Saturday, May 5, 2007

I love these things!

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Cinco De Mayo birthdays

We had a birthday party tonight at the Merritt's house for Mrs. Debra and Bro. Joshua. Today was their birthday. When I was in Disneyworld, I found mouse ears that said "Cinco De Mayo" on them. I got both of them a pair for their birthday. After I gave them their mouse ears, Bro. Joshua picked me up for a picture. I immediately started crying. For some reason, I cry everytime he holds me. Remember this night?

After I got away from him, I was okay. I don't know why he makes me cry. Everyone there thought it was really funny. (Well, everyone but Bro. Joshua!)
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A new game

Manna taught me a new game tonight. It made me laugh. I think she is so funny. Oh, and guess what else I can do? I've been learning sign language since I was 6 months old. I used my first sign tonight. When someone said "daddy" I did that sign. YAY for me! All that learning is paying off.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

The Big Hill

I don't think I'll get to go back to anything at the Riverfront if mommy has to push my stroller over the levy again. That was TOUGH hill to climb while pushing me in a stroller. If she thinks it was tough pushing me, she should have been the one being pushed when it was going downhill. THAT WAS SCARY! I was just hoping she didn't lose her balance as she is sometimes known to do. I would have gone flying down that steep hill.
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Relay for Life

I went to Relay for Life tonight on the Riverfront. I stayed in my stroller so that I wouldn't get close enough to anyone to pass along my pink eye. Lots of people wanted to hold me until they found out I was contagious.

Check out the creases in my pants. Mommy took them to Natchez Steam Laundry to have them pressed the day of my 9 month pictures and I didn't even wear them.

Here I am with Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Bettye Lindeman. They were getting ready to walk the Survivor's Lap. I liked their purple shirts.
My daddy had to do the opening prayer and sing the National Anthem. Mommy was very worried he would forget the words. He didn't. He did very good. I was proud of him. I watched him the entire time he was singing. I wanted to go up there with him but mommy made me stay in the stroller beside her. That wasn't all that fun if you want to know the truth.

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Pink eye

Poor me! I have pink eye. All last week, my left eye poured because my allergies were so bad. That finally cleared up and then I woke up this morning with stinkin' pink eye! I wish I could go a month with no calls to Dr. Russ' office. They are going to think I am a MAJOR hypochondriac. At least they will never have to guess whether my parents are concerned about me.

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Gas prices in Orlando

Ok, this has nothing to do with me and I don't know why my dad insists on it being on MY blog, but here it is! This is how much gas was in Orlando when we filled up the rental car. NO WONDER I didn't leave there with a Tigger stuffed animal!

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I love ME!

There are lots of people in this world that I just adore. But, no one can make me smile the way I do when I see myself. Vain, huh? When I was just a little baby, if my parents couldn't make me quit crying, they would take me to the bathroom mirror. As soon as I saw me, my face would light up. It is still that way. I am infatuated with mirrors. Our hotel had a full-length mirror and I spent LOTS of time in front of it.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

In the water

Oh my goodness! How fun was this?? I love it. I sure hope the Strongs, the Hibbs and the Verdels are ready to see me LOTS this summer. (They all have swimming pools and are now officially my new best friends!) We didn't stay at the pool long because we had to get all packed and ready for the airport. BUT, the time we were there, I loved it! This will be my last post until I am back at home. I'll see you then!
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Ready for the pool

I was so excited to go to the pool this morning. When I woke up at 9:00 a.m., (mommy and daddy loved that I slept till 9!) I put on my swimsuit and hat that Aunt Tammy and Uncle Clare gave me. Have you ever seen anything more precious? Then we headed downstairs to the pool. I was so excited about getting in the water but SOMEBODY had to take pictures first. Geez, can I do anything without it being documented in photos???
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Watching fireworks with MY son (from the mommy!)

I'm not Cinderella and I don't live in a castle. But, I am living a fairy tale!!

I stood tonight for the beginning of the Wishes firework show at The Magic Kingdom and watched MY son on my husband's shoulders. Blaring out of the speakers was the voice of Jiminy Cricket asking if anyone there ever had a dream. I looked at those two with Cinderella's castle in front of them and realized I no longer had a dream, I was living my dream!!!

What an incredible privilege to experience that moment with the man God gave me to share this journey with and the little miracle that HE blessed our lives with. As the music played and the fireworks danced, tears rolled down my face. I realized (once again) what an incredible blessing it is for me to be Dan's wife and Jonah's mother.

The theme at Disney right now is "The Year of a Million Dreams." Throughout the week, we were told that we could be surprised at any moment by the dream team. This dream team could grant our wildest wishes and dreams. I stayed on the look out for them all week. It was only tonight that I realized they could not give me anything more special that what I already have!!!

God first blessed me with a relationship with Jesus Christ, then a relationship with a wonderful, Godly man who is passionate about God and crazy in love with his family. Then, out of nowhere, when we thought it could never happen, this little miracle named Jonah was given to us. Life has never been better.

Disney was absolutely exhausting and not something I really want to do again until Jonah is about 5 and can actually remember it. But, I would not trade tonight for all the wishes in the world. This is my fairy tale and I'm loving every minute of it!

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Pressed Pennies

We started a family tradition on this vacation. I got a pressed penny from each of the four parks I visited. My dad says I can get one every time we go on vacation. He is going to order me two books to keep them in. One book will be for pennies that I get when I am out of town. The other book will be for pennies that people give me. (Hint, Hint)

Mommy was glad that daddy wanted to start a pressed penny tradition rather than a much more expensive tradition like Disney pin trading.
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We went to MGM tonight on our way to the Magic Kingdom. I was most impressed with the fountain. Mom and dad could have saved A LOT of money by just taking me to Delta Bank and letting me look at that fountain.
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