Friday, August 10, 2007

There once was a boy who could count to three...

What a proud mama I am! My little guy can count to three. Actually, if you say one, he says two, tee! Ok...I know "tee" isn't actually three but give him a break...he is only ONE! We have spent the evening counting to three! This is the life!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My boy is a shopper!!

Dan had an Associational meeting at Ridgecrest Baptist Church tonight so Jonah and I went to the mall. Can I just tell you what a great time we had? Wow...he was so much fun! He talked the entire time. He jabbered to anyone who spoke to him.

Whenever I picked up something to buy, I gave it to him and he held on to it for me while I continued to shop. He even handed a shirt I got for him to the cashier at Belk. HOW PRECIOUS is he?

He was quite content to hold my shoes for me at Belk.

And, here he is eating the shoe boxes. Apparently he was hungry. So, after buying my shoes, we headed home and I fed the boy.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lunch at the Merritt's house.

We had lunch with the Merritt's today. Jonah likes going down there because they bought toys for he and Caroline to play with when they visit. Don't tell him I said this, but I'm pretty sure Cliff likes playing with the toys as much as Jonah. He was on the floor with blocks before Jonah even got out of his booster seat.

Sassy was SO excited to see everything Jonah dropped (threw off the side of his booster seat!)
Bro. Joshua joined in on the fun. The three of them played with the trucks and blocks for quite awhile.

Debra has some water fountains out the back door that Jonah loves. He went outside to play with them but was distracted by the water hose.

Debra squirted him several times with the hose and he thought that was great! He loved it. He was especially impressed when she handed the hose over to him. He was very dirty and soaking wet but had a great time!

Christmas in August!

Jonah slept almost 4 hours this afternoon. He woke up just in time for us to go to the church for Christmas In August. That is when the choir hears the Christmas music for the first time. They always have a big meal and then sit around and listen to the music. Jonah put Max in his crate and we headed out for the church.

Jonah is totally and completely enamoured with music. Bro. Joshua was playing the piano when we got there. Jonah headed right towards him.
He wanted to sit in his dad's lap so he could get a better view. Dan says that when he claps with the music, it is actually on beat. Lets all be glad that he got his musical ability from his dad and not his mom!

After hearing the musical, we all gathered around the piano and let Bro. Joshua play some music for Jonah. He danced on top of the piano. (That isn't very Baptist, is it?)

Oh dear...MY CHILD HAS GROCERY STORE FEET!!!! I let him take his shoes off because he kept tripping over them. This is what you get from walking around barefoot!


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