Friday, February 9, 2007

My daddy!

I don't have any pictures for this post because it is early in the morning and I haven't had my picture taken yet! Besides, my daddy is still asleep. After his 16 hour day yesterday, mommy is letting him sleep as much as he can this morning. Don't worry...I'll be back later with pictures of me and my dad on his birthday!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Valentine Theme

If I had to give you a theme for my first Valentine's Day, it would be "Love Bug!" Remember my book that Mrs. Debbie gave me? It is called "You're My Little Love Bug." Well, just yesterday, my daddy was in Jackson for Mr. Royce Whittington's surgery at Baptist. He called my Mimi while he was a the hospital since she works there. She came to see him and had a Valentine present for me. Guess what it was? A LOVE BUG!!!! It has a heart on it's chest and sings a song about Love Bugs. I'm very intrigued by it. Thus, the look on my face while it is singing and moving!!!

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New Toy

I got lots of toys for Christmas so mom and dad put some of them up. Mommy got this one out for me tonight. It is the Leapfrog learning table that Sue gave me. It has legs that go on it for when I am standing. I love this thing. I squealed several times while playing with it. Mommy called Sue so she could hear me squeal!!!

I was very happy to be playing with my new toy until I spotted something that unnerved me a bit! SOMEONE had taken over the toy I had been playing with. Can you believe that silly Max was laying on my playmat??? He thinks that he has to be anywhere I have been. What a loser!

It was a very long day for my daddy today. He left our house around 5:30 a.m. headed to Alexandria for Mr. Charles Smith's surgery. His surgery lasted 7 hours!!! By the time daddy left there, he had to hurry back to Vidalia for the Associational Men's fish fry at the church tonight. He pulled into the parking lot right at 5:30 p.m. when it started. He called mommy to let her know he would be home around 8 or 8:30. So, mommy planned to keep me up late so he could see me. Well, about 7:45 someone called to let mommy know Ms. Hautie Lambert died. So, she called daddy's cell to let him know. He left the church and went there to be with her family. I really wanted to see him so I stayed up EXTRA late. Mommy read me stories and played with every toy I have just to keep me awake. Then around 9 p.m. my daddy got home. BUT, he couldn't even hold me because the place he just left has a strong virus going around. They told him not to touch me or mommy until he showered. After his shower, he finally got to see me and give me lots of hugs and kisses!!! I miss my daddy on days like this!
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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Me on the HOG!

I was outside today with mom when I heard a LOUD noise coming down the street. Guess who it was? TADDY! He's home! He was out on his Harley. I've never seen a Harley much less gotten to ride one. Well, now I have! (OK, I didn't officially ride it because it never moved while I was on it, but you get the point.)

Oh, get this. Guess what color Taddy's Harley is??? PURPLE!!! Just like my do-rag!!! So, mom ran inside and grabbed it so I would look cool!!!

Here I am hanging on for dear life! Not really,but it looks like that, huh?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Valentine Sleeper

Here are some pictures of me in my Valentine sleeper and bib!

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My NEW jumperoo!!!

Check out my new toy from Caroline! (Yeah, she is so hot for me! She's already buying me stuff!!!) She has a jumperoo and loves it so she got me one. I wasn't too sure of it the first day or so. Mom thinks it is because I was getting sick. They put me in it yesterday and I went crazy! I can jump HIGH!!!

The next picture is an ACTION SHOT! You can really tell I'm bouncing. The cool thing is that when I bounce, the toys light up. I can already tell you that we'll be replacing those batteries often!
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My new book!

Sunday, when I woke up from my nap, I had a present waiting for me. Mrs. Debbie Brocato gave me a cool new book that lights up and makes sounds. It even has a picture of me in it. She also gave me two bibs that I love. (They are even big enough to go over my big head.) Can you tell by these pictures how much I love this book??

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

My first super bowl party!

Tonight I went to my very first Super Bowl party. I've been sick all weekend so I didn't think I would get to go. But, I started feeling better today so mommy and daddy let me go. WOW!!! You should have seen all the food that was there. Once again, I only got formula!!! It was okay though because I don't have much of an appetite since I have been sick.

It looks like I am crying but I'm not. My eyes have been watering since I got sick. It's okay though because it makes everyone feel sorry for me!!!

Mommy thought this was funny. The game is going on it 2 rooms and look what (who) was drawing the most attention...ME! I was much more entertaining than that football game!!!
The Welch's had a TV on in 2 different rooms. I went from room to room so I wouldn't miss any thing. I even took a nap on the floor in the living room during the 2nd quarter. Here I am in the den with Delynn, Daddy, Debra, Josh, Manna, Cliff and Joshua. Clare and Tammy were in front of the fire so they didn't get their picture made with me. Ricky and Una were here too but they left early.
Here I am in the living room with Belinda, Tim and Ken and Sue. I liked this room better because they paid more attention to me than the football game!!!


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