Saturday, December 9, 2006

I met Santa today!

Yeah, today was the day! We went to the mall and I got to meet Santa. To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed. I didn't even smile for him. But, as you can see below, I really smiled at my mommy! I just don't know Santa as well as I know her!

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Tonight I started writing you a letter but I fell asleep under the Christmas tree (under the Christmas tree??? You know my mommy...always looking for a good photo op!) before I could mail it. I figured I could just send you an email with this picture to prove to you just how tired I was!

I've been a very good boy for the past 4 months, 1 week and 5 days. I don't know if you have heard or not but now I sleep all night long! (What am I saying? Sure you have heard! It says so in that song..."He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake!") Anyway, I go to bed at 8 or 8:30 and sleep until 7:30 or 8 the next morning. That has made mommy and daddy very happy people. I don't really need anything but I'll love anything you give me. I'm very enthralled with lights and sound and it seems most everything for a baby has that. Mommy says you can bring me diapers or formula. Can I just say "BORING?"

Since Max can't write, I'll put in a good word for him. Please don't forget him. He has had a tough year. He went from being the king of this house to being my servant. He usually doesn't wear anything from his wardrobe because they usually forget to dress him. From what I understand, he has an array of clothing that he likes when it is cold. (Yeah, it's 34 degrees outside right now and do you think they remembered to put a sweater on him? Nope! But, you can guess who is dressed very cute at this very moment!!! Yeah, that would be me!) Anyway, if you can, would you please bring him a new sweater or two, a few frisbees, some Iams tartar treats (or as daddy calls it, DOGGY CRACK!) and some Beggin Strips. He gets on my nerves sometimes with that incessant barking and attempts to lick food off of my face but I can tell as I grow up, he is going to be my best friend.

Where mommy and daddy are concerned, they said you don't have to get them anything. They said I am all they need!


P.S. If you get to my house and there are no milk and cookies for you, blame daddy! He has an addiction to chocolate chip cookies and mommy can't buy enough milk because he drinks milk every night!!!

Nursery time

Tonight, during the music part of the adult Christmas banquet, I stayed in the nursery. All of those girls really flirted with me. Man, I hope I have that many girls after me 15 years from now!! Posted by Picasa

Me...a thief???

Yeah, it appears I'm stealing money out of the love offering basket. Hey...surely you know me better than that!! (I'm so cute they just gave me the money...I didn't have to steal it!) Okay, okay...I gave it back. But, it would have been really nice in my college fund! Oh well! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Making up for yesterday

Our internet was COMPLETLY down yesterday at work, home and the church. So, mommy had these pictures but couldn't do anything with them.

I like to call this my "Scared Eyes" picture! That new camera mommy has is really big and kind of scares me when she points it at me. By the way, notice how my swing is covered with a sheet? The swing has become my new highchair. If I'm not somewhat reclined when I eat , the food goes everywhere!!! So, mommy improvised!

When mommy came to pick me up from the nursery, Rachel and Paige were in there playing with me. AND, I was sucking my thumb!!! I look like such a big boy with my thumb in my mouth!!! Paige made me feel better by sucking her thumb too.

Paige let me wear her hat!! Do I look cute or what? (But, I wish it weren't pink!!!)
Here I am playing with the toys on my exersaucer. I really like it until I realize they have left the room and I am playing all alone. I prefer they keep their eyes GLUED on me!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Pictures of me and Caroline!

Check out my rosy cheeks! If I were a little older, heavier and had a beard, I could play Santa. Man, my cheeks stay red these days! Like the bow on my head? Mommy put it on there and said I was a present...not just any present though! I'm the BEST present she has ever gotten. (The most expensive, too!!!!) Caroline came to see me tonight. Mommy took pictures of me and took pictures of her but none of us together. That's okay because all the ones of her are on a pink background. I can't have my picture taken on a pink background...what would all my friends say? Don't worry Noah, I'm not caving for ANY girl! Here are a few pictures of Caroline. Isn't she a cutie??

Tell me I'm not a ham?
Mommy pulled out some Christmas lights and let me play with them while she took my picture. That was A LOT of fun for someone who LOVES lights.

She laid the lights down and went to play with me and Caroline. Next thing, we know, Max has crawled up onto the backdrop for my pictures and laid down. So, mommy wrapped the lights around him too. He didn't seem quite as impressed!!

Monday, December 4, 2006

A busy night!

Tonight, we had the Adult 3 Christmas party at the church. I went because I knew I would get lots of hugs and kisses. I'm qutie the popular fella around all those grandmothers. Man...they love me!

I'm so impressed with our Christmas tree. We should leave that up all year long. I could watch it for hours!

My girlfriend came tonight too! She slept the entire time. I have a lot to teach her. You NEVER sleep when there are so many people to love on you! You should save sleep for when you are at home alone!

When we got home, mommy tried to get a few good pictures of me for our Christmas card. I didn't fully cooperate! I smiled...AFTER THE FLASH!! Mommy tried to get a good picture of me and Max. Come on...does she really think a 4 year old and a hyper poodle are going to help her get a good picture? I don't think so!! I did put my arm around him...but just for a minute!! Max is licking his lips because mommy is promising him a treat if he will stay put. Hey...I didn't get a promise of any kind of treat. Life is SO not fair!!!

The next picture isn't all that great, but check out the size of my cheeks! WOW! I need to get on Weight Watchers for Infants. That profile is pretty scary!!
I was much more interested in the ornaments than I was the camera! I bet if I pull hard enough, the entire tree will come down!!

My first Christmas parade!

I got to go to my very first parade yesterday. Caroline came over before the parade but as you can see, she did not want her picture made with me.
Before you look at my outfit, look HERE at who wore my outfit this time last year! Things sure do change over the course of a year!

Here we are waiting on the parade! If I look a little "out of it" that is because I am! Do you know how much work it is getting into a snowman suit? WOWZERS! That was exhausting!

After standing in the cold for a little while, we realized the parade was still about 20 minutes away, so we got in the car with Trudie, Caroline, Sue and Tammy. I took that suit off and played with Caroline's car seat.

Look at who the Grand Marshall of the parade was? PAIGE STAGGS! (a cancer-free Paige Staggs, I might add!!!) Isn't she beautiful! I have a little crush on her but that might change if she keeps making comments about my hair. Now that her hair is growing back, she says she has more hair than me. Typically, that wouldn't bother a baby but if you look at my daddy's hair, my future (where hair is concerned) isn't too bright!

And, look who else it is....Meredith Vines (Miss Vidalia!) I love her too! Who knew the parade would have so many pretty girls? I'll be back here next year!

There is Dylan Sandige in the band. Even though I am scared of loud noises, I didn't even cry when the band passed me!
Since Caroline is so little and her mommy and daddy didn't force her to wear a ridiculous looking snowman suit, she stayed in the car and watched the parade where it was warm. Here they are!

And, I'm OUT! Yep, I stayed awake as long as I could but I fell asleep! Oh well...there is always next year!
Daddy tried to take my snowman suit off of me and I never budged. I was SO TIRED!

My FIRST jar baby food!

When I went to the doctor for my 4 month check-up, Dr. Russ told Mommy I could have baby food. So, Thursday night I got my first taste of bananas! YUMMY!! They discovered that my car seat is the easiest place to feed me, so mommy draped it with a sheet. And the fun began!!!
By the way, look at the paw at the bottom left of that last picture. Guess who wanted a little of that banana? But, guess who didn't get any! YEP! He got NONE!

After mommy fed me for a while, daddy wanted to be a part. Without going into a lot of detail as to not hurt any one's feelings. ONE of my parents did a much better job of getting the food into my mouth than the other one. He (oops, I mean one of them) kept letting it drip down my chin and onto my bib. Hey, how do you expect me to gain another 1/2 pound this week if the food doesn't make it into my mouth???


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