Saturday, December 30, 2006

I met Shelly!

There is a new winner for the person who travelled the farthest to meet me. My mommy's friend from California came all the way here to meet me on Christmas day. (Rumor has it she saw her family and other friends too, but I like to think she came just to see me!!!)

In 1994, my mommy and Shelly were summer missionaries in California. They both said they always wanted to move there. Mommy didn't but Shelly did. She has been there several years now. Maybe I'll get to so see here there sometime since she came ALL this way to see me!

I've got a disease!!!

I guess it is time to let everyone know that I have a's called 'The Dunlap Disease." If you aren't familiar with what that is, I'll tell you. It is when your belly has 'done lapped' over your jeans. The first picture isn't so bad, but check out the second one. Man...I need to lay off the formula! This could be why they started feeding me prunes instead of green beans.

After they made fun of me, mommy tried to snuggle with me but I refused to smile or be happy.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My new exersaucer

My Mimi gave me an exersaucer for Christmas but it was too big for me so daddy exchanged it for this one from Baby Einstein. He put it together tonight. I watched him very closely in case I have ever have to put anything together.

Max decided he wanted to help daddy. I think he thought this was toy for him. WRONG!!! It's all for me!

Once daddy got it put together I got to play before bedtime. I LOVE THIS THING!!! I especially love the green lizard. Daddy thinks it is because I recognize it from watching Baby Einstein. I'm sure you will see LOTS of pictures of me in my exersaucer over the next few months!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still smiling

Since some of you don't get to see me very often, you probably didn't realize that I now reach for and grab whatever I see. Impressive, huh? I NO longer just lay there and stare at you...I can even reach for things you hold over me. I know mommy told you all that I have been sick but check this out. Even when I am sick, I still smile! (which is kind of hard to do with 14 layers of Vaseline caked on my face!!!)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sick baby! (from the mommy)

No pictures today because our little fella is sick...very sick. His new nanny, Miss Rachel started today and had her hands full. He never really took a nap and wouldn't eat much at all. Dan took his temp it was 101.7. Our doctor was closed today so we took him to the After-hours clinic. He has an infection in both ears!!! POOR GUY! He has been sleeping since about 6 p.m. We hope he has a restful night.

Who knew someone else's ear infection could hurt me so bad?? Man...that little guy breaks my heart when he feels bad!

I must have been a VERY good boy!

OK...before you look at all the stuff I got for Christmas, mommy says that I have to tell you that she and daddy only gave me 3 (a rattle, an alphabet drum and a talking ball) of these don't blame them!!!! She also said that I got a lot of 6 month, 9 month and 12 month toys that they will put up until I am old enough to play with them. I did get some VERY fun things that I can play with right now. It is going to be a fun few days this week as I get to open some of the boxes and start playing with my toys.

Christmas with the Wilson's

We went to the Wilson's house for lunch today. They called last night when they heard we were here by ourselves for Christmas. It was fun. (That is where I had my turkey leg!)

As you can see, I did not want to leave! (Actually, I was so upset they wanted me to leave...QUICKLY!!!) I got very cranky because it was my nap time. So, mommy and daddy got me out of there fast before I ruined the festive mood for everyone else!

3 gifts from SANTA!!!!

That is what I looked like when mommy and daddy came to get me this morning. When they came into my room, they told me that Santa had been to our house to visit me. Can you believe it? I know I look scared to death, but I was excited...REALLY!!!

A quick explanation before you see my Santa pictures...

When I went for my 4 month check-u[ with Dr. Russ, she told my parents about how her children only get 3 gifts from Santa because baby Jesus only got 3 gifts when He was born. She said that is a great opportunity to remind children on Christmas morning of the real meaning of Christmas. So, mommy and daddy talked to Santa and asked if he would bring only 3 gifts to me. As you will see in other pictures, I was not deprived of ANYTHING but it was nice to have mommy tell me all about baby Jesus this morning when I got my 3 gifts from Santa. It will be a reminder to me over the years every Christmas morning about the special gift that Jesus was to all of us.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas night

Tonight, we had company for Nachos and games. Aunt Sue, Uncle Clare, Aunt Tammy, Josh and Manna all came over. It was fun until I started screaming. Then I think they didn't have fun anymore. Mommy thinks I may have an earache because of how upset I was. I don't know what an earache is but I think I was just a little tired from all the excitement!!! Anyway, Josh and Manna brought me a Christmas present. It had a stuffed moose attached to the ribbon. I LOVED it. Guess what was inside the box?? HOUSE SHOES!!! Just like my daddy wears!

My first turkey leg!

I had a turkey leg today. I think it weighed as much as I do. My daddy had to help me hold it. I don't have but a little bit of one tooth right now but if I had a full mouth of teeth, I could have done some serious damage to that thing!!!

When I was eating it, all of these people were cheering for me! I may look a little silly with the turkey leg but you should have seen them!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A dream becomes reality!

When mommy and daddy got married, they wanted to start a few new Christmas traditions for their new family. They knew that one day they would have children of their very own and wanted to do something that would be special on Christmas Eve. So, mommy came up with the idea of buying a children's Christmas book about the real meaning of Christmas for daddy. The plan was to give it to him on Christmas Eve and then he could open it and read it to his children before bed.

Well, for 8 Christmas Eve's, mommy has bought a book for daddy but he had no children to read it to. UNTIL NOW! It was a very special time tonight when daddy opened his book and read it to me. I think they always enjoy reading to me but this book was the most special one yet.

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Milk and Cookies for SANTA!!!

Last year when I was in my mommy's tummy, the Mraz's sent this to me so I would have it for my first Christmas. Daddy got it out tonight so we could put cookies and milk out for Santa.

Dear Santa,

In case you are reading my blog, please notice that I am the one putting the cookies on your plate. Therefore, I should get the really good gifts from you. I did not leave chocolate chip cookies or Oreo cookies because a certain mommy and daddy that live in my house tend to eat more than their fair share of those kinds of cookies. Anyway, thanks in advance for coming to see me. I've been a very good boy for the last 4 months, 3 weeks and 6 days in anticipation of your arrival!



P.S. If your cookies are gone when you get here, I have a feeling the black furry creature in the 2nd picture below could be responsible!!!

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Not gonna happen!!

The Verdel's gave me this onesie. It says "All mommy wants for Christmas is a Silent Night." As you can see, I wasn't happy, therefore a silent night did not seem possible!!! (Hey, I'm a great baby 99% of the time. Surely they can handle one bad night!!!)
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Hanging out by the tree

My daddy is sick! He went to the after hours clinic and the doctor said he has and ear infection, all four sinuses are infected and he has puss in his throat. YUCK! Poor daddy! While he was at the doctor, mommy took pictures of me by the tree with some of my presents. Here I am with the poinsettia the Hibbs put in honor of me at the Methodist church.
This is the book The Chandlers gave me. I got lots of books for Christmas. I'm glad. I love to read but I like it most when mommy and daddy read to me.
This is my interchangeable gear toy from the Hibbs. It makes lots of noise and movements. I am quite intrigued by it.
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Sleepy boy

All of this Christmas excitement makes one VERY sleepy boy!

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