Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Verdel's Pool

My mommy got a phone call last week from Mrs. Vera Verdel. She had very good news for us. Their pool is ready!! YAY! Yesterday was the first time we had a chance to go. It was so much fun. I had almost as much fun in the rocking chair on the back porch as I did in the pool.

I know the next picture is pretty bad but I wanted you to see my hair. It looked so funny all spiked up. You can't tell it, but there is a swimming pool right behind me. The picture did not come out at all because mommy's camera died after this picture. Not her Digital SLR but her digital diaper bag camera. So, I'm afraid there won't be as many pictures of me from when we are out and about. The SLR is too big to take everywhere. Anyway, back to my is all spiked up. I look like a tough guy!
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just a couple of cute pictures from today

My mom said you might want to see some pictures of me being my "typical cute self. " For all of you people who call me chunky, take a look at the first picture. I feel pretty sure you can see my ribs! So, please retract all comments about me being chunky. Thank you!

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Time to read

I did a little reading this afternoon after my mom got home from work. We went back to my room and I got to pick books off of my shelf. I especially liked this one because every page had something I could touch and feel.
But, in the end, I cared more about eating the book than reading it. Hey...has anyone ever considered making a book that you get to eat when you are finished? That would make a lot more people read I bet!
Oh wait...back to reading. The book wasn't all that tasty. I think I'll stick to dried fruit and Gerber Puffs to keep me full in between meals.
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Jonah "The Tool Man" Glenn

Look at me...I have a tool belt. I got this in my Easter basket from my Mimi. I just played with it for the first time tonight. It looks kind of like I'm wearing a skirt....I'm NOT! It's just that my tool belt is still a little big for me.

Max thinks that he is about to take one of my tools but if he tries, I'll just saw his leg off. (That's where having a tool belt comes in very handy!_
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These are a few of my favorite things!

I am totally and completely infatuated with things that move and sing. So much so that my parents keep all of my singing toys on top of my toy box so I can play with them all the time. I don't even try to move them. I just stand and watch them. There is usually one playing during every clothing change and diaper change. I think I could watch these things ALL day long. Hey, if you are bored, come over and see them. I'll let you punch the buttons as many times as you want!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cabinet doors

I found the cabinet doors in the kitchen last night. I liked swinging them really hard until they hit the other door. Mommy made me quit. She ruins all the fun. She "redirected" me to the living room to my toys. BORING!!!

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Homemade frosting

My mom made HOMEMADE frosting last night. (Yes, MY MOM!) She let me taste it and I wanted MORE!!! I tried to grab the whole beater thing but she stopped me. Apparently, people don't want to eat the cake if I drool all in it.

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Did you know there was a such thing as sliced cheese? Can I just say YUMMY??? My mom and I ate dinner at the Welch's house before church. Mrs. Belinda gave my mom a piece of cheese and she pinched off small pieces for me. Well, when we got home after church, she wanted daddy to see how much I liked cheese. So, I got a WHOLE slice just to myself!! I gobbled it down.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A little time outside

Last night, my daddy had a counseling session at the church so mommy and I played outside for a little while. We had plans to go to the Shields' house for dinner but had a little while to spare. Max was inside in his crate and was not happy about being locked up while we were outside playing. Mommy kept whispering to me but apparently she forgot how good Max's hearing is because he barked...A LOT!!! I got to water the flowers in the pots beside the driveway and got to swing for a little while.

We left our house and went to see Uncle Clare and Aunt Tam. I got to play outside there before we went inside to eat. They have LOTS of cats!!! I mean, LOTS of cats. Cats make my mommy and daddy sneeze so I've never seen a cat before. I don't think they liked me very much because they jetted off anytime they saw me. I think I could have some serious fun if I could ever catch one of their tails.

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Daddy makes me giggle

I think my daddy is the funniest person on the earth. He makes me laugh all the time. Which in turn, makes mommy run through the house to see what I'm laughing at. They both stop what they are doing when I start laughing so they can come see what has me so tickled. Sometimes, all my dad has to do is stick his head around the corner and I just crack up. Man...that guy is hilarious!

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More surprise pictures from Miss Rachal

My mom found more pictures of me on the camera that Miss Rachal took. She likes to see pictures of me that she didn't take. That way she knows what I did during the day. I had lots of fun this morning before my bath. I played in the den with Miss Rachal and Max. I like playing with Max but I don't think the feeling is always mutual!

Then, we went into the living room and I got to sit in my chair to watch TV. Miss Rachal told mommy that I sat in my chair for an entire episode of Backyardigans. I must really like that show to sit still for that long.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ohhhh....the anticipation!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bath time. When I hear the water, I get excited. Tonight, mommy filled my tub and I came cruising down the hall in hopes of the water being for me. AND IT WAS!!! I kept leaning in real far so I could touch the water. Mommy called daddy to come take a picture of that but I quit as soon as he got in the bathroom. Don't I look like such a big boy standing by the tub?

Max mistakenly thought there was a treat in the tub for him. Trust me...he does not share my fondness of bath time. Once he realized there was no treat, he was outta there!!!
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