Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Claus...Take Two

The Comfort Suites had "Breakfast With Santa" this morning. My parents thought I might appreciate Santa more the second time around.

We walked in and Gavin ran right to Santa. He LOVED him. He crawled right up in his lap and didn't have one meltdown. I watched that but was still very tentative around the big guy in red. I clung to my daddy and immediately started whimpering. We got even closer and the meltdown began.

So, they decided to sit down and eat and let me watch other children talk to Santa. Gavin kept running right over to Santa and talking to him. Not me...I stayed in my daddy's lap where I knew it was safe.

After a while, my mom went all the way to the wall and sat in a chair and watched Santa. She called me over and I ran to her and sat in her lap. The next think I know, we are sitting on the floor up against the chairs.

Then, little by little, we inched closer to Santa. All the while, he was talking to me and saying my name. I was a little intrigued by him. The next thing I know, we are sitting right next to him and people every where were snapping pictures. Apparently, this was a breakthrough for me.

He was very nice and gave me a candy cane. So, I walked away then went back and gave him my cup of juice. Nice, huh?
He was nice enough to give it back to me. He is a jolly old soul. I think if he didn't have that big ole beard that I might actually like him.

While we were there, my friend Olivia came to see Santa. She liked Santa about as much as I did the first time. You can click here to read about that.
Santa was being very nice to me so I decided to show him my coloring book. He wanted me to come closer to show it to him but I stayed a nice distance just in case he tried to put me on his lap like the last time I saw Santa.
Gavin ran up to Santa to get another candy cane so I decided it was okay to get closer.
My mom says this is her favorite picture of the morning Apparently, it was fun for our parents to see us looking up at Santa. (They sure are impressed by little things, huh?)

As you can see, I got a candy cane from Santa and was feeling pretty good about the day. Then, out of nowhere, my mom picks me up and puts me in his lap. This is how my day with Santa ended!!! Mommy says if we could see under that beard then we would probably see Santa making the same face as me! :-)
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