Saturday, July 28, 2007

Birthday Pictures

I read a thread on about birthday picture traditions. Several people told about the traditions they have with their child on their birthday. There was one that Dan & I both liked. The idea is to take your child to the golf course on their birthday and take a picture of them standing next to the tee box of the hole that corresponds with their age. Since Dan is a golfer, we decided to begin that tradition.

So, after lunch, we headed to Duncan Park to make a memory. Well, a certain birthday boy was completely unimpressed with the whole idea. He fussed from the time we put him down until we picked him up again to leave. TALK ABOUT A MEMORY! That is so unlike him. Maybe it was the Mississippi heat or the sun in his eyes...who knows?

Some of these pictures are deceiving. They look as if he is smiling but trust me..those are not smiles.

Ha...check out that belly in the last picture. He really is getting heavier by the day!

Ahhhhh....happy again. He LOVES steering wheels so he was quite happy to sit in the golf cart and play with the steering wheel. After a little break there, we moved to the practice green to take a few more pictures.

What an adventure this experience was!!! I can hardly wait to do this again next year! :-)


vhdawg said...

I'm already looking forward to birthday number FOURRRRRRR!!!


Shara said...

Too cute!

Danielle Wood said...

This is a cute idea! Stopping by from Kelly's Korner.

Happy Friday!


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