Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fun on the swings!

While Uncle Chris & Aunt Darla went home to get Gavin for his birthday party, Granddaddy played on the swings with me and Ella.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just a swingin'

It was a really pretty day outside today! So, when my mom got home from work, we headed outside. I finally got to swing in my swing again. Mommy spent all of her time pushing me and throwing the Frisbee to Max. He was very happy to be outside. From what I've heard, he used to go outside EVERY afternoon with my mom and dad. They would throw the Frisbee to him, take him on walks and let him drink water straight from the hose. He loved it. Well, those days have ended since I came along. Maybe he will like me more if I encourage my mom and dad to go outside every afternoon. Probably not, but it is worth a shot!!
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Monday, April 16, 2007

I LOVE water!!!!

After playing with Maggie and being outside, I needed to wash up. Josh was watering the plants and Manna took me over to wash my feet off. I stuck my leg right out there into the stream of water. Then, I put my hand out. Everyone thought it was pretty funny that I knew what to do. Hey, what do you expect? I update a blog everyday, surely I can wash my feet and hands!!!

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Me and Mags

Check out this big dog!!! This is Maggie. She belongs to Josh and Manna. I've never seen a dog that big. I liked her though.

Look at both of our legs in the next picture. We both tumbled over at the same time. I'm not sure who the bigger baby is between the two of us???

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My first encounter with a tree

I went over to Josh and Manna's house tonight. Mommy went to use their tax prep software so she could file Miss Rachal's taxes. Daddy was at the house with Mr. Craig Pardue. Well, when we drove up, Josh and Manna were outside washing the truck and doing yard work. (Sue was there supervising!) Well, mommy decided to put me in the tree!!!! Then she realized she didn't even have her camera. But, Manna saved the day. She ran inside and got her camera. Thanks to her, you can see me in the tree.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Max!

My VERY best friend turned 5 years old today.
Today, April 15, is Max's 5th birthday. We had a little party for him tonight. We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday. We have a video of Max howling while mommy and daddy sang. But, mommy said her singing is too bad to put on the internet.
By the way, Max didn't get to eat a whole cupcake because mommy accidentally bought chocolate cupcakes. So, he only got to eat the icing. How's that for a happy birthday????

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Playing with the basketball

After the business meeting tonight, I played with a basketball (from the VBS display) with Mrs. Belinda. She helped me balance on top of the ball. I got quite tickled while sitting on that ball. I have just recently become very intrigued with balls. I sure was glad to see one in the sanctuary. (Otherwise that business meeting would have been VERY boring!)

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Music time

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We got to church early tonight so daddy could get ready for the business meeting. Bro. Joshua came in and played the piano. I really liked that. He even held me and let me play. I'm not as good as he is...YET! I also got to play the Djembe drum. Several people got to church a little early so they got to hear me play. I think they were all impressed.

I got to go back to church!

I am finally well! So, I got to go back to church today. I was so glad to see my Sunday School teachers and friends. I have really missed everyone. I think they were glad to see me! (at least I hope they were!!)

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