Saturday, June 23, 2007

Noah's First Birthday Party!

For quite some time, the talk between my mommy and Noah's mommy has been ALL about our first birthday parties. I'm not sure, but I think they started planning our party before we were even born!!! Well, today was the big day for Noah. I went today to take notes about what to do and how to do for my party. After seeing Noah open his first present, I'm not too excited about having a party! Either he didn't like what he got or he was just really fed up with all this party stuff! Look at him...isn't that sad?

He started to feel better after the first couple of presents were opened. I was glad because I don't like to see my friend sad! Well, I watched Noah open all of his presents then I looked up at who was in the chair next to me. Would you believe it was Miss Rachal?? I was SO happy to see her! She was holding another baby. I stared at her until she felt guilty enough to put that baby down and pick me up!!!
Noah got a Radio Flyer Retro Rocket from his Grammy! It was WAY cool! I punched all the buttons just to make sure they worked. (They did!!!)
Aaaahhh! At last...just me and Miss Rachal!!! (She's even wearing the shirt I got her in Disney World!!!) Yeah, I'm pretty sure she likes me as much as I like her!!!
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Fun times with Emmett!

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The big bat!

I have a new friend named Emmett. He is 15 days older than me. His dad (Jon Cooper) and my mom were friends in college. Now, all of our parents are friends. We have never gotten to meet because they live way up in Amory, MS. He came to my house to play but I was asleep when he got here. So, he had free reign with all of my toys. When I woke up, we had a little stare off. It was kind of a contest to see who could stare the longest!! Well, in the midst of the stare off, we both decided we would like to play with the new inflatable bat I got at Noah's party today. I got it first!

Then, out of nowhere, Emmett swooped in and grabbed it from me. I sat for a minute and devised a plan to get it back. It took careful planning on my part. But, in the end it worked beautifully!!!

I encouraged him to leave the bat alone by introducing him to my Leapfrog Learning Table. I waited until he got really involved with it, then I made my move!
I crept back over to my bat and left him there to play. It worked like magic. (And, he never knew I pulled one over on him!!)
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Friday, June 22, 2007

More VBS pictures

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Bible School is over!

Well, Bible School is over. I'm a little bit sad about that. I've had so much fun this week in the nursery with all of my friends. Would you believe that I even brought home a Bible School craft??? Normally, only the bigger kids get to make a craft but all of us in the nursery got one too! It was a picture of me in a sports frame. It made mommy cry! She goobs me out sometimes with all of that "It's his first (insert ANYTHING here).
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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I had my first (and second) Ding Dong this week during VBS! WOW! Have you ever had one of those? Noah and I both loved them!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bible School

I got to go to Bible School today. Miss Rachal was needed to help keep the nursery so that means I had to go. It was fun. I'm glad I got to go there rather than stay home all day. There were lots of children and workers in the nursery with us. I even got to see my daddy walk through there a few times. He looked silly because he was wearing a headband with foam fingers on it. I wasn't embarrassed but some people said I should have been. He's a funny daddy! The best part of my day was that I still got to spend it with Miss Rachal. That is her in the picture with me and my daddy. She likes me almost as much as I like her!!!!
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My Dad!

My dad has had a very busy weekend so we didn't have much time for a big Father's Day celebration. I didn't even get to give him my present and card until after lunch on Sunday. I wish I could have seen him more this weekend but I know he was doing something very important orhe would have been at home with me.

Here he is with his eyes closed waiting on me to give him my present. I don't think he peeked at all! He is VERY different from mommy in that aspect! She is a BIG peeker.

Daddy got 3 cards. One from Mommy, one from me and one from Max! He's such a one-upper! He couldn't let me be the center of attention today. He went and got Daddy a funny card that out shined my sweet card. If he weren't so much fun, I wouldn't like him at all!!!
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lunch for Granddaddy

We took Granddaddy and Granny to lunch at Ruby Tuesday before they headed back to Alabama. It was the first chance we had to give Granddaddy his Father's Day gifts because daddy left the house so early this morning. This is him with one of the gifts we gave him. If he doesn't like it, he sure is a good pretender!!!

I gave them lots of hugs and kisses before they left. I wasn't sad because I will see them again next month for my birthday party. I overheard what they are getting me and I can't wait! I love turning 1 year old!!

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After Church on Father's Day

When my mom came to get me from the nursery today, I was SACKED OUT! I was so tired. She took me over to the sanctuary so I could see my dad and grandparents. Speaking of grandparents, did you know my Granddaddy and Granny came to see me? Yep, Granddaddy wanted to spend Father's Day with his son and grandson. He knew we couldn't travel to see him, so he came to see us. We had lots of fun! I think he is really tired now.

All of these pictures were taken after church in the sanctuary while Daddy was finishing up what he had to do.

Don't worry...I'm not completely alone on that stool. My dad and granddaddy were both on a side to catch me if I fell. Mommy just cropped them out!!!
Our Sanctuary was decorated in a sports theme for VBS. You should see the fun stuff they had on stage. I don't think it was for me to play with so I just looked at it. (Well, except for the soccer ball...I did roll it a little bit!! Don't tell on me, ok?)

Here I am still asleep after mommy picked me up from the nursery. I told you I was tired! I didn't even wake up when people talked to me!

3 generations of Glenn boys! I guess I should have worn a suit and tie so I could have fit in with daddy and Granddaddy!

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