Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reading the Map

After checking into the hotel, mommy grabbed a couple of maps. She knew that if she had one, I would want one. She gave me mine and was apparently surprised that I knew what to do with it. I even read it with the right side up!!!

On the slide

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Can I tell you how much I LOVE a slide? I didn't ride it the regular way, I went up backwards! There were no other children on the slide so it was okay. When mommy or daddy would reach for me, I would turn away from them and crawl back up the slide!

I don't know if DisneyWorld can rival the slide at Chick-fil-A!

Bottle and a nap

I took a bottle on the plane then fell asleep in my daddy's lap. It wasn't my typical comfy nap but it was okay. I slept until we started to land. My mommy said that she used to pray for safety when she got on a plane. She said this time she prayed I would go to sleep and not make the other passengers hate her. HA!

What I did on the plane

I made it to Florida!!! You would be very impressed with how well I did on the airplane. I was such a good boy. Here I am standing in front of Daddy playing with the pocket on the seat in front of us.

Daddy kept pointing to things out the window but I wasn't very impressed with anything I saw out the window. There was WAY too much to do INSIDE the plane.

Fortunately, there was a little girl in the seat in front of me so I could hang onto the seat without bothering anyone.
I read Goodnight Moon a few times then got bored with that. I read a few other books too!

I ate LOTS of Puffed Stars!! I'm gonna keep that Gerber company in business!!!

Going on vacation

Well, here I am in the airport. I'm waiting to go on my very first airplane ride to Orlando, Florida. Yep, I'm going to DisneyWorld!! We are going for a whole week but I'm only going to see Mickey Mouse for one day. The rest of the time, I am staying with Sissy in Tampa. Sissy is my Mimi's sister and she gets to spend LOTS of time with me over the next week. When we get to Florida, I get to go to her house. I can't wait to see her and Uncle Tommy. I have a feeling Brandy will spend a little time with us too!

I better go, I'm about to get on the airplane!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm a monkey???

My mom and dad call me a little monkey these days! Yesterday, we were at Babies R Us getting my new carseat and stroller. Daddy was showing mom the stroller he picked out for me. Mommy was standing right next to me but looking at daddy. When she looked at me, this is what she found!

I am SO nosy! Even though I was strapped in, I had turned completely around and stood up in the cart! I wanted to see what they just put back there. Hey, it's for me, I should know what it is!!!

I got in trouble by my mommy but not until after she snapped a picture!!!

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Yes, I have a leisure suit!

My mom and dad found this outfit at the Gap a few weeks ago. Several unnamed people told mom they hated it! (How could anyone hate a brown leisure suit? HA!) Well, I think some of those people changed their mind when they saw me wearing this. My mom says this is her new favorite outfit.

So, what do you think? Hate my leisure suit or love it? Leave me a comment and let me know what your opinion is!

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After Church this morning

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I love my mom and dad!

Here I am with my mom and dad at Gavin's birthday party! If only Max could have been with us, it would have been a real family day!

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I have a new stroller!

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Gavin's 1st birthday party!

Can you believe my cousin Gavin is 1 year old now? Wow! That means I am very close to turning one! I like this whole birthday party idea. My mom is already planning my first party. I can't wait!!!

Here I am with my uncle Doug. Can you tell that I really love him? He's a good daddy...just like my daddy!

Here is my cousin Gavin. He had a fun birthday party at Kidstowne Playground in Clinton. His birthday was April 18th but his party wasn't until today.
Do you know how VERY much I love balloons? I actually liked the balloons better than the playground. It was very difficult for me to eat because I was too busy watching the balloons!

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Happy "UNBIRTHDAY" to me!

My Granny and Granddaddy have a tradition that I just LOVE! When we go to birthday parties for our cousins, they give us "UnBirthday gifts." How great is that?? So, at Gavin's birthday party yesterday, I got a gift too!

I got a set of wooden alphabet blocks. I was SO excited. Just last weekend I played with a set at my MaMaw Simmon's house and loved them. Now, I have my very own!

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Now that I am a MASTER crawler, my parents put me on the floor at one end of the hallway and put my toys at the other end. They love to see me make my way down the hall on my hands and knees. (notice the red knees in the picture above?) I usually do this with clothes on but that makes me slip and bump my head. So, tonight, they stripped me down to just a diaper. I played in the hallway for almost 2 hours. Am I easy to entertain or what???
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