Saturday, November 25, 2006

Whest & Dara's wedding

Yeah, that's my daddy on the right! He married Whest and Dara tonight at our church. I was a bit concerned when I first heard about that he was marrying Dara because he is already married to my mommy! But, then I found out that he wasn't marrying her, he was making them married! Whew!!!! It was a very beautiful wedding but I fell asleep!
Here I am after I woke up with my mommy and daddy! See that flower daddy is wearing? It didn't look like that long after I got hold of it!
Mmmm...kisses from my daddy!

Since Aunt Sue left me on my very FIRST Thanksgiving, I found the next best thing...PATTIE! Pattie works with her and is forced to hear about me all the time. So, tonight, I took my picture with her! The man is Mr. Tom Carney. He is friends with my mommy and daddy. They eat at his restaurant A LOT!!! Somehow I get left out of that. It's okay for now, but as soon as I have teeth...I would like to be included in those endeavors to Sonny's!

Yep, here I am with Uncle Tim and Taylor. This was after he fed me a pickle! Mommy and daddy both missed it but they got to experience the spit-up later on!!!

I sat in a high chair again tonight. I'm getting so big!

Here I am with my daddy and Dara. I'm smiling at her and flirting just a bit!

I've lost interest now! I seem to be more concerned with my shoe! Sorry, Dara!

HOME AGAIN! What a fun night!

Black Background

Ok...those were okay, but this is too cute! (even if I do say so myself!!!)
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More black background pics!

Obviously, this doesn't have a black background. But, I thought it was cute, so I added it in! What a fun day!
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Me with a white background!

Mom spent sometime today testing out her new camera. What do you think?

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More white background pics!

Well, well, well...look who decided to be in MY picture??? He's such a camera hog. You can tell by the look on my face that I am not happy about it. Oh well...there is only one of him and isn't really that good!

I'm feeling much better today so I decided to do a little reading. I started with "Goodnight Moon!" I'll choose something a little harder next time because it was an easy read! :-)

OK, I know this isn't a particularly great picture of me but I wanted you to see my elephant! My aunt Allison bought it for me before I was ever born and I LOVE IT! It is so soft!!
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Friday, November 24, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, mommy pulled out the Christmas clothes! She bought this outfit on sale last year before she knew if I was a girl or boy. It's unisex! Mommy and Daddy have been discussing the word "unisex" today. That means it is for a girl or a boy. They think that should be called "multisex" not "unisex!" What NERDS! Who cares? It was very hard for mommy to get a good picture of me because I was ENAMOURED with my feet. Hey...there are animals on my feet...I've never seen that before. Quite impressive, if you ask me!

As you can see, I'm starting to feel a little bit better. Maybe I'm well or maybe I'm just in the Christmas spirit! I keep hearing about the Christmas tree. I cannot wait for that! I love lights! I have a feeling this Christmas season is going to be lots of fun if there are lights everywhere like mommy says there are.
Merry "Early" Christmas from ME!

For Delynn Vines

Dear Mrs. Delynn,

I know my mommy hurt your feelings when she forgot to give you a picture of me. BUT, I am here to officially make up for that! I know that your Tigers are playing the Razorbacks today and I dressed out in official LSU garb to cheer for them. This is the outfit you gave me and the football.


P.S. This outfit barely fits me so I think I will pass it on to Caroline. I'll tell her it's from you!

The JONAH Jump-up

Yeah, I know it is really called the "Johnny Jump Up" but I figure since it is mine, I can call it whatever I want. :-) You can't believe how much fun this thing is. I haven't quite figured out how to jump in it but I am really good at swinging.

Max is checking it out! He is so jealous. He thinks he wants in just because I am in it. I think it would be kind of funny if they stuck him in there. He would die! (Hmmm....maybe that is an idea!!!)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 (From the Mommy!)

It was the best of was the worst of times!

How could one day represent so many different feelings and emotions? We are in a household of three sick people and one under-stimulated dog but yet have SO many things to be thankful for. Life is like that...regardless of how dark and dreary the day may be, you can always find someone else worse off than you.

I saw it for the almost 4 months my dad spent in the ICU. We were one of 16 families sitting in that waiting room but always knew we were not the worst off. I saw it recently with the Staggs family. Even in the midst of their darkest days, they focused on the difficulty in the other lives at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital. I see it in people who have lost loved ones recently but still give of their time, energy and effort to help those around them. You've seen it too, I'm sure!

Dan & I have talked today about "this time last year!" WOW...what a difference one year makes! We went to Jackson last year and had a wonderful last Thanksgiving with my dad. Who knew that would be the last? We have great pictures and wonderful memories of that day. We left Jackson to come back to Vidalia to meet David and Linda. The next day Doug, Allison and Ella came and we all shared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and time together.

Personally, we had just ended a domestic adoption possibility and realized our hopes of having children would probably never be realized. Little did we know...

Now, a year later, with stuffy noses and a hacking cough we give thanks. We have a beautiful baby boy that is such a miracle to us. We are amazed by God's goodness to us in so many ways. Even if God had chosen not to give us Jonah, we would still be grateful. God's ultimate gift to us is our salvation and everything beyond that is just sheer blessings!!!

At 5 this morning, I brought Jonah into the living room to feed him and change him. (Normally we do that in his room, but I didn't want to wake Dan when I had to suction his nose!) Even though he is sick, he is such a happy baby. I gave him his soccer ball rattle and he just laughed out loud. (Thanks NeNe!) I sat and watched him and once again had tears in my eyes. I feel so fortunate to have this life. I'm married to a wonderful man of God and I have the most precious baby in the entire world! Life is so good!! We put Jonah in his Bumbo Seat to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. You can look at his face and tell he is still not feeling well.
I was playing with him on the floor when I noticed Santa on TV. I picked him up and pointed to Santa and told him all about Santa. (notice Max looking too!) I got a little teary-eyed all over again! Who thought I'd ever be able to tell MY child about Santa?? WOW! What a day!
Belinda came down and spent several hours with us so she could take care of Jonah and we could get some rest. She played with Jonah, fed him, burped him, rocked him. Yet another reason to be thankful...WONDERFUL FRIENDS! (who don't go to Nashville or Gulfshores for Thanksgiving!)

Remember me saying Max needed some stimulation? Check out the ball in his mouth! He took it to Belinda as if he were begging her to play with him!!

So, what are you thankful for today? Leave us a comment to tell us! We would love to know and be grateful with you!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not only am I clothes don't match!!!

It's a very sad day in our house. For the first time in my life, my clothes don't match!! On top of that, mommy dressed me in a gown and pulled socks up to my knees (almost)! They look like old man socks! Meghan Marchbanks came by to visit and she laughed at me. How embarrassing!! A guy gets a little bit sick and his mommy dresses him like a sissy!! She is so getting paid back for this when she is old and I put her in a home!!! Okay...moving I look pitiful or what?? I don't know who invented the suction that keeps getting crammed up my nose, but I hate that guy!!! That has to be the most miserable thing I have ever experienced. (well, besides being born...that was pretty rough!!) Anyway, I better go to bed. I'm doped up on medicine and can't be held responsible for what I might say!!! Maybe when you see me tomorrow, I'll have a little color back, my socks will match my clothes and I will NOT be in a gown!!

We're all sick! :-(

1 sick baby boy
+1 sick mommy
+1 sick daddy

= one very germ-infested, sleep-deprived, pitiful household!!

p.s. check back later for updates! I'm not sure anyone would want to see the pictures from our house these past few days! :-(

Monday, November 20, 2006

I don't feel very good!

I had to go to the doctor today. I'm sick! So is my mommy! She got sick yesterday and I followed her. Daddy is well...for now. Even though I am crying in the picture above, I have actually been a VERY good boy! I have laughed and smiled and played all day. If it weren't for the green stuff coming from my nose, no one could tell I was even sick!! Apparently, being sick puts me in a very good mood. Posted by Picasa


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