Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday afternoon at the pool with Jonah and Cujo!

We had Jonah's 12 month pictures done today. Whew...that was exhausting. It is much more difficult taking pictures with a kid who is mobile! I was exhausted by the time we were done. We made the MISTAKE of taking Max with us. We had great hopes of getting a good picture of Jonah and Max together. I'm pretty sure all we accomplished by having him there was a bigger headache. What a nightmare! We had to call Debra Merritt and ask her to come pick Max up so we could finish Jonah's pictures.

When we got home from the picture appointment, Jonah ate lunch and took at 3.5 hour nap. When he woke up, we went to the Strong's house to swim. We decided to take Max with us so he could play with Rascal. (Rascal is the Strong's dog.) By the way...this was the 2nd time today that we regretted taking Max with us. More details on that later.

We put Max's swimsuit on and hoped to get good pictures of he and Jonah together. Instead, Max became CUJO and scared Rascal to death. He acted like ALPHA dog and drove that poor dog crazy.
Jonah is so completely in love with swimming. He giggles as soon as his feet touch the water.
He has started giving hugs and kisses to us all the time. It is so sweet. I love it. He leans in and slobbers all over you. Who knew I could ever LOVE slobber so much?
Check out the look on Dan's face. Right before I took the picture, I said "you better suck in!" Apparently, sucking in makes Dan make weird faces.
See the white dog cowering next to the fence? Yeah, that is Rascal. Poor dog! He was in his own yard and completely dominated by our mean POODLE! We told Rascal he should be embarrassed by being scared of a poodle. I don't think he cared.
Think Max was hot? He wouldn't lay down and rest under the fan because he was guarding the porch.
While Max was being mean to Rascal, Jonah had a great time jumping in the pool to his daddy. He knows to wait until three to jump. It's so fun to watch him learn new things.

A boy, his dog and his mom's computer

I think Jonah loves Max more than he does his parents! It's so fun to watch them play together. Max is becoming more and more tolerant of Jonah. The first picture is blurry but I think it is so precious! He was hugging Max...and Max let him!

He quickly moved from Max to my computer! He is drawn to the laptop and goes for it ANY chance he gets. I don't know what the attraction is.

This is the look he has after he touches the laptop and knows he wasn't supposed to. He usually looks at us before and after he does something wrong. What are the terrible twos going to be like?

No more bottle for Jonah!

The time finally came to say goodbye to the bottle! I think Jonah would have used it forever. I was afraid if we didn't do something soon that he would have to take a bottle to 1st grade with him. So, after his morning bottle Wednesday, we put them up!!! It was a very sad moment for me. But, then I pictured him at recess with all of his other 1st grade friends and the bottle just didn't look right. So, I ended that phase of his life.

NannyRae (Miss Rachal) had the hard job of putting him down for naps without it. He refused the sippy cup so he went down hungry (but without a fight) both times. Wednesday night was a different story. Dan (who is usually the follower of all rules) almost collapsed under the pressure. He kept saying "I don't understand what it would hurt! That didn't make the process any easier. But, we finally got him down and he still slept all night. (I figured he would wake up hungry during the night.) Last night proved to be even more difficult. But, tonight was okay. Maybe we are over the hump and the bottle is a thing of the past.

He isn't a real fan of whole milk. He loved it in the bottle but refuses it in a cup. Darla told me that Gavin doesn't like milk and his pediatrician said it was okay to give him Orange Juice with calcium and Vitamin D. Jonah loves O.J. We have gone through a half gallon very quickly. Dr. Russ told me to try a little chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup in his milk to see if that will help. We will try that tomorrow.

Although he gets Calcium in his OJ and yogurt, I've been concerned he wasn't getting enough. I found these Nutrigrain bars (with extra calcium) at Wal-Mart tonight. I wasn't sure if he would like them or not!

Yeah, he liked them! He gobbled one down. He shoveled it in with both hands. Guess we found a winner!
We were about to get him out of the highchair and Max was salivating to clean his high chair. We set him up there. He froze!!! (Great balance on his part, don't ya think?)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Passing the time while waiting on Dr. Russ

As my child grows, so does my impatience at the doctor's office. Not impatience from waiting on the doctor. My 10 years in dentistry taught me that a doctor doesn't choose to make you wait. Emergencies happen and things don't always go as planned...therefore we have to wait. I try to always be grateful that the emergency is not related to me and that waiting is a small price to pay for the ones I love being okay. (Ok...I'll get off of my soapbox! Trust me...I had encountered LOTS of mean people who were mad about waiting during my dentistry days!) Anyway, my impatience comes from trying to entertain a VERY busy little boy in a very small room!

As soon as we came back from the scales today, Jonah wanted to destroy something. Granted, in is 53 week old mind, he doesn't think he is destroying anything...he is just exploring. But, it took every bit of energy I had to keep him contained and satisfied while waiting for Dr. Russ. We schedule all of Jonah's appointments at times when Dan can go with me. This time, that got messed up because of him having to drive the bus to Clinton today rather than Monday. Trust me...after today, I will reschedule the appointment for a time that he can go with me!

He sure looks sweet and content here, doesn't he? (Yeah, pictures can be deceiving!!!)

He got bored with sitting on the table so I put his Robeez back on and let him walk around. We looked at book and even studied a map!
He was most intrigued with South Africa. He kept pointing to it. I showed him Russia and told him he almost had a big brother and sister from there. He looks at Kevin Faulkner, West Kouri, Dimitry Pease, Ben & Chris Parrack and Jack Meyer's blogs with me all the time. So, I told him all about how their mom's and dad's went all the way to Russia to get them. He listened to me as if he understood the whole concept of International adoption. You may think International Adoption is a heavy subject for a one-year old but trust me...after 45 minutes in that little room, any subject that will keep his attention is not off limits!

The post-party celebration

As you know, Jonah got a little bored with opening gifts at his party. We decided not to push him and make him mad. So, we saved the rest o the gifts for him to open after he had a LONG nap. It was great All of our company was gone and it was just the three of us.

Jonah got some musical instruments from his cousin Hannah. He played with Ella's when we were in Ruston back in June and loved them. I think he was very excited to see these!
Sue-Sue gave him a Sit-n-spin! He was very excited about standing on the box. He has no idea the fun that is in store from that thing. interesting point about the is battery operated!!!!! When I was a kid, we had to do the work ourselves! What is this world coming to?

One of the most popular presents is this cow flashlight that says "MOO!" It scares the begeezus out of Max. So, of course, we continually show it to him. Jonah follows him around he room with it. Poor dog!
He kept standing on the unopened gift from the Smith's and the Prathers. He liked being taller!
He spent the most amount of time with this card. He was completely entertained by getting the envelope open and then opening and shutting the card.

Taylor Mraz went to Build-A-Bear and built him a monkey outfitted in soccer garb! It is almost as big as him so he had a hard time getting it out of the box.

He got the Fridge Phonics magnets from Uncle Marty and Aunt Deb. He was surprised there was no peppermint in the package! For those of you non-FBC Vidalia members, Marty Probst ALWAYS has peppermint. If you don't learn to catch them from across the room, you will get pelted in the head because he tosses (assaults) one to you as soon as he makes eye contact with you. He also got the Veggie Tales "Jonah" movie from them. It is his VERY first (of many, I'm sure) Veggie Tales movie.
Josh and Manna got him some books. He had to stop opening gifts to sit down and look at them. He LOVES books. That makes me so happy! I remember reading with my daddy at a very early age. I hope he likes to read as much as Dan & I do!

He couldn't really focus on reading for watching Dan play with Max. His eyes follow Max where ever he is! I wish I could get that much attention from him. He picked the DVD up and crawled up on the couch to check it out. I think he thought it was a book of some kind.
I thought it would be fun to put him in the midst of all the trash and wrapping paper for a picture. WRONG! He was very unhappy with that idea. (as evidenced by the tears!)

Oh wait...smiles again! He discovered his wagon from the Mraz's and got very excited. Since it was nighttime, we couldn't go outside for a ride so we rolled him down the hall to his room.

By the way...note the bottle in the above picture. It's gone now! NO MORE BOTTLE for my little boy! Wednesday morning was his last bottle. I can't say it has been a super easy transition but it hasn't been as hard as I expected. (A post will come later about giving up the bottle!)


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