GO for all of you people who can speak better than me.

Mom has started taking pictures of me putting Max in his crate. Here area few from the last week or so.

Whenever Max gets in his crate, he gets a treat. Mom gave it to me and let me give it to him last Sunday. I did not want to do that so I didn't take it from her. I've seen that crazy dog take that treat from her. He could take off my whole hand before anyone realized what was happening...NO THANKS!!!


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