Saturday, January 20, 2007

I am "Beary Tired"

WARNING!! If you are not impressed by extreme cuteness, you should not look any further. Minus the massive amount of Vaseline on my face, (thanks, mom!) this is the cutest I have ever looked for bed!!!

Nene got me these new PJ's at the Gap. I feel like a big boy in them. When mommy put them on me, she remembered my slippers that Josh and Manna gave me for Christmas. They matched perfectly.

Like my slippers? Josh and Manna gave them to me because my daddy ALWAYS wears house shoes. Bro. Gary used to tease daddy and tell him he wore slippers! So, mommy has called them slippers since then! Now I have my very own pair!!

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I love to STAND!

So, I've been thinking about it. I may stand before I actually crawl. I'll stand up ALL day if they would give me something to hold on to. I like to stand at the coffee table, beside my bed and in my bed. Maybe I'll surprise everyone and just stand up on my own tomorrow. Hmmm...maybe not. If I start standing alone then that my limit the amount of things they do for me. I think I will keep things as they are for now.

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There once was a boy...


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Hanging with the newlyweds!

Last Friday, my daddy married Mr. Roy McKinney and Ms. Gwen Bruce. There was a reception for them at our church today. I went to offer them my best wishes. While I was there, Mrs. Gail Rushing gave me a taste of her wedding cake. Then, mommy let me have a taste of her punch. After tasting those two things, I was bummed to find plain 'ole formula in my bottle!!! I prefer food loaded with sugar!!!!
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Funny man!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love Max and Manna!

Check out my new shirt that my NeNe bought me from the Gap. It is SO warm. It has lining on the inside so it is perfect for these really cold days. (and it matches my hat that I have to wear all the time now!) Mommy put this shirt on me while Manna was over at my house. She said I looked like Uncle Clare in this shirt. (All I need now is a brightly colored hanky, right?)

Right before we left, mommy put my hat on then remembered she wanted to take a picture of me inside with my hat on. Then she did something really funny. She put one of Max's treats in the pocket of my overalls in an attempt to get Max to be in a picture with me. That crazy dog lost his mind. I think he thought mommy gave me HIS treat.

After Max FINALLY got his treat out of my pocket, Manna picked me up and played with me. I was much nicer to her tonight than I was on Tuesday at her house. I didn't cry at all this time!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hump day!'s still cold outside! I guess every time I go outside now I have to wear that silly looking hat and mittens. When I have that hat on, it makes my head feel like it weighs 84 pounds. I sit very still and act like my head won't move. Mommy and Daddy think that is very funny. So, now I do it just to make them laugh.
We went to the Welch's for dinner tonight. Mommy sat me in a chair next to the fireplace and I got quite tickled. Sometimes I crack myself up!
When I got to church tonight, Noah was there already. He was in the walker and mommy sat me next to him in the little rocking chair. We stared at each other for a little while. He had some fun toys on his walker and I played with one of them. I didn't ask and he didn't object, so I guess it was okay!!!
Before you look at the next picture, please realize that my intentions were purely innocent. It may look like I am jabbing Noah in the neck in order to incapacitate him so I can steal a toy. But, that is not true. It was just very unfortunate picture-taking timing on mommy's part.

Then mommy put us in the bed together to play. Noah was not happy with that decision. I think he thought I may jab him again. But, I was nice!!! I didn't even take a toy from him!

Leap Baby

When I got home from church, there was a present waiting outside the door for me from the Strong's. It was Leapbaby! Can you believe that little frog knows its ABC's? I keep punching its belly so it will say them again. You probably don't know this but I know my ABC's already, too!!! I just haven't said them out loud because I can't talk yet!!

I keep putting him up by my ear so I can hear him better. I listen for him to slip up when saying the ABC's but he hasn't yet. Don't worry...I'll be here when he does and I'll let you know all about it!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My daddy is SO funny!!! is COLD outside! is cold outside! The last time I went outside it was warm. They bundled me up tonight and I was a bit confused. I've never been bundled up before. I was dressed and had a winter suit on over that. I had TWO hats covering my ears and mittens on my hands. THEN, they covered me with a blanket. I didn't understand why until we stepped outside. Then, I became very appreciative.
I had to get all bundled up because I was spending some time with Josh and Manna tonight. Know why? Tonight, my mommy and daddy had a date! It was their first date since I've been born. They have left me with people before but usually it was for a trip to Wal-Mart or something at church. But, this time it was for a real date. Today is the 9 year anniversary of when they met. (Hope, mommy said to say "Fountain Drink....WOOOO!!!") Personally, I'm very glad they met. It worked out very well for me!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sitting at the table for dinner!

I got to sit at the table with mommy and daddy while they ate dinner tonight. They put toys on my high chair and I sat there and played while they ate. After they were done eating, I got kind of hungry so I had a nice serving of carrots and rice cereal. That was better than the tuna fish and homemade french fries they had. (Yeah, right!!!)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


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