Thursday, December 20, 2007

Glenn Family Christmas

Let's finish this already, eh? After all, our Glenn Family Christmas was almost a week ago. Wow...I am behind. So, here goes!

This is my Uncle Doug. He really loves Christmas. Can't you tell? Ha!

While everyone else was in the kitchen eating, Aunt Allison fed Amelia in the living room. I stuck pretty close to her because she gave me some of that food too!
Granddaddy was the first to open a present so the three of us older kids helped him. I'm not sure how he ever opened his gifts over the years without out our help.
My first gift was from Ella and Amelia. It was a cool painted bucket with my name and a firetruck on it. To make it better, it had books in it. LOVED it!
Since there is no little girl in my house, I had never really noticed such a thing as tights. Ella had some on and I decided I wanted to take them off. I pulled as hard as I could from my side and she pulled as hard as she could from her side. She won. She got to keep her tights.

Seriously people, how many daddy's does it take to take our picture or video us while we played? Poor Uncle Chris did not have any electronic device in his hand. If you know my uncle Chris then you know that is very IRONIC!
Since my grandparents gave me my train set back at Thanksgiving, they brought me something so I could open something from them. (Worked out well for me, huh?) They gave me a cool OWL tunnel. WE LOVED IT! We had a blast with that thing.

Aunt Darla took this picture of me and my mom found it on her camera. It must have been one of the FEW times I slowed down over the course of the weekend.
I had to throw a picture of Max in just so he doesn't feel left out. Poor guy! He just heard that he didn't make the family Christmas card this year. So, I'm doing my best to make him feel important.
This is a GREAT picture of Ella. She is the oldest of the four of us. She just turned 3 years old back in November. She is very smart and I think I could learn a lot from her if I hung out with her more.
And this is her little sister, Amelia. She is 6 months old now and starting to be a lot of fun. She spent a lot of time checking things out this weekend. Thanks to her, I'm not the baby of the family anymore.
I crawled up on the couch and watched all of the action for a while. I found myself a little overwhelmed at times with all of the activity. But, I LOVED being with my cousins.

Both Uncle Doug and Aunt Darla found themselves reading to me several times over the weekend. That has become one of my most favorite things to do. I love to be read to or to just look at books.

You won't believe this, but Ella has memorized "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and she quoted it for me. That was quite impressive. She even acted out the parts for me!

Max got lots of attention and love from everyone this weekend. He was in Granny or Granddaddy's lap most of the weekend.
As you can see, mommy used our fine china to serve Christmas lunch. HA!
I don't think Ella liked my mom's cooking? Check out her face! Mommy says maybe the camera just caught her at a bad time. Let's hope!
Mommy was taking this picture when she discovered I was about to NAIL Amelia with the football. Yeah, I got in trouble for that. And, just so you know, she grabbed the ball just in time.
PRESENTS! PRESENTS! PRESENTS! If only could read then I would know which ones were for me.

Gavin was excited about his book from Ella and Amelia. His bucket was like mine but had a dump truck on it. My mommy had never seen this book but it is by the same guy who wrote "Brown Bear Brown Bear." My mom is gonna buy this book for me now. That works out well for me, huh?

Poor Amelia! She didn't get enough to eat so she had to eat the wrapping paper. Don't you feel sorry for her?
And, for the final picture from our Glenn Family Christmas! Max...wearing Ella's hat! I must admit...he is pretty stinkin' cute!

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