Saturday, February 3, 2007

Update on Jonah (from the mommy)

Our little one seems to be somewhat better tonight. It has been a tough 24 hours for him. He seems to be absolutely miserable. His fever has stayed right under 103 so we haven't been to the Emergency Room. We are still watching him closely. Thanks for your calls, emails and concern for our little guy!

Last night, while Dan was rocking Jonah, I got the bright idea to make a HOMEMADE pound cake with HOMEMADE cream cheese icing. Paula Dean made it on Oprah yesterday and claimed it was very easy. So, I attempted it. Now, keep in mind that I have never made any cake from scratch. All the cakes I had made in the past involved a box of cake mix!!! I actually had to sift flour!! Me....sifting flour! Wow! So, I get the cake out of the oven and it looked rather odd! It looked even worse when I flipped it onto the plate! Look!!!

It was TERRIBLE! It looked bad and tasted even worse! I put it on the floor for Max and he wouldn't even eat it. That is bad!!!

Come to find out, when a recipe calls for all-purpose flour, you should really use that! Not self-rising! Apparently, everyone in America knew that but me! Oh least the icing came out right. I just didn't have anything to put it on!!!

When I uploaded the pictures from last night, this picture from last week was still on my camera. I had to share it! Isn't this the cutest piece of laundry???

Sick baby! (from the mommy)

We have a very sick little boy at our house. He got VERY sick, VERY fast today. We are monitoring his temperature and are prepared to go to the ER tonight if it goes up. We are a little concerned because 2 of the babies from the church nursery have had the flu the past week.

Dan & I are taking shifts staying up with him tonight because he can't sleep. We are in a little bit of culture shock because he never he won't stop!! He seems like he is hurting and just screams out in pain. It is heart breaking!! It is 11:36 p.m. and I'm headed to bed while Dan rocks him. I'll be up in a few hours and will post if we have any changes.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


All I can say is HA! I'm only 6 months old and already WAY beyond cool!

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Sally Jesse Raphael Baby

Sue has these glasses at her house and my daddy always puts them on when he goes over there. So, when we got over there tonight, Josh put them on me instead. HA! I look like a miniature Sally Jesse Raphael!!!
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New PJ's from Brandy

Yeah, that's me! Just hanging out in my new PJ's my cousin Brandy sent me. How cute are they?? I got PJ's, an outfit, shoes and a hat in the mail from her last Friday. Mommy washed them and they fit perfectly!!!

Another laughing video

If you are tired of seeing videos of me laughing, you don't have to watch this! But, it cracks my mommy and daddy up! So, I feel obligated to share my laughter with all of you!!!

6 month doctor appointment

I went today for my 6 month appointment with Dr. Russ. Our appointment was at 2:30 but it took a little while for us to get back there. I was pretty content in my carrier but after about 45 minutes, I wanted out!!! So, mommy read me a book. I loved that. I held it myself because I'm such a big boy!
When Anna Laura called us back, the first thing I had to do was strip! That is so embarrassing. It is bad enough to be naked but then they parade me down the hallway to get weighed. So, today, I paid them back. When they put me on the scales, I peed everywhere! When I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! From the glove box, to the cup by the scale, to the wall, to the...well, you get the point!! When I did, they all screamed and it scared me! So, I proceeded to cry for a little while.

Dr. Russ came in to check me and you won't believe how much I have grown! I am 28 inches long!!!! I weigh 18 pounds and 12 ounces. My head was 18 inches!!! Dr. Russ said my head was big. Mommy knew that already because she has a hard time finding hats to fit me!!!! But, then Dr. Russ said my head had to be big to fit my big 'ole brain! Yeah, that's right!!! Apparently, I am a genius and have a large brain! (I must take after my mommy!!!) I even heard the words "above average!!!" Hmmm!!!
After all the compliments Dr. Russ gave me, she left and said Anna Laura would be in soon. Uh-oh! I like Anna Laura and all but it usually doesn't work out very well for me when she comes in the room. It usually means shots!!!! Here I am before she came in.

Here I am after the first shot!

Here I am after all my shots! (including the flu shot!!!)
P.S. Don't worry about me, I calmed down pretty soon after mommy picked me up and have been fine ever since!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Laughing again!!

Daddy discovered a new way to make me laugh. (It ANNOYED Max!)

Hanging out a Josh and Manna's house

We went to Josh and Manna's house tonight for Chili. I entertained everyone with my new words. Yeah, I'm talking! I won't tell you what all I say because you have to hear it for yourself!!!! But, you can ask Cindy Roberts because she heard one word a couple of times at LaFiesta yesterday. Then, Mrs. Anne McDaniel heard a different word today during my photo shoot. And tonight, Josh and Manna heard the same word as Cindy Roberts. So, if you want to know what I have to say, come hang out with me sometime!!!
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6 month photo shoot!

I had my 6 month photo shoot today. I was supposed to go last week but I bumped my head and had a bruise. Then today, I had 3 scratches on my face. Mommy called Mrs. Anne and she said it was okay because she could photoshop the scratches out. Mommy asked her if she could photoshop her skinny! She couldn't! Sorry, mommy!
I had lots of fun getting my picture made today. I was quite happy. Well, happy until the end. Daddy got there about 90 minutes into the picture taking and I decided at that moment to be a little fussy. These two pictures were taken by mommy when they were getting me dressed to go home. I decided to smile again!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Everyone blames my daddy!!!

Poor me! I was in the nursery today and would you believe I heard people saying bad things about my daddy? After the normal time that church gets out came and went, they started saying that my daddy must be long-winded today! I noticed that Johnathan and Noah started looking at me as if to say that it was MY daddy who was keeping them from their mommy. Well, the next thing I know, mommy came in and said daddy didn't even preach today! He was supposed to preach but after he did the Lord's supper and baptism, he felt like God was moving a different direction. So, he went directly to the invitation. After all was said and done, 14 people joined the church and 5 people asked Jesus into their heart!! WOW! (Some people are saying that maybe daddy shouldn't preach ever again if that is the result!!!)

After church, Johnathan and I went into the sanctuary with our mommies and daddies! I showed Johnathan how I can sit up on my own now. He didn't seem to be very impressed. Daddy had to kind of help me sit up once Johnathan started leaning on me. I can barely hold myself up...much less him!

It may look like I'm pushing Johnathan but you have to understand...mommy was taking my picture and Johnathan kept trying to get in the picture with me!!!! So...I pushed him away!!! What a camera hog! (kind of like Max!)

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