Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day in Jackson

When GiGi left, we headed to Jackson to have Christmas with my mom's family. Bayleigh, Ceci, Michaela, Allie and Hannah were all there. I'm the only boy on that side of the family so I am a little out numbered. It is okay though because I think they are all a lot of fun!

Sissy helped me eat my lunch. I ate a lot of yummy food.

I opened presents with everyone but was more excited about entertaining everyone than I was about opening gifts. Every now and then, they could convince me to stop and open a gift.
Then, I got very interested in MaMaw's gift bag. I went head first into the thing. That got a lot of laughs.

That is my cousin TJ in the background. He is a pharmacist in Missouri. He turned 30 years old this year and he was the last boy born into my mom's family until I came along. This was my first time to meet him. I think we could be very good friends if we lived closer to each other.

Even Max got a cute new outfit. I don't think he was as fond of it as everyone else was.

Hannah got a Hannah Montana wig and MiMi put it on me. I was SO not impressed with that thing.

P.S. Yes, I am wearing 3 different outfits in this post. I had to change clothes because I kept getting food on me. What do you expect? I am only 17 months old!!!!

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Karin said...

Ok, Jonah... You have so many different personal names to call so many special people that I have never figured out who your grandparents really are!! ;)

Katie (and Tony) said...

I was beginning to wonder about the outfits...Thanks for doing a PS on that!


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