Monday, December 24, 2007

Cookies & Milk for Santa

I was very happy to get the cup and plate out of the cabinet for Santa's cookies and milk. Mom put it there when we started decorating for Christmas. When she got it out, I realized this must be the night that Santa visits. I even wore special Santa PJ's for the occasion. Natalie Ainsworth and Mrs. Jami gave them to me and they fit perfectly!

I immediately looked in the cup to see if there was anything to drink. I was a little thirsty and could use some milk.
I took them over to GiGi so she could see. I let her hold them a minute then I took them back to mommy. I was sure she would know what to do with them because she saw me and Daddy use them last year.

Even though I looked earlier to see if there any milk in the cup, I tried it out just to be sure.
Nope, there wasn't any in there so we headed to the kitchen to get things ready for Santa. I was such a big boy and did almost everything myself. Mommy showed me where to put the cookies. I took each one of them out of the bag with very special care. I had been saving these cookies for Santa because they are the BEST! They are Marty Probst cookies. He brought a big bag of Christmas goodies to our house but we saved this bag of cookies just for Santa.

Ok, that's two for Santa.
That's 3 and a half. Wait...someone must have eaten half of a cookie. Who would take one of Santa's cookies? Mommy pointed to a certain daddy who LOVES milk and cookies. I certainly hope Santa doesn't know about that when he starts leaving gifts at this house.

After I got all of the cookies out, I double checked to make sure the bag was empty and then put it away. I'm not sure if Santa is a neat freak or not but I cleaned up my mess just to be on the safe side.
I helped mommy pour the milk for Santa. I gave him the good stuff...WHOLE MILK. I didn't figure he wanted any of that yucky skim stuff like mommy and daddy drink.

Well, the thirst finally got to me. I had to have a drink. Mommy started laughing because she was pretty sure I wasn't supposed to drink Santa's milk.
Since I am very used to drinking from a sippy cup and not an open cup, I made a little mess!! To be honest, it shocked me when all of that milk came gushing out of that cup.

All I could do was sit and hold the cup and stare at the mess. I was soaked, the table was soaked and Santa's milk was GONE!

It's okay because Mommy, Daddy and Gigi came to my rescue. They cleaned me up, cleaned the table up, refilled the cup of milk and whisked me away to a bath! was a VERY good thing they were around.

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