Saturday, March 24, 2007

Picture time

Today, Caroline and I went to have our picture made with a LIVE bunny at Jami Ainsworth's. We were very excited about arriving there. See....

Our mom's woke us up when we got there. After taking a few minutes to wake up, we got dressed and it was picture time. Caroline & I were going to have pictures made by ourselves but we wanted one together too. So, we started with those. Then, we changed clothes for our individual pictures. Here is a picture of Mrs. Jami taking my picture with the bunny.
While Mrs. Jami was taking my picture, Caroline changed clothes (I didn't watch!) for her picture. Isn't her dress pretty?

After my pictures were done, it was time for Caroline. She was not completely happy with that. Mrs. Christi Welch took a picture of mom and Trudie trying to make her smile. I just sat back and watched them. They looked awfully silly!!!

Be sure to check back for our pictures with the bunny. Mrs. Jami is going to give us some digital ones so you can see them. They are great! She did a wonderful job.

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For Melanie

Mommy took these pictures for Melanie. She said I look like a 90 year old golfer in this outfit. My mom said I may look like a 90 year old golfer but I'm a very cute 90 year old golfer!!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

DiscipleNow Weekend

We have something called DiscipleNow this weekend at our church. There are 80 kids from our church involved. Caroline's daddy is in charge of it and my daddy is up there too. So, Caroline and her mommy came over tonight to play with me and my mommy.
I'm not so sure what this whole DiscipleNow thing is but everyone has been talking about it. Oh, and guess what I heard? My daddy met my mommy at a DiscipleNow. He was there leading a group of high school guys and she was leading a group of high school girls. One thing led to another and here I am!!! (Well, add 8.5 years of life from then until now...and here I am!!!)
We will be without daddy a lot this weekend because he will be at the church but I have some things to do to pass the time while he is gone. Caroline and I are going tomorrow at lunch time to have our pictures made with LIVE bunnies. (I'm hoping they remember to feed me BEFORE this photo appointment so I am NOT tempted to eat those bunnies!!)
When Caroline was over tonight, she played in my exersaucer for a little while. I'm not so keen on this sharing idea! I didn't cry or anything because I didn't want to look like a baby but I did watch her VERY close to make sure she didn't mess with anything. We both watched Max a lot. He is so entertaining!! He makes both of us laugh.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is Max funny?

Rob (a.k.a. Parker), this one is for you!!!

Oh, and mommy says to be sure to tell everyone that I laughed much harder and a lot more BEFORE she got the camera. But, she thinks this one was still cute enough to share!!!


Well, I went back to Dr. Russ today because I was sick again. She checked my right ear and it was fine. She checked my left ear and it was infected...AGAIN!!! Just last Friday I got the all clear on that ear. So, she gave me another round of Omnicef and referred me to an ENT to have tubes put in ASAP.

Daddy called the clinic in Jackson that he uses and we will know tomorrow when my appointment is. Dr. Russ looked in my chart and I have had 5 ear infections since December 31. Guess I'm going to take after my daddy and Aunt Darla.

I'll let you know when my appointment is so that you can give me lots of sympathy!!!!

Gerber Finger Foods

For those of you that don't have babies or haven't had one in a while, let me tell you about something I really like. Gerber has Finger Foods for babies like me. My favorite are the puffed stars. I have EVERY flavor of them. (I'm not supposed to know this but my Mimi put some in my Easter Basket!!! Shhhh....don't tell her I know!)
Whenever mommy is cooking or doing anything in the kitchen, she puts me in my highchair and gives me some stars. Sometimes they stick to my hands or face.

Sometimes I can tell that there is one stuck to my face and I try REALLY hard to get it off with my tongue. Yes, I know that using my hands would be easier but that wouldn't make for cute pictures!!!

Check out my hair in these pictures. I wore a baseball cap to the doctor today and my head got all sweaty and gave me hat head! Mommy thought it was funny so she left it like that until daddy got home from church.

Max got in my mom's lap while she was talking to me. I immediately tuned out everything she was saying so I could give my undivided attention to my best friend. I hope that one day he will like me just half as much as I like him!!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Mommy and Me

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The VERY Hungry Caterpillar

Before I was ever born, I got a board book from Lisa Brown called "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." I like board books the best because I don't have to be careful when I read them. Well, this book came with a stuffed caterpillar too. Would you believe I even have an outfit dedicated to that book? So, tonight I got all dressed up in my outfit and read the book and played with the caterpillar.

A certain dog did not want to be left out of the action so he posed with the book too! (BUT, he doesn't have an outfit! HA!)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A beautiful day!

It was SO pretty outside today. Daddy went to play soccer so mommy and I had to find something to do. After I woke up from my nap, we went outside with Max and took some pictures. I didn't cooperate because I was much more interested in the wind blowing, the dogs barking, the cars passing, etc. Even though I refused to smile, mommy had fun watching me be so intrigued by everything around me!!

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Trying on new clothes

Well, mommy got a coupon for The Children's Place and took advantage of it. So, I had to try everything on. I was quite cooperative during it all. Daddy finally convinced mom to quit taking pictures and get finished with all the clothes-changing!!! That worked out well for me because when we were done, I got to eat!!!!
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My Easter basket had peeps in it. Mom and dad let me taste them. WOW!!! If I had known how good those were, I would have abandoned that baby food long ago!!!

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An Easter basket for me!!

Look at the picture above this? See that brown box to the left of the refrigerator?? Well, that box came from my Granddaddy and Granny in Alabama. It had an Easter basket full of stuff for me. Daddy helped me open it. (Max stayed very close in case I accidentally dropped something!)

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