Saturday, June 9, 2007

A few videos

This video was taken tonight after my bath. I didn't have any clothes on because Aunt Sue said I would be too hot!

This video was taken Thursday night when I was TIRED of showing everyone how I can walk! Mommy let me use my walker instead of making me do it the hard way. I still wasn't happy about that.

Here I am taking a few steps to my dad last Tuesday night. Mom says to make sure you know the grunting in the background comes from Max...not her!

Playing in my room

Me and my mom played in my room this morning while daddy watched his bulldogs play baseball on TV. Guess what I discovered? My toy box opens and closes!!! Do you know how much fun it is to open and SLAM that thing shut? Who needs toys to go inside the box when I have the box to play with????
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The Muffin Man

I had my first muffin today. Mom made them for breakfast and I got one too! I think more of the muffin got on me than in my mouth. Max stood very close to my highchair in case I dropped anything. I think he likes me being here if for no other reason than mealtime!
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Friday, June 8, 2007

Teeth Time

You don't have to brush all of your teeth...just the ones you want to keep. HA! That's what my mommy tells me. So, I guess I will brush all of them. I don't plan on losing any for a while! I love to brush my teeth. Mommy puts the toothpaste on the brush but I do the rest of the work. Sometimes, she thinks I don't get to all of my teeth so she helps me a little. But, I think I do pretty good. She usually lets me brush my teeth when I'm in the tub so that all of the slobber doesn't get me dirty. Good thinking on her part. I usually make a HUGE mess!

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The Tickle Monster!

See that shadow? It's the tickle monster!!! He makes me GIGGLE! I have come to realize that diaper changes can be quite fun. I don't mind them at all because I know I'm going to laugh.

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A good day!

Today was a very good day for me. My dad stayed home and played with me all day. Then, my mom got off of work early and we all went to the pool. Manna even came to the pool to swim with us. It was lots of fun. I love days like this!


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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh

Today is Josh's birthday. I'm not sure how old he is but I think he is pretty old. We went to Sue's house because she had a little party for him. There were lots of desserts and ice cream. MaMaw Chandler gave me some Blue Bell. Have you ever had Blue Bell? WOW...that's all I can say! YUMMY!
Here I am with Josh and Manna on his birthday. Daddy worked to make me smile but I think it was more effective in making Josh and Manna smile. Look at them!!! They were quite tickled!

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Eating with a spoon

I've been working on eating with a spoon. Tonight, I ate supper with a spoon. Well, technically, I didn't really eat with a spoon. I chewed on the spoon and then shoved the food in my mouth with my hand.

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Walking to Miss Rachal

I hurt Miss Rachal's feelings yesterday. She heard all about me walking but I refused to show her. Last night, when I saw her in the nursery, I decided to show her a few steps. Mommy told her to get ready because I was on the move. Well, today I let her in on my newest accomplishment. She told mommy that I walked ALL DAY long! My mom took these pictures of me walking (and falling) to Miss Rachal.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We have a walker! (from the mommy)

Yes, you read that right! WE HAVE A WALKER! In true Jonah fashion, he didn't just take a couple of steps, he TOOK OFF! He has walked all night long. So much for easing into it. He is so sure of himself and thinks he is ready for his first 5k! I wish I could show you a couple of the videos but I left the cord to upload them in Jackson. So, you will just have to use your imagination. But, trust me when I is REALLY, REALLY cute! I have a feeling our life is about to get much more active!

Monday, June 4, 2007


I'm home! I'm home! I'm home!
It was so good to get back home last night and see my daddy. It had been WAY too long since he has held me and played with me. I missed him so much. He even gave me my bottle and put me to bed. He had a little trouble picking me up but he thinks I was worth ALL the trouble. Want to know a secret? I think he missed me even more than I missed him.

Tonight, we went outside for a little while. Mom put me and Max and in the backyard with Daddy then went around the fence to take our picture. Max is such a momma's boy. He barked and whined until she let him in the front yard with her. I think they need to teach him about boundaries. Apparently, it is good for me if I don't always get what I want. (Or, so they say!) I think the same should be true for Max. But, it will never happen...he always gets his way!!!

Here I am, standing at the fence watching Max run circles around mommy as she was trying to take my picture. Who needs toys when you have a dog??

Mom finally opened the gate and let me be on the side with Max. Then, she went inside to get my walking toy. I pushed it for a little bit then got bored with it.
I walked around to the other side of the gate and beat on it for a while. Do you know how much noise a gate makes? I loved it! (The neighbors hated it!)
Mommy wanted to make sure you saw the last picture. See me letting go of my walking toy? I'm getting more and more sure of myself when it comes to standing. She says I'm getting too big, too fast!
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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Get ready to smile!!!

My Mimi has way TOO much time on her hands these days. She has been playing around with my pictures and somehow created this...


My mom thinks this is absolutely hysterical! She laughs every time she sees it. She told my dad about it and he wanted to see it, so it is making the blog! Daddy, don't worry...I haven't really grown this much since you last saw me!


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