Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

This is what my living room looked like on Christmas morning. Do you see the big red Santa bag with my name on it? Santa left that just for me? It is a bag just like he carries except I think this one came from Pottery Barn. Who knew Santa shopped at Pottery Barn? Mommy loved the bag but daddy thought it made walking into the living room anti-climatic. I guess we will see who wins that battle next year.

They came in to get me Christmas morning and I was wide awake just waiting on them. I didn't have the scared look like last year.
I walked right into the living room and headed towards my bag of gifts. Then, I turned right and headed straight for my Little People Nativity Set. Mommy said that I was just focusing on baby Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Daddy said the Pottery Barn bag threw me off.

Gigi and Daddy helped me open the bag and then I discovered my 3 gifts from Santa. I got the coolest things.
The first thing I saw was my Little Tikes slide. It can be used inside or outside. How great is that??
Then I discovered the Busy Ball Popper. What an incredible cool toy that was. I wish you could see how much fun this thing is.
My third gift was a keyboard/microphone/drumset with a stool. It was so much fun and I'm pretty sure I'm a great musician. Maybe I can play the offertory at church one day soon. If you read this, will you ask my daddy or Bro. Joshua to please give me a chance???
Max even got toys. I had fun taunting him with his toys. I took them from him and squeaked them just to get on his nerves. I wonder if that is why he is turning grey?
I got a nice beanbag with my name on it from my mom and dad. I was completely uninterested in it. What were they thinking? Maybe if they gave it to me when I didn't have so many cool toys then I would have been very interested in it. Oh well, it looks like mom enjoyed it.
I entertained my parents and Gigi with a few musical numbers until it was time for Breakfast Casserole.
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Karin said...

I've heard about the 3 gift idea before & think it is very cool! I don't know if I can handle that though!! ha ;) But I see that you guys gave him at least one other item yourselves. Did he get many other things? Or did you manage to limit it to a short list? :) Maybe I could just try the "3 from Santa" approach -- with no limit from us! ha! ;) (Seriously though, I did limit the number directly from Santa, because I want him to know that we bought him lots of nice things. ;) )

rob h said...

I like the keyboard. You look like Schroeder.

Jonah, one day ask your parents who "Schroeder" is.


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