Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pops & NeNe

Guess who came to see me today? Pops and NeNe!!! They came over early this morning and stayed all day with me. I was so excited to see them that I ONLY slept about 90 minutes ALL day!!!! Mommy and Daddy kept putting me down for naps and I kept waking right up! I did not want to miss anything going on.

NeNe turns 40 years old tomorrow! (WOW...that is OLD to a 6.5 month old!!!) All she wanted for her birthday was to see me! Mommy thinks she wanted to see her too, but mommy is wrong! It is all about me now!

Happy Birthday, NeNe!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wanna see my teeth?

Did you see them? Mommy has been trying to teach me how to smile and show teeth at the same time. But, I prefer to make her look like a liar when she tells people I have teeth. So, I hide them with my lips and tongue instead. Ha! I'm such a little prankster!!! She tricked me on the picture above. I didn't know she was taking my picture or I would have covered my teeth. Oh well...I'll let you see just that one without you having to beg!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

After church

My daddy had to leave the house around 6 this morning because a church member had surgery. So, I didn't get to see him ALL DAY until church time. After church they put tables up in the gym for the valentine banquet Friday night. I went over to watch and to see my daddy. Uncle Tim was holding me while my daddy talked to me. I think my daddy is so funny. He does such silly things to make me laugh.

Mommy wants to make sure everyone notices my socks. So, she took a close-up picture of them. How cute are these? They look like I am wearing actual shoes. I have these socks in about 6 colors. Mommy got them from The Picket Fence last week and loves them.
As you can see, Max is getting more and more comfortable with me. He even lets me touch him. (Well, some of the time!) Hey, can you tell what his shirt says? It says "I"m the BIG brother!" The Merritt's gave it to him before I was born. That may actually be the last gift he has gotten since I came along. HA!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Before Church

I was getting ready for church tonight when there was a knock at the door. It was Aunt Sue coming by to bring a valentine present for me. Then, pretty soon after that, there was another knock at the door. It was Uncle Clare and Aunt Tam bringing me another present. I am apparently a LOT of people's valentine!!!

It is so cold outside so I had to get VERY BUNDLED up before leaving for church. I don't mind though because I love my hat. I think I like it so much because EVERYONE seems to comment on it. They like my hat and my jacket. My jacket says "Handsome Devil!"
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Getting my Valentines ready!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I have worked tonight to get my Valentines ready to be given. Here I am putting Caroline's present in a bag. I got her 2 onesies from Old Navy that say "Future Cheerleader" and "Future Prom Queen." They are both in pink and brown since those are her favorite colors. (Just so you know, I have the one that says "Future Prom King!")

And, here I am eating the shoes that match her 2 onesies! Oh well! I guess she will wear them anyway if she doesn't know I gnawed on them!

I signed my very first card tonight. My daddy had to help me. Most of you think that would be easy for me considering all the typing I do here on my blog. But, I've never actually written anything with a pen. I didn't do all that great. But, it is for Miss Rachal and she loves me no matter how I write!

This is the stuffed dog I got Miss Rachel. It says "I WUFF YOU!" I love that thing! I hope she does! I wanted to keep it for myself but then my parents gave me a whole lesson about how "giving is better than receiving." (Yeah, right!!!)

Mommy thought this was a funny picture because it looks like we are having a staring contest!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeah, I have a tie!

Look how grown up I am! I have a tie! I didn't particularly want a tie but my friend Josh Wilson said I needed one if I wanted to work at the bank. So, I have a tie now. You'll notice I'm not wearing shoes but hey...I can't get everything right!!! By the way, before I get any fat jokes, I am well aware that my belly is too big for this shirt. It is just that I only have one white shirt that I could wear this tie with. Mommy made daddy SQUEEZE me into it for these pictures. That shirt has now been retired to the 3-6 month bin of clothes that no longer fit.

Josh seemed to think that I looked a little too casual without the tie on. Wonder what he will think of the next picture??? I like to call this one "Jonah gone wild!"

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

A busy Sunday

Well, it has been a while since my last post. I finally have a chance to sit down and fill you in on my day. I went to Sunday School this morning and let me just tell you, we were BUSTING at the seams!! There were TONS of babies in there. Mommy stayed and helped in the nursery. I liked that. Well, I liked it until she put me in the bed and picked up Noah. Uh...hello??? Apparently she forgot that I am her child and should be her FIRST priority. I could have pitched a fit, but instead, I laid in bed and just smiled at everyone. (I have learned that you get further by being sweet than screaming.)

After church, my daddy had to preach a funeral in Brookhaven. He left immediately after the service and I didn't get to see him again until 9:00 tonight!!! He had the funeral, then a 2 hour sanctuary renovation committee meeting, then a business meeting, then the worship transition committee meeting. Mommy let me stay up until he got home. I was really glad because I miss him on busy days like this.

After lunch, mommy needed to run to Walgreens to pick up medicine. The Merritt's said I could come to their house while mommy ran her errands. The weather was so nice outside that I rode in my stroller down there rather than riding in the car. It was so nice outside. After mommy left, they took me back outside in my stroller and let me watch Sassy and Lucy (the dogs) play. I thought those dogs were funny!
Mommy left her camera there in case anything interesting happened. This is what she found when she got back to their house.

Can you believe it? Jessie Merritt put a bow in my hair like I was a little girl!! Notice I am not smiling??? It is obvious that I prefer to be more manly than that.
I went to church tonight and got to play with Nick Herring for a little while. He made me laugh.

He sat me in my daddy's chair on the stage. I look very little in that big chair, don't I?

It was almost time for church to start when I realized Caroline was coming in the door. She was dressed very cute. I was embarrassed because I was dressed WAY down tonight. I hope she didn't think less of me for not being my typical preppy self! It is just so close to Valentine's Day so mommy thinks I need to wear my Valentine clothes as much as possible. WHICH, by the way, I would like to add that I hope this is the last year that I have "Valentine Clothes!" I'm a boy...HELLO!!!!

I tried to hold her hand but I think she saw her daddy coming and got scared. Oh well, there will be plenty of time for that over the years.


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