Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dinner at LaFiesta

Tonight, I went to dinner with my mom and dad at LaFiesta. I was such a good boy. I ate lots of veggies!! I had spinach off the top of daddy's salmon, broccoli, cauliflower and rice. I like being able to eat the same kind of food they eat. I looked at the menu to see if there was anything that looked really good to me.
Nick Herring came to my table to get me. He took my back to the table where all of the youth were. He gave me a lemon and I loved it. I was such a big boy...I barely even made a face.
He, on the other hand, was quite the weenie! He took a bite and his whole face squenched up. Ha!
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Playing on the couch with daddy!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playing outside

My daddy went to UMC this afternoon to see Patrick Smith. Since he wasn't here to play with me, mommy took me outside and let me play in the grass for a little while. We didn't take Max with us because he has a brand new haircut and smells really good. My mom didn't want him rolling around in the grass and getting all dirty. He wasn't very thrilled with the idea of being left inside because he started howling. It was so loud, we could hear it outside.

After we played at our house for a while, we headed over to Sue-Sue's house for dinner. I got to eat all big-people food. I even sat at the big table with them. I had chicken, rice, peas and carrots. It was my first time to have meat that wasn't in a baby food jar. Mommy and Manna were very impressed with this milestone. No one else seemed to care. If my daddy would have been there, he would have been just as excited as mommy and Manna.

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I LOVE Manna!!!

If Caroline weren't my girlfriend, Manna might be. When I was just a little baby, she came over ALL the time to hold me. I've liked her since way back then. Tonight, we went to Sue-Sue's for dinner and she was there. She played with me a lot! She even gave me some of her cheesecake. Mommy says that was VERY nice of her.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Holding hands

Caroline and I were trying to hold hands tonight but Someones mommy kept taking pictures. embarrassing. Good thing Caroline knows her or that would be awkward.
Speaking of awkward...Caroline totally tried to make a move on me IN THE SANCTUARY! Look at her...she is going in for a big 'ole smooch. Hello? We're in church! She's gonna be one of those wild preacher's kids you hear stories about. HA!
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When I was on the floor playing with my dad, Mrs. Trudie and Caroline came in. I was glad to see Caroline. It seems like forever since I have gotten to play with her. She can sit up all by herself now. That will come in handy when we go on dates.
I even let her wear my orange hat. She liked it. I think my head is a lot bigger than hers because it covered her eyes at first.
I totally lost all interest in Caroline when Bro. Joshua came over with the microphone. He was practicing with the accompanists for tonight but gave me a chance to sing for a minute. I got a little shy when he brought the microphone over. Before that, I had been singing really loud!
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Seeing my daddy

Every Wednesday night when we get to church, mommy takes me over the sanctuary to see my daddy. Because Wednesdays are usually very busy for him, that is sometimes the first time I have seen him all day. Well, tonight when we got there, mommy sat me down at the end of one of aisles so I could crawl to daddy. I guess you can see who did the crawling???

I thought it was much more fun to sit still and make him crawl to me. I like being in charge that way. It worked like a charm. He came right to me! Yay daddy!!! You are such a good crawler.

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Playtime before church

Did you know I have my very own basket of toys in the living room? Sometimes I only get to play with a couple of toys at a time. But, sometimes they let me have free reign over there. Those are my favorite times. I take all of the toys out but then pretend I don't know how to put them up. That way, someone else comes behind me and cleans up my mess. It works beautifully!!!

Here I am all ready for church tonight. I got this shirt from my Aunt Emily. Mommy found the overalls while we were in Orlando. She put shoes on me tonight. I wasn't happy about that. I didn't cry or anything...I just prefer bare feet. Oh well! Mommy says the next picture is one of her favorites!!! I think it is pretty cute myself!!!

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Me & Max in our robes

When I was born, I got several bathrobes as gifts. They all seemed too big for a little baby. So, mommy put them in my 9-12 month bin of clothes. She pulled all of those out last weekend. I got to wear my robe for the first time tonight. Isn't' it funny? It even has house shoes to match. (It's okay...I'm just a little boy!! I can wear stuff like this without being harassed!)

Once my robe was on, mommy remembered that Max had his own bathrobe too! He was much less thrilled to be wearing his. Actually, if you look at the next picture, we both seem pretty miffed about wearing them.
Then, something struck me as funny and I was okay with it. Max, on the other hand, never saw the humor at all. He was happy for the camera to be put up so he could get that thing off!!!

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Our afternoon walk

When daddy got home tonight, we all went on a walk. (including Max!) I was pretty happy because I got to be in my stroller, be outside and have a tray full of puffed stars and cheerios. We had only walked a little when daddy leaned down to look at me and told mommy to get the camera. I had a puffed star stuck to my face!! They thought it was funny but it didn't bother me at all!

We went to playground at the Lower Elementary and Max got to walk on the balance beam. He wasn't very thrilled about it but did it just to humor daddy. I think he thought a treat was coming but he was wrong!!
About halfway through our walk, I got a little sleepy so I leaned back and drank a bottle of juice. This is the life!!!
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

My first trip to the lake

Guess what? I went to the lake tonight. I've never been to the lake before but I really liked it. Much to the dismay of my mommy, I LOVE being outside. I got to play in the grass with Kassi then she took me on the pier to look at the water. Lots of people were on the pier with us. They all thought I should go swimming in the lake. Uh, do you know my mom??? I don't think I'll be swimming in lake water ANY time soon!!!

I wanted to get down and crawl around the pier but it didn't have any walls. So, that was never an option. Manna sat down and let me stand up beside her. That was fun. I get kind of tired of being held all the time. I like it when I can get down and play. That is fun.

Remember how I told you that I cry every time Bro. Joshua picks me up? Well, here is the rebuttal! Tonight, he held me and I immediately started crying. I could tell it hurt his feelings, so when we were leaving, I let him hold me without crying. See how happy that made him???
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