Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is getting closer

Don't you just love Jonah's hat? He gets lots of smiles when he is wearing it. He had one like it last winter. I'm not so fond of cold weather but this cold weather sure provides some cute things for my little guy to wear.

Dan had a meeting at church this week so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of Jonah in front of the tree. He is so enamoured by the lights and "baws!" (Or ornaments, as we call them!)

He got bored with the pictures and decided playing in his tunnel was more fun. He thinks I don't know where he is once he crawls in there. I stick my head in and he just giggles with delight. Wow...who knew life could be so fun???

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter than that little face, Jonah...Merry Christmas and I LOVE you little boo-boo.
Sue Sue


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