Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Claus...Take Three (& Preschool Party)

Today was Jonah's Preschool party at Jefferson Street. I left my camera there for some pictures. I didn't know Santa was going to make an appearance. Jonah was as impressed with Santa this time as he was the last two times. If I had known Santa was going to be there, I would have warned his teachers about the impending meltdown.

From the looks of things, Sinnot was thrilled with Santa either. Poor Mrs. Audley had to convince both of them that Santa was really a good guy.
This next picture makes my heart happy. What a precious little boy we have. We are so blessed! I guess he thinks Santa is kind of a nice guy as long as he keeps his distance.
Diane called after the party to say Jonah really enjoyed the food at the party. (She was on the Christmas party committee and I am on the Easter Party Committee.)
I think Marlie liked her Christmas Tree she was eating. What a sweet little girl she is. Jonah thinks she is the best!! (She is pretty fond of him too!)
Check out that face and all the food that was left behind. This little guy LOVES to eat.

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Karin said...

How funny! What does he think about the Santa on his outfit??


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