Friday, June 29, 2007

Sleeping Boy

My dad took these pictures of me taking a nap today! I wish I had known he was going to take pictures of me napping. I would have grabbed a ball or something a little more "boyish" to hug!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy 11 month birthday to me!

Yay! I made it another month! Now, the countdown to my birthday party is on! Can you believe I am almost one year old? I sure can't! In honor of my 11 month birthday, I got to have a few licks of a sucker I got at Noah's birthday party.

Dad was at the church getting ready for WOW and missed me eating the sucker. So, mommy saved it so we could show him how much I liked it. He tried to get me to let him have a taste but I wasn't so fond of sharing! The way I see it, he can get a sucker anytime he wants. Me...I have to wait for someone to give me one. So, this one is ALL MINE!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yummy to my Tummy

I knew my meal tonight was going to be different when they took my clothes off for me to eat. Normally, I get a diaper change and clothing change before eating. This time, I got my diaper changed but no clothes were put on.
Then, mommy takes one of my bowls that has a suction cup on it and fills it with spaghetti. It wasn't spaghetti from a baby food was the REAL thing.

Well, I could not have cared less about the spaghetti! I was much more interested in getting the bowl off of my tray and onto the floor. So, mom did what had to be done. She dumped the spaghetti onto my tray.

For just a second or two, I played with it. Then, mom picked up a small bite and put it in my mouth. That put me on the right track.

If you haven't seen me eat lately, then you now know about my newest thing. In the middle of my meal, I cover my ears until someone laughs. Unfortunately, this time my ears got filled with noodles!

Check out my hands! Can we say ORANGE???? My juice was really good tonight. I drank lots of it from my sippy cup. Mom is so worried that I'm going to take a bottle to the 3rd grade with me because she thinks I will never use a sippy cup. I did tonight just to give her a little hope. (And to make her quit HOUNDING me about it!!!)
Here I am at the end of my yummy spaghetti dinner. I'm so nasty but SO FULL! I could get used to eating food with flavor!
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