Thursday, November 30, 2006

My daddy's bulldogs...

If you remember, my Mimi sent me an Ole Miss outfit a while back. My daddy hated it so much but still let me wear it since my Mimi loves the Rebels. But, being a good sport, she sent me a MSU outfit AND hat! My daddy was quite pleased with it. Since it is about to get REALLY cold for a while, I dressed in something short to go over to Aunt Sue's! When we went outside after being there for a couple of hours, it was FREEZING! Guess I'll put this outfit up for a while! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 month check up! (from the mommy!)

Well, I made it through another round of shots. I didn't even cry! Now Jonah, that is a different story!!!! He had a great doctor visit until the needles came out. He wasn't so happy about that. Anna Laura was quite shocked that I didn't bring my camera this time. In just 9 days he had gained a half pound! YEEKS! At that rate, he'll be a sumo wrestler in NO TIME!! He weighs an even 15 pounds and is 25 3/4 inches long. He is really growing!!! We can't believe 4 months have passed. It has been so much fun!

On a different note, one year ago today was the day we told all of our parents and friends about being pregnant! We found out on the 28th of last year but had it verified by my doctor on the 29th. WHAT A RIDE!!!

Hangin' out with Mawmaw Chandler and Noah

Tonight, after church, Mawmaw Chandler came over to see me and Noah. She wanted to hold both of us. As you can tell, that made her very happy! Yeah, we've got her WRAPPED!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What a big boy!!

Look how big I am getting! Here I am sitting up and eating! I love my rice cereal. After I finished the bowl full of cereal, I topped it off with a bottle of formula. THEN, I slept almost ALL NIGHT! Max made us laugh because he stayed very close to me throughout this eating process. He loves the fact that some cereal falls out of my mouth on to the bumbo seat.
When daddy got home from work today, he picked me up and held me while he read the mail. I fell asleep in his arms.

Sweet or what?? (By the way, check out how big my thighs are...someone called me THUNDER THIGHS!!! It hurt my feelings. I'm not naming names because that isn't a nice thing to do!!)


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