Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cruising North Oak Street

I took Jonah out and let him drive his car for a while Thursday night. He was zooming up and down the road until I turned the camera on. Then he acted as if he didn't know how to work the car. I showed this video to my boss and he said Jonah looked like he was driving under the influence! Even though he didn't take off, it is still pretty cute!

Birthday Pictures

I read a thread on about birthday picture traditions. Several people told about the traditions they have with their child on their birthday. There was one that Dan & I both liked. The idea is to take your child to the golf course on their birthday and take a picture of them standing next to the tee box of the hole that corresponds with their age. Since Dan is a golfer, we decided to begin that tradition.

So, after lunch, we headed to Duncan Park to make a memory. Well, a certain birthday boy was completely unimpressed with the whole idea. He fussed from the time we put him down until we picked him up again to leave. TALK ABOUT A MEMORY! That is so unlike him. Maybe it was the Mississippi heat or the sun in his eyes...who knows?

Some of these pictures are deceiving. They look as if he is smiling but trust me..those are not smiles.

Ha...check out that belly in the last picture. He really is getting heavier by the day!

Ahhhhh....happy again. He LOVES steering wheels so he was quite happy to sit in the golf cart and play with the steering wheel. After a little break there, we moved to the practice green to take a few more pictures.

What an adventure this experience was!!! I can hardly wait to do this again next year! :-)

Friday, July 27, 2007

The first present of the day

After Jonah had breakfast, we went into the living room to open a present. He also had a bench in there from his Mimi. The bench has puzzle pieces for each letter of his name. My mom gave it to me a couple of weeks ago but I saved it to give to him this morning.

He was less impressed with the wrapped gift than I had expected. He was very impressed with the letters and kept taking them out. He couldn't quite figure out how to put them back after he got them out.
Dan finally got him interested in his wrapped gift. After we poked a hole in in the paper, he decided to focus his attention on the gift.

Our new red plate tradition!

We started a new tradition on Jonah's first birthday. Several months ago, we got a red plate to be used on special occasions. (first day of school, new jobs, birthdays, difficult days, etc) Although we plan to use it for the whole family, we have been saving it to use for Jonah's first birthday.

He had his yummy breakfast of yogurt, apple sauce and an English muffin on the red plate.
You can tell by the look on his face that he is quite impressed with the red plate. Well, that or the fact that he had never seen a real plate on his high chair tray.

As you can see, our birthday boy enjoyed his breakfast! He had NO idea what was in store for him over the next 36 hours!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Goodbye to you all! (My last post!)

Yes, you read that right!!! This is my last official blog!
I have enjoyed sharing my life with you over the last year but as I get older, I realize that I just don't have the time to devote to this blog anymore. I'm way too busy driving my new car, playing with my dog and exploring my world to sit down at the computer every night for an update. I looked at the Site Meter tonight and saw that 24,191 people have read my blog over the last year. People from Idaho to Florida to New York to Virginia to Texas to Kentucky to Michigan to well, you get the point! I'm flattered that so many of you have taken the time to read about me and see me grow up. It has been great fun sharing my adventures with you but as you know, turn one year old tomorrow and I think the time has come to say goodbye! So...goodbye!!!

But,have no fear! I'm not leaving you empty handed. My mommy has agreed to take over. She will share my life with you from her perspective. Granted, she may not be nearly as funny as I am but just bear with her. She'll do her best!

So, I'm signing off for the last time. I have to go to bed because I have a big day planned. It is my official birthday and my parents both took the day off work to spend with me. Miss Rachal is coming down to stay with me during my nap times so they can run errands for my birthday party. I did find out that we are going swimming when I wake up from my morning nap. CAN'T WAIT!

Happy Birthday to me!

Out for a ride

My mom and I went out today for a drive around the block. She walked and I drove my car. She took Max with her so most of her time was spent trying to get him to come back from whatever he was chasing at that moment.
I did a really good job by obeying all the stop signs. I am stopped at the stop sign on the corner of Oak and Alabama.
I even turned around to make sure Max was where he should be. That crazy dog doesn't mind as much as he should. Maybe he needs a little 'redirection' right into the back yard!!!

I saw Mrs. Kristin Hendrix while I was out from my evening drive. She stopped her car and got out to talk to me. I think she wanted to race but my little Tot Rod would have left her Taurus in the dust! I would hate to embarrass her like that so didn't race her.

Haircut #3

I got my THIRD haircut today. Can you believe I have had 3 haircuts and I am not even one year old? I went to see Mrs. Michelle for my birthday cut today. Once again, I was the hit of the beauty shop! (Are boys supposed to go to beauty shops?) I was such a good boy again.

The next picture is my mom's favorite! She kept trying to catch my giggling while Mrs. Michelle used the shears. She finally got a good one of me quite tickled!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just hangin' out (LOTS OF PICTURES)

Poor Max seems to get left out of things these days so I thought I'd give him a little shout-out! Isn't he cute? He was perched on the end of the couch watching squirrels in the front yard.

Yep...I'm standing in my chair. I have NO FEAR! Mommy and daddy have to watch me very closely these days.

Yep, I'm still getting in to the basket besided daddy's chair. I know I'm not supposed to bother the stuff in the basket but I just can't help it. The next picture shows what I do as soon as mommy says "Jonah...NO!"
Before she could get everything back in the basket, I made my way around the loveseat to one of the end tables to see what I could get into.

Mommy thinks I really look like my cousin Ella in the next picture. I think I just wanted that hat off of my head!
After I got my hat off, I kept looking up and leaning my head back like I was trying to get it off.
Just when my head finally felt normal again, she stuck that think back on my head. You can see by the look on my face that I wasn't happy about it!


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