Saturday, June 2, 2007

I miss my daddy!

Well, it's been a while, huh? I'm in Jackson for the weekend because my daddy is still very sick and they don't know what is wrong with him. So, until he goes 24 hours without fever, my mom and I had to leave the house. I haven't gotten to hug my daddy or have him hold me since Tuesday night. That's a LONG time. It's especially hard a bedtime because that is our special time together. Mommy does an OK job putting me down but nothing like my dad!

I miss him but he really misses me a lot! My mom talked to him a little while ago and he was looking at all of my pictures from when I was first born up until now. I think he is VERY ready for me to come home. I just hope he doesn't have any fever tonight or tomorrow so I can see him.

Daddy, when you read this, I hope you know how much we love you and miss you. Feel better soon, okay? I love you!

P.S. Sorry no pictures. We're still having camera issues! Although, my Mimi did take some with her camera so maybe mom can upload those for me. We'll see about that.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I like to dance!

Ya know how I've been telling you about how much I like my animals that sing and dance? Well, I've gathered a little collection of those things. They are all on top of my toy box. Every morning, the first thing I do is stand in front of the toy box and watch them do their thing. (I also do this MANY times throughout the day!) Tonight, mommy caught it on video. She says the video isn't as funny as I usually am, but you will get the idea.


Since I started pulling up, I have been in constant search of the remote control. I always want to play with it but they continually take it away from me. Well, I found it in a chair tonight and mommy actually let me play with it. She shut the door to the entertainment center just so I could not turn the TV on and off. After I got it, I realized it wasn't all that impressive.

I had fun at church tonight. I played really hard. Mommy has been trying to teach me how to blow kisses but I wouldn't do it for anyone at church. When mommy and I got home from church, we realized Daddy was already there. He rushed out of church because he was sick. He's in the bed now under 3 blankets. Poor Daddy!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Toy shopping at Wal-Mart

I got to visit the toy aisle at Wal-Mart tonight. My Mimi asked my mom what I wanted for my birthday so we went to look. I found lots of fun stuff and I can hardly wait for my birthday now. My mom came home and made a list on for my Mimi. I think she already bought me something. It doesn't matter what it is because I like most anything.

Here I am looking at a thing my daddy was pushing. It made LOTS of noise. He hid it from mommy because she would have bought it just to annoy him.

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My dad

My dad is wondering why hardly anyone leaves comments? I told him it is because maybe no one thinks I'm cute! :-( Is that it? Do you not like me anymore? I'm getting to the age where I really care what people think about me. Don't you want me to have a healthy level of self esteem?

Where are the comments people???

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

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Swimming at the Hibb's house

It's official! I LOVE THE POOL! I've been in 4 different pools now and I love them all. The only thing I don't like is be slathered with sunscreen. I look like Casper when they are finished with me. But, I haven't gotten a sunburn yet, so they must be doing it right.

Mr. Jimmy helped me slide down the slide and my daddy caught me. We did this several times. One time I went all the way under water and didn't even cry. I'm such a big boy. Lucky, the dog, kept a very watchful eye on me. He doesn't like the pool but I think he would have jumped in to save me if I needed him.

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We went to the Hibbs' house for lunch today. They grilled chicken, sausage and ribs. They also had a green salad, corn, potato salad, baked beans and rolls. Mommy made a chocolate cake with homemade butter cream icing but that is a story for a different day. We sat down to eat and mommy had a plate for me with a few different things off of the table. Then, someone got the GREAT idea to give me a rib. I don't remember who had the idea but they are my new best friend!!! Have you ever tasted ribs? WOW! I LOVED them.
You can see by the mess on my face that I think these things are great. My face was nasty, my hands were nasty, my clothes were nasty, my...well, you get the point.

Then, out of no where, for no reason at all, daddy took the rib away from me. Apparently, I had a really big piece in my mouth and could have choked or something silly like that. I was not happy. I cried REAL tears. You can even see one about to drip off my face.
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Bed head

First of all, please pay no attention to whatever is on my shirt. Apparently, my mother did not notice how nasty the shirt was or my clothes would have been changed before these pictures were taken. But, I wanted you to see my hair after my nap this morning. Daddy came into my room to get me and he laughed out loud. It's hard to see in these pictures but it really was sticking up in LOTS of places.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Goodbye yellow duck!

I've graduated! Yep, I've left the yellow duck bathtub behind. I now have the entire tub to myself. It's almost like a big pool. I even got bubbles tonight. Mom used the last of the baby wash so she put water in the bottle and shook it up then poured it in the tub. There were bubbles every where.

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Fish Fry

I put on my John Deere t-shirt and headed down to the Welch's house for a fish fry. The Randall's were there too. I knew they would all be impressed if I showed up with a John Deere shirt. Mommy even told them I could get down and play in the grass. My mom normally tries to keep me from getting dirty. (Hello??? I'm a boy!!!) Mrs. Cindy fed me because she needs practice before Baylee gets here. That is only a month away so she needs to spend lots of time with me so she will be ready.
Then I played with Taylor and Kassi in the yard for a while. I even had dirt behind my ears. That's a first for me. Mom put me in the bathtub right when we got home.

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I met Hopey!!!

Whoo-hoooooo! I finally got to me Hopey. Hope was one of my mommy's best friends at Mississippi College. She was a bridesmaid in my mom and dad's wedding and my mom was a bridesmaid when Hope married Stephen. Hope and Stephen live in Monroe, Georgia now because Stephen is a youth minister there. So, I've never gotten to meet her because she lives so far away. She looks at my blog all the time, so she was glad to finally meet me.

Hopey has a sister named Angie that came with her to see us. I told you all about Kason, remember? Well, Angie is Kason's mom. She is friends with my parents too. One year when my mom and dad were dating, Angie was at the same summer youth camp as them and they have liked her a lot since then. She and Kason live in Magee so they are coming to my house to visit soon.
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My new friend Kason

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, Kason. We had lunch together today at the Cracker Barrel in Brookhaven. He is 3 months younger than me. Lots of people asked our mommies if we were brothers. We liked each other...a lot! I tried to share my puffs with him but he didn't want one. That was okay with me because that just means I have more for later. It was nice of me to offer to share, right? Kason was a little scared of my daddy at first. Daddy tried to make us both smile at the same time but when he made the noise that always makes me smile, it scared poor Kason. I guess I'm just used to it.

Here we are making small talk. I told him all about Vidalia and my friends then he told me about Magee and his friends there. We have lots of things in common. We both LOVE baths and bottles. I think we could be very good friends if we lived closer!

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Eating in Brookhaven

As soon as church was over, my family headed to Brookhaven. I was very happy to get there and get out of the car. My dad took that picture of me and mommy after she got me out the car. We were both wearing brown today so we matched. I sat in my highchair like such a big boy. I ate LOTS of food off of mommy's plate. I had chicken, broccoli, green beans and macaroni & cheese. I'm glad to be able to eat table food. It is much better than baby food. It actually has flavor.
After eating, we sat outside in the rocking chairs. I love a rocking chair. As a matter of fact, I think every chair is a rocking chair. Every time my mom sits me in a chair, I rock back and forth in hopes of making it rock.
This is my mom's favorite picture of the day. She said I look so cute and sweet. I think I look crooked. Oh well, I'll put in on the blog just to make her happy. I'm sweet like that, ya know?
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