Monday, December 31, 2007

The Liberty Bowl Parade

We made it Memphis just in time to get to Beale Street and find our spot for the Liberty Bowl Parade. It was not extremely cold outside but my parents felt the need to bundle me up as if it were a blizzard. I had on a onesie, a regular outfit with an attached hood, an MSU sweatsuit, a thug MSU hat and then a coat on over that. Daddy dressed me in the front seat of the car while mommy helped Hannah get bundled up.

I sat in the front seat waiting on everyone else to get their coats zipped up. I took advantage of the free time to practice ringing my cowbell.
Here I am with my family in Memphis before heading to the parade. Hannah took this picture for us. Pretty good, huh?
Mommy took a picture of Hannah with me and Daddy in the parking lot and then again at the end of Beale Street.

We found our spot about 1/2 way down the parade route. I was not too excited about this whole parade idea because all we did was stand around for almost an hour. I did a great job of entertaining all of the intoxicated people around me. They all thought I was really cute. I hope that wasn't the alcohol speaking for them.

Would you believe that with all the layers of clothing I was wearing that my mom forgot my gloves. My hands were freezing so she gave me hers. Um...they were pink! Yeah, I was wearing pink gloves. How embarrassing!!! I took them off EVERY chance I got.
When the parade started, I got on my daddy's shoulders so I could see better. It sure was a better view from up there. Hannah stood on the base of a light pole so she could see.

One of the boys next to us gave me everything he caught. I got beads, a football and a moon pie. Sometimes being cute really pays off.

Here comes Bully with the cheerleaders and band behind him. The crowd went wild when they saw them coming. It kind of hurt my ears.
I had a great time at the parade but I was VERY happy to be back in the car. I was OUT in minutes.

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