Saturday, June 16, 2007

Getting ready for Father's Day!

You may think that my mom helped me write in my daddy's card for Father's Day, but she didn't! I did it all by myself. Granted, he couldn't read a word I wrote, but I think he liked it anyway. I am MUCH better at typing than writing. By the way, please pay no attention to how dirty I am. A certain mommy moved me right from the highchair after dinner and directly to her room to sign my card.
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

For ME???

I got a present when I got my hair cut! I did not know it worked like that. I went to get my hair cut today and Mrs. Michelle had a present just for me. If I had known you get presents for getting your hair cut, I would have gone a lot sooner!

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My 2nd Haircut

I'm 10.5 months old and I have already had 2 haircuts! My first haircut was in Disney World on May 1st. In less than 2 months, I became quite shaggy. I was in desperate need of a haircut. Mrs. Michelle was MORE than happy to cut my hair. I was such a good boy for my haircut. It is a good thing because I have a feeling I'll be getting many of these if my hair keeps growing as fast as it has.

Here is the finished product! Don't I look like such a big boy???
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Surprise pictures for mommy!

Sometimes, when my mom downloads the pictures from her camera, she finds surprise pictures on the memory card that she did not take. She always gets excited to see them because they are a glimpse into my day. Today, she found these pictures.

The next one made her laugh out loud! Well, most everyone that sees it laughs out loud. She was scrolling through all of the pictures Miss Rachal took of me and BAM...this one popped up. How funny is this??

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Me & Caroline

Man, Caroline looks very excited about seeing me, huh? Well, now that I think about it, look at me! I don't look all that thrilled about seeing her either! Check out the next one...could I lean any further away from her? Oh, and don't let her picture fool you. Kassi was holding her next to me. Neither of us wanted to sit still long enough to have our picture taken. We had more important things to do.
Ooohh...Kassi's purse! We both spotted it at the same time and tried our best to get into it. Mom never lets me play with her purse. Kassi is so much nicer than her because she said it didn't matter if we played with it.
Here I am teaching Caroline how to crawl. I said "Caroline, all you have to do is push this!" Then, she tried to distract me from my explanation by trying to hold my hand. She's such a flirt! But, hey, It worked! She may not be able to crawl but I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter when you are in love!

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My red balloon

Sometimes I take my shoes off in the car. When my mom gets ready to put them on me, she can't find them. She always assumes they are in my toy box in the car. She is usually right. Tonight, she got me dressed for church but could not find my brown sandals. So, we went out to the car and I got to sit in a REAL seat while she put my shoes on me. Sitting there made my toy box very accessible. Guess what I found in there? My red balloon from lunch on Sunday. It was mostly deflated but I had fun with it anyway. I LOVE balloons. Mommy says there will be LOTS of them at my birthday party. I can't wait!!!

Look at the bruise on my head. It is turning a nice shade of mustard yellow! I guess that is better than blue. I didn't even get this bruise from walking. I was crawling across the floor in the kitchen Saturday night and my arms collapsed. That caused my head to hit the ceramic tile. OUCH! I cried really hard. Well, until my dad took me outside. I quieted down very quickly.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Outside with mom and dad!

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Fun toys at Josh & Manna's house!

We went over to visit Josh & Manna tonight. We went in Daddy's car instead of mommy's. All of my toys are in my mom's car. So, when we got there, I didn't have anything to play with. So, Manna pulled out the bowls and I had a blast. Me and mommy wore them like hats. I thought that was so funny! I thought it was pretty cool that once you take the bowl off of your head, it can instantly become a drum. Man, Josh and Manna have FUN dishes!!!

P.S. I did have clothes on when I got there. Mom took them off when she changed my diaper and left me naked! Why do they do this to me? They don't take their clothes off when they go to the restroom at some one's house! I'm just looking for a little equal treatment!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A busy day for me!

Sometimes, you just have to take a moment to feel sorry for Max! Poor guy! His life used to be so normal. He was the king of this house and then I showed up. Nothing has been the same for him since that day. Now that I am walking, his days are even more exhausting. I really do love him. He's my best friend!

We went to lunch at El Potro after church today! I was SO sleepy. I could barely hold my eyes open. I figured out a neat little trick that helped me hold my bottle. If you prop the bottle on the table, your hands are free. It is much easier to eat that way!
After the business meeting at church, we had a reception for Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Nell Lowe. Apparently they like their kids and grand kids better than all of us because they are leaving Vidalia to move near them. So, we had a little party to tell them goodbye. They didn't really tell me they would miss me because I'm the first thing they see every morning. They read my blog everyday so they will get to see me grow up!

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