Saturday, January 27, 2007

Me and the big mouse!!!

I took 'ole Chuck E. on a ride in a little red car! Apparently, he was unaware that I had never actually driven a car before. He didn't seem to be bothered by it because he kept that smile on his face the entire time. I must be a pretty good driver!!!

Mrs. Teresa

My mommy's friend, Mrs. Teresa came to Chuck E. Cheese to see me because she hasn't seen me since I was a LITTLE baby!!!! She kept saying how big I was. That seems to be the theme these days.
She saw all of the birthday kids wearing their crowns and went to get one for me. Mommy told her that was for kids with birthday parties but she didn't care. She wanted me to have a crown...and a crown I got!!!! (a balloon too!!!)

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Fun with my cousins!

Ceci, Michaela, Allie and Bayleigh all came to Chuck E. Cheese today. I was glad to see them because I don't get to see them very often. Mommy and daddy took me because today was my 6 month birthday. She told their parents that we were going and they came too! I think they were unprepared for how many people would be there on a Saturday. WOW!!!! I had fun anyway!!!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Taylor's IPOD

My daddy has been holding out on me! He has had an IPOD since long before I was even born. He has never let me hear it. I went to the Welch's house today and Taylor let me listen to her IPOD shuffle! WOW! I was quite impressed.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't have a picture to show you because I was too busy ROLLING OVER today to take pictures! Yeah, you read that right! I rolled all the way over tonight. I've been rolling from my belly to my back for a couple of months. But, tonight, I made the big move!!! I have been ready for a while but I waited until Mommy and Daddy were both there. (Yeah, I'm pretty thoughtful!) They both cheered and clapped like I had just won my first Olympic medal. Man, if I ever do anything really good, they are going to GOOB me out!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm still here!

I had a great day today! I did not have one major mishap caused by my parents. Whew! I was starting to get worried!!! When mommy got home today, she picked me up and immediately noticed my tooth is officially in!!! It has been working its way in for a while. It looks like I will have a tooth for my 6 month birthday on Saturday!!!!

I have a toy box in my room! Who knew? It is full of fun toys and stuffed animals. Mommy opened it tonight and I stood next to it and pulled most of my toys out. (I also chewed on a few of them!!!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday, when mommy got home from work, there was a package for me at the mailbox. It was 2 outfits from Dr. Ramsey and Janice. She washed them and got them ready for me to wear. So, when she got home today, she dressed me in one of them and attempted to take a few pictures. I am sitting up on my own a good bit now but sometimes I just topple over. Today happened to be one of those "sometimes!"
When I fell, I hit my head on the side of the Bombay chest. I screamed really loud. Mommy knows that she can always calm me down by taking me outside. So, we walked out and shut the door behind us. (Unaware that the door locked!!!!) So, I'm outside with my throbbing (not really, it just makes me sound more pitiful!) head with NO shoes on!! (Is anyone else beginning to understand why I can't seem to get over my sickness???) So, mommy and I headed over the Biglane's house so we can call daddy. Right as we got up to their house, my daddy drove by! Even though my head was hurting, I didn't cry for fear of being overdosed on Tylenol!!!! Look at the mark on my head now!!! Since taking this picture, there is a bruise there. So, mommy canceled my 6 month picture appointment tomorrow. I just hope I live long enough to actually turn 6 months old. The way this week has gone doesn't give me much hope!
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I have become quite aggressive with the toys on my exersaucer. I almost get ANGRY with them. Mommy and daddy laugh at me when I'm playing because I am SO intent. The lady who invented Baby Einstein was on the President's State of the Union address tonight. I was kind of bored with the speech until I saw her. I am a BIG fan of her products.

Look at that goober dog behind me!! You can barely see him because he is so black. I think he is about the funniest thing I have ever seen. He makes me laugh more than anyone else can. And, sometimes when I wake up and start crying, he gets worried about me and makes sure mommy knows I'm crying. He tries to act like he doesn't like me, but I know different!!!

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My daddy is home!

Have I ever told you how much I love my daddy? When he comes home from work, my entire face lights up! It doesn't matter what he has to do, he always has time for hugs, kisses and playing. If you want to have fun, you should come to our house when he is here with me. He makes me laugh...a lot!!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Some people should not be parents!!!


Tonight, daddy got me ready for bed while mommy ran to pick up dinner. When she got home, I was asleep. A few minutes into them eating, I started crying. I have been having a difficult time with my teeth. So, she picked me up, changed me and tried to feed me. I wasn't really hungry, I just didn't feel good. So, she rocked me for a while and then decided to give me Tylenol. After a little while, she realized I had no intentions of going to sleep, so she took me back to the front of the house and told daddy I was wide awake. Daddy held me for a few minutes then mommy told him that I would probably get sleepy soon because she gave me Tylenol for my teeth. Daddy said "WHAT?????" Unbeknownst to mommy, my daddy had already given me the maximum dosage of Tylenol just 45 minutes earlier!!!! So, after a call to one of the L&D nurses (Angel Lindsey), a call to the ER by her and a call the poison control center, we think I will be okay. Whew! I was hoping this wasn't the END!!!

By the way, if you have never called the poison control center, make them your last resort! It was a little frustrating that it took 5 minutes to actually get to our emergency!!!!!

What a day!!! (from the mommy)

I know, I'd much rather see pictures of our little guy than read a post from me, but if you will allow me the liberty to be somewhat nostalgic for just a moment.

This week has been such a world wind of different emotions for me. The 18th was the one year anniversary of my dad going to see Jesus. Then yesterday, Dan & I had the opportunity to publicly dedicate Jonah to God. Those were two very opposite emotions. I am still very thankful to God that he took my dad home when he did. 2 years of watching him suffer was more than I could bear. But, I still miss him.

And then, just yesterday, as I held my (almost) 6 month old child during baby dedication, I recognized once again what a miracle God has given me. Jonah isn't our child...he is God's. God gave him to us for a short period. It is our responsibility to raise him to honor and fear God and follow Him.

After Jonah was born, the nurses cleaned him up and got him ready for us to hold. They handed him to me and left the room. Dan came over the left side of the bed and put his arms around me and Jonah and began to pray and to thank God for him. The only words that came out were "God, thank you..." And the tears began to flow...from both of us. There were NO words to express what our hearts were feeling. We trusted the Holy Spirit to convey that for us.

Yesterday was much the same for me. Even though we had privately dedicated Jonah to God, it was an opportunity for us to publicly thank God and recognize that Jonah is His...not ours. During the children's sermon, Dan used Jonah as his illustration. I leaned over to my mom and said "look at the choir!" Most of them were in tears. Then, as I stood on stage, I looked out to see all of Jonah's grandparents, one of his great-grandparents and a few very special friends all there to celebrate this time with us. WOW!

For over 4 years, we were on a journey through infertility, failed adoptions and the possibility of life without a child. The many people who prayed for us, laughed with us and cried with us were (mostly) all there to celebrate God's goodness with us. Isn't this what life is all about???

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The COLTS win!!!

As most of you know, my typical bedtime is somewhere in the 8:00 p.m. hour. Today, with all the excitement in my life, I took 2 pretty long naps because I was SO exhausted. So, when 8 p.m. arrived, I wasn't really sleepy. Mommy let me stay up later. Well, about the time I started getting sleepy, the Colts/Patriots game got REALLY good. Neither of them wanted to miss the last of the game, so they did all they could to keep me entertained and awake. (Thus the crinkled up newspaper all over the coffee table!!!)
Daddy was holding me when Tom Brady threw the interception that won the game for the Colts. He got very excited and threw me in the air! (Don't worry Sue...he was holding me VERY tight!!!)
Look how happy I am after the Colts won!!! (But, don't be soon as they started trying to put me to bed, I screamed like a crazy man!!!! If they get to stay up to see the post-game show, then I should too!!!)
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I've been dedicated!

Today was a very important day in my family. I was publicly dedicated to God at church in front of my friends and family. All of my grandparents came, my great-grandmother Eva, Mrs. Lucy Fuller and The Hibbs.

I was somewhat disruptive in the very beginning. When Bro. Joshua came in and everyone started singing, I started wailing! It isn't very good for the preacher's kid to be the one who interrupts the service. Mommy had to take me outside to calm me down. It was freezing out there. I finally quit crying just so she would take me back inside. When I came back inside, it was time for the children's sermon. Daddy used me for his illustration today. You can tell in the 2nd picture that I was much more impressed with the white flowers than I was the message to the children. (Sorry, daddy!)

As you can tell in the next picture, everyone but me was praying. Hey, no one told me I was supposed to close my eyes. This was my first time in a children's sermon. Someone should let me know these things!!!!

Daddy introduced all of the babies and their parents. I was last. Apparently, I was very tired by the time he got to me because I was yawning!!!

Here I am with the Hibbs. I'm not allowed to spend very much time with Mr. Hibbs because mommy said he will get me in LOTS of trouble!

Check this out...he put me to sleep!

Apparently, I was very tired by the end of this whole dedication service. They tried to wake me up but I was too sleepy!!! But, as you can see, my grandparents did not seem to mind that I was asleep. They all seemed pretty happy to be here with me!

Still asleep with Grandaddy and Granny!
Gigi didn't wake me up either!
Yep, still asleep with Granny, Mimi and mommy!
OK, so I slept through all the family pictures, but tell precious is this picture? I'm even cuter than I realized!!!
Josh, Manna, Tammy and Sue tried to wake me up but had no luck! (Obviously, being passed around has ZERO effect on my ability to stay asleep!!!)
Here I am (still sleeping) with all the people who came just to share this special day with me!

Mommy made taco soup for everyone to eat at lunch. Some people sat in the kitchen but others wanted to see the Saints pregame show.
Mrs. Lucy, Mimi and Mawmaw got their hugs and kisses in before heading back to Jackson.


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