Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My daddy came home!!! (and brought gifts!)

My daddy is home! He got in VERY late last night but I woke up just before he got in bed. He came in to change me and feed me. I was SO happy to see him. And, guess what??? He brought presents for me, Max and mommy!!! He said that when he was a little boy, his daddy brought him a present every time he came home from a business trip and he wanted to do the same for me. (Thanks for starting that, Granddaddy!!!) I got two new water-filled teethers. Yippeee! I love those things. Max got a pig that squeaks. (Great...just what we need! Another squeaking toy for Max! As if he doesn't make enough noise on his own!!!) And mommy got the best present of all!! Daddy surprised her with a brand new Digital SLR camera! They charged the battery all night and you will never believe who the first picture taken was of??? ME!!! Here it is... I'm not smiling! But, my defense, I had just woken up and was still a little sleepy! By the way, mommy says to tell you those are daddy's hairy legs I'm leaning on...NOT HERS! :-)

Max got the honor of having the 2nd picture. He looks a little groggy too!

When mommy got home from work, she got to play with the camera a little bit! Here are a few pics of me!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I have found my fingers and I believe they go in my mouth!

Bathtime with Sue

Here are few pics from bath time last night with Sue. I LOVE a bath. I am such a fan of the water. I can be screaming as loud as humanly possible and they put me in water and I immediately calm down.

I would like to take this opportunity to garner some sympathy for the middle finger on my right hand. Remember on Halloween when I told you about daddy cutting my finger while trying to cut my fingernails. Well, that horrible experience turned into an infection and my finger had to be lanced! Can we all say OUCH??? I'm hoping one of those people I live with will notice the green oozing out next time in order to avoid the "lancing" again!! The picture isn't very good but I figured you could click on it to make it bigger and then I could get even more sympathy!!! POOR ME!!!

My first Thanksgiving dinner

Poor me! My daddy left me! Yep, you read that right. He took off and left me and my mommy behind. It is the first time I have been with out my daddy and night and I didn't like it at all. My mommy liked it even less than me. Just to show my displeasure, I woke up about every 2 hours last night. Thus the reason I am sacked out in the picture below.

That was taken at Walmart. I was so sleepy I couldn't even cry about being stuck in my carseat. Had I known mommy put my bib on backwards, I would have been really embarrassed. She didn't realize it was on backwards until I was asleep and she didn't wake me to change it.

After Walmart, we went to the Young At Heart meeting at the church. I was the youngest one there! Everyone else was some one's grandparent! I was quite the hit. I even wore my Thanksgiving outfit my Mimi gave me.

It was a lot of fun except I didn't get to eat anything but plain ole formula! I'm ready to eat the good stuff like everyone else!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another busy weekend

Mommy and daddy were very excited about this weekend because they had friends from their church in Northern Kentucky coming to visit. Rogers and Shirley Redding were members at Erlanger when we were there. As a matter of fact, Shirley was the realtor who helped mommy and daddy find and buy their very first house. (You should feel very sorry for her because my mommy and daddy knew NOTHING about buying a house and needed LOTS of help!!!)
They live in Birmingham, AL now because Rogers works for the SEC. He is the Coordinator of Officiating (football) for the Southeastern Conference. My daddy is very impressed by his job. He kind of goobs out when Rog is around! (Ha...that's what my mommy says!) Anyway, he had to go to the LSU/Alabama game to evaluate those officials so they made a detour through Natchez to see me! (Mommy and Daddy think they came to see them, but I think we all know who they REALLY wanted to see!!!) So, while Rog went to Baton Rouge, Shirley stayed here and we got to spend time with her. We took her to THE MAMMY for lunch, then on a tour of Natchez and Vidalia then we had dinner at LaFiesta. Then, they both came to church today and then we all had lunch at the Sandbar.
I got a little bit fussy and Shirley was pretty impressed that watching football calmed me down. Daddy is so proud that I'm a football fan!!!
Mommy dressed me for church then put me in the swing so she could get my bag ready. Apparently, I was very sleepy because this is how she left me.
And, this is how she found me! Well, not exactly just like this. Mommy picked me up and laid me on this blanket. (which just so happened to match my shirt!)

Here I am with Rog and Shirley after lunch. I was crying because they were leaving and I was so sad to see them go! (well, that and the sun was in my eyes!!!)

Here I am with the shirt they brought me. It says "Future SEC Champion!" HA! Maybe I will be??? Apparently, I like the possiblity of that...check out the smile!!!

My first trip to McDonalds

Guess where I went tonight after church? McDONALDS! For those of you at my church, you know that after my daddy's sermon this morning, McDonalds was kind of a theme for the rest of the day. Since a lot of the people reading this have NO idea what I'm talking about...lets just say daddy got in a LOT of trouble with mommy about something (well, lots of things) he said this morning in his sermon about his first meal with mommy!!!

Here's the whole group who went to McDonalds with us. Don't we look like a fun group?
Not only was it my first trip to McDonald's, it was also my first time to ever sit in a highchair. Would you believe I sat in that thing for most of the time at McDonalds? I'm growing up SO fast!


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