Friday, July 20, 2007

SO not impressed!

We borrowed the blow-up jumper from Granddaddy and Granny for my birthday party next Saturday. Mommy decided to blow it up last night and let me play in it for a while.
I'm sure that would have been a great idea except I HATED it! I finally have my bearings when it comes to walking and then they put me on an inflatable floor. What's up with that?
Daddy tried to jump with me but that only upset me more. The more we moved, the more upset I became.

Mommy put Max in for a minute and that made me happy. Pretty much, you can put Max anywhere near me and I suddenly become a happy fella!

I think Max was as unimpressed as I was. He wanted OUT! Mommy was really mean to him though! She kept calling him and he would try to jump to her without realizing there was a net between them. That was so mean of her! (really funny though!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our church directory picture

Here we are! This picture was taken when I was 10 months old. It is the new picture for our church directory. How cute am I???

Guess who LOVES bathtime?

If you are wondering why I have a cup in the bathtub, I'll tell you. My mom was told that the easiest way to learn to drink from a sippy cup is to let me get used to drinking without a lid. She tried it a few times in my highchair but I made a HUGE mess. So, she got to idea to give me a cup of water everytime I get in the bathtub. The rule is that I can ONLY drink from the cup, not use it to play with. So, after I drink (spill) all of my water, the cup goes up!
After mom took my cup away, I got to read "Water, Water Every Where." That is a Baby Einstein book for bathtime that MaMaw Chandler gave me. It combines two of my favorite things...books and bathtime!

Happy Birthday to me!

I am ALL about this birthday business. I got another present tonight from Josh, Diane and Marlie Hargon. They came to my house to give me a gift. I had fun playing with Marlie. I think she had more fun with Max than she did with me.

There I am with Mr. Josh, Mrs. Diane and Marlie. They are coming back on Monday to eat at our house so I am sure there will be lots of pictures of me and Marlie! Oh, look below at what they gave me. A cool pair of pajamas and a 1st birthday picture frame. Mommy is going to use the picture frame at my birthday party. (Not the PJ's because that would be odd for me to wear PJ's to my birthday party!!)

Smiley boy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Way TOO tired to swing

After dinner, I got to swing while daddy watered the flowers. It was only 6:20 p.m. but I could barely hold my eyes open. I was sleepy! The only thing that kept me awake was watching Max. He can jump really high and catch a Frisbee in his mouth. That's impressive.

Pizza time

Guess who likes pizza?? Yep...that would be me! Mom and dad kept kept breaking off small pieces of their pizza for me. That was not good enough. I whined until I got a piece of my own. I wasn't completely sure what to do with it at first but I figured everything out really quickly!

The hand-tossed pizza was okay but I really liked the thin crust. I went through 2 pieces of that all by myself!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Mrs. Linda Wilson brought me a Mexico hat and I am quite fond of it. I've had it for a few weeks now and still like to wear it. I used to get to play with it but that stopped when I started eating the balls off the rim of the hat! Now, it gets hung on the coatrack until mommy lets me wear it!

A birthday present...FOR ME!!!

My first birthday is coming up very soon and I've already gotten gifts. Jason, Jada and Jalyn sent me a stuffed monkey, a monkey rattle and a monkey toy a few weeks ago. Then, in the mail last week, I got another birthday present. It was from NeNe. She said it was more of a present for my mom than me. She knew mommy would want to use it at my party. It was a monkey plate!

I was all excited about getting eat birthday cake off of my plate that NeNe sent. But, apparently, my PLATE is going to be used as a decoration? WHAT? That makes NO sense! Isn't a plate supposed to be use for eating? I don't get grown-ups sometimes????


I officially own camouflage! WHAT? Can you believe it? My mom even bought it. Who in a million years would have ever thought MY mom would buy camo? WOW! But, in her defense, the hat matched a very cute pair of pants and shirt from The Children's Place.

My daddy is SCARY!!! (but funny!)

Waiting for daddy to get home!

Mom and I got home from church before daddy tonight so we waited for him outside. I have gotten very sure of myself when it comes to walking. I have no fear! (Mommy says that isn't a always a good thing!) We played outside until daddy drove up.

I was SO HAPPY to see him! BUT, if you look at his face, I think you will notice who was the one who was SO excited!!!

Mommy let me get in the driver's seat with daddy. I am obsessed with steering wheels so that was great fun. I only wish I could have actually driven somewhere. 15 years and counting until I get my permit!


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