Saturday, February 24, 2007

My daddy is home again!

My daddy has been gone since Wednesday night. I've missed him so much! I've never gone this long without seeing him. I was starting to get a little depressed without him here. (As evidenced in the picture above.)

But, when I woke up from my nap tonight, mommy gave me GREAT news!! Daddy was in Natchez and almost home. I put on my hat (it was VERY windy outside!!!) and we waited in the front yard for him. He drove up and we jumped up and down. Really, it was just mommy jumping. But, since I was in her arms, I jumped too!!! Even ole Max got very excited to see him. That crazy dog stood in the middle of the driveway and wouldn't let him pull in. (I told you he was NOTHING but trouble!)

Daddy was on the phone with Bro. Brian so it took him a minute to get out of the car. When he did, I let him know exactly what I thought about him leaving me. I turned away from him and buried my head in mommy's shoulder. After three times of him trying to get me to go to him, I finally relented. Maybe he has learned a lesson and won't leave me again.

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Laughing at Max


Our friend Rob (a.k.a. Parker) pointed out to me that every video of me laughing has a voice behind the camera saying "Is Dada funny?" Mommy NEVER knew she did that EVERY TIME there was a video of me laughing at daddy. Once Rob pointed it out, everyone said they had noticed it too. Well, everyone except Mommy. HA!

So, as mommy watched this video, she realized she said "Is Max Funny?" Apparently, she can not control saying "Is _______________ funny" whenever she is behind the camera. She tried to recreate the moment and video this again but neither Jonah nor Max would cooperate. So, you get to hear it again on this video!

Another first for me!

Do you see what is on the tray of my exersaucer? It's a teething biscuit!! And, I ate it all by myself. My daddy was out of town and missed it so mommy took LOTS of pictures for him. Hey, I only have one FIRST time to eat a "cracker." We can now say it is officially documented in pictures.

I put it down so mommy wasn't sure if I liked it or not. So, she held it up for me. My eyes glazed over and my mouth opened. That told her I liked it!

Then, out of nowhere, the furry black child swooped in and tried to take it. But, mommy yelled at him and I won out!!!

And, here I am after it was all gone! Mommy said this is a face that ONLY a mother could love. I bet that isn't true. You love me, don't you???

Thursday, February 22, 2007

An answer for some of you

Lots of people ask my parents if I smile ALL the time! Mom or dad always say, "Pretty much all the time." Well, this next picture proves them right. See, I do get upset sometimes. This was taken by mommy after she left the room to put up some clothes. I'm getting to the "PLEASE, don't leave me in a room alone or I will scream!!!" stage. Mom and dad like that A LOT! (not really!!!)
But, it is all good. Because, after the screaming, this is what I looked like. Can this be any sweeter?
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The MANY faces of happiness!

I went back to Lil' Dago's tonight for dinner. My daddy was gone so mommy took me there to meet the Merritt's, Sue and Bro. Joshua for dinner. Bro. Joshua has eaten there so many times this week that the owner said "back again?" HA! I could make a fat joke but I won't! I had fun with all of them. AND, I got to play with my new place mat toy that mom and dad gave me for my first Valentine's day. It is supposed to stick to the table but our table had a tablecloth so it didn't work. That is okay because I liked it anyway!!!

Before we left, mommy put me in Daddy's chair so she could get my diaper bag ready. I got very smiley! So, she got the camera out. She took lots of pictures (all SMILING) but only posted three. She said I had many faces of happiness. (Whatever that means?)

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Goodbye bumper pad...HELLO ROOM!!!

Mommy and daddy have a video monitor in the living room so they can watch me while I am asleep. The other night, daddy looked at the monitor and said "uh-oh!" When mommy looked, they discovered that I had my arm up on the bumper pad. Daddy went to check on me and this is what he found.
Uh...can we say SIDS? I already don't get to sleep with a blanket and now I have a feeling the bumper pad is on the way out. I wouldn't really mind losing the thing but I love the colors and pictures on it.
Well, mommy took it off and I discovered a whole new world outside of my bed. Did you know there are toys ALL OVER my room? And, did you know that I can see them all? I may never sleep again!!!
Here I am playing in my bed after I woke up this morning. See, I'm bumper pad-less!!! I'm growing so fast. Next thing you know, they will be lowering the mattress on my crib. I don't think daddy is looking forward to that.
P.S. Please ignore my hair in the last picture. I had just woken up and mommy had not brushed it. I still had bed head!
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Piano Man


The Hibbs gave me this piano for my 6 month birthday. I have become quite the pianist! MOVE OVER DAVID TAYLOR...I'm on my way in!!! David's piano may have more keys but I don't need but 4 to make beautiful music. AND, I don't even need sheet music. I play from the heart!!!

After the concert, I decided to pose for a few pictures. Isn't that what all great musicians do? But, I didn't sign any autographs. I have to learn to write first!!!!
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Caroline

When I got to the nursery tonight, Caroline was already there. She was in her bed so mommy put me beside her so I could say hello! We had a lot to talk about because it had been a while since I'd seen her.
In the midst of talking to her, I lost my balance and fell over! Mommy could have caught me before I hit my head (I didn't cry!) but she was too busy taking pictures! I guess I will appreciate all the pictures one day when I am older. Well, that is IF I don't have brain damage from all the falls where she doesn't catch me because she is holding a camera!!!!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


My six month pictures are in. Wow...who knew I was so stinkin' cute??? Our photographer doesn't put pictures online so mommy had to take pictures of the pictures so you could see them. There were 39 of them but I am only posting some of them. If you want to see the rest, leave a comment and mommy will email them to you.

SPEAKING OF COMMENTS...I better get lots of them on this post!!! (or my feelings will be really hurt!!!)

With mommy and daddy

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