Friday, November 10, 2006

Two new things!

Well, I did two new things today. First, I had my very first serving of rice cereal. Second, I spent a little time in Caroline's bed! (I'll get back to that!!!)

Dr. Russ told my parents at my 2 month check-up that I could have rice cereal at 4 months. Well, a couple of weeks ago, mommy was scrapbooking with Dr. Russ and she said that if I was consistently eating 7 ounces every feeding that it would be okay to go ahead and try me on the rice cereal. So, for the past couple of weeks, they have monitored my eating pretty closely and I am continuing to eat A LOT! So, today was the day!!!

Everyone told mommy just to put it in my bottle and mix it up really good. Anna Laura at Dr. Russ's office said that if she did that then I would suck to hard trying to eat it and then maybe get choked the next time I ate because I was used to sucking too hard. So, mommy mixed it up and fed it to me with a spoon. Can I just say YUMMY??? I really liked it.

That picture was me getting ready to eat cereal for the first time. Someone was jealous of being left out so he jumped in the picture.

After I got done eating, Manna came over for a little while. Then Clare and Tammy stopped by just to see me. While they were here, Bro. Brian called to see if we wanted to eat dinner with them. His mom is here and she cooked for all of us. (Well, not me...I got stuck with plain 'ole formula again!!!)
I was glad to go over there because I got to see Caroline again. It was my first chance to see her up close. I love her already!!!

Yeah, that's me trying to give her a little kiss!
I got a better look from this view! Man, she's beautiful!!!
After all of the excitement, I needed a diaper change. (This is where her bed comes in!) So, daddy took me to Caroline's room to change me. Figures...the first time I am in a girl's room, it is with my dad!!!! Let's hope that changes as the years go by!!! Her room is VERY different from mine. It is pink and brown and doesn't have ONE truck, car or helicopter on the wall!!! Check me out...I look quite happy in her bed...even if it is GIRLY!!!
Daddy pulled my pants WAY up and I looked like a goober! Even Diesel (the dog) thought I looked funny! (Does anyone else notice that the dog matches the room???)
Here I am with daddy, Bro. Brian and Caroline. (and my pants are still pulled way up! This is why I prefer for mommy to dress me!!!!)
Football was on TV so daddy and I watched a little bit together.
Here is Caroline getting rocked to sleep by her daddy! She doesn't know it yet but her daddy ordered the Miracle Blanket for her! Her nights are about to get a LOT better!!! (By the way, I think those Miracle Blanket people should pay me commission for all the blankets I have sold!!)

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I like hats!

Steve and Angie Weeks gave me the cutest sleepers with matching hats. Mommy figured I'd fall asleep while we were out tonight so she put one on me before heading to the Chandlers. She put the hat on me and I thought that was the funniest thing in the world. I laughed and laughed. I even fell asleep with it on.

Dinner at the Chandler's

My daddy had ANOTHER meeting in Jonesville tonight. Mommy took me over to the Chandlers for dinner. Mawmaw Chandler made Puerto Rican Chicken. That is my mommy's favorite thing that she cooks. (SORRY, Taddy, you missed it!!!) Mommy took these pictures before we left to go home.
Who looks like he doesn't belong in this picture???
Mommy made Bro. Joshua move and join everyone else in the picture. I decided to look at the camera this time. Don't we look happy???
Here I am with Mawmaw Chandler. She likes me ALOT! You know, she LOVES boys so I wonder would she like me as much if I were a girl? I think she was the ONLY person hoping I would be a boy!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I have an announcement to make. I AM OFFICIALLY A MORNING PERSON!!! Poor mommy and daddy! They have always been late sleepers but I am doing my best to change that. I woke up at 6 a.m. today and they never got me back to sleep. Instead, I laughed and talked and laughed until mommy had to just pick me up and play with me. Yeah, I've got her wrapped!!! Tonight after church, mommy and I waited for daddy outside of the choir room. We were heading to the NEW Walmart in Vidalia after choir practice so we just waited there for him. LeeAnn Fuqua was there and she played with me. I was somewhat smitten with her.
Mr. David came and got me and let me watch my daddy sing. He was LOUD and it kind of scared me. I had really big eyes. I didn't stay there long because I was a distraction to the choir. They were paying more attention to me than to the music.

Well, here I am at WalMart for only the 2nd time in my life. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I weren't in this stinkin' carseat. Daddy should have carried me instead of making me lay down. I prefer to be upright as often as possible!
We ran into Mrs. Debbie Brocato while we were there. She's "addicted to me!" HA! She even makes her husband read my blog everyday. He said I was famous!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Caroline Alexis Lee

Yep, I'm in love! I told you yesterday about Caroline. This is an entire entry dedicated to her. All of her family lives away from here. (Just like mine!) So, I'm putting pictures on here of her for her family and friends in Hattiesburg. So, HERE SHE IS!!!

Going to see Caroline

I got all dressed up to go see Caroline tonight but I was too hot so I changed clothes. I sure wish this weather would decide what it wants to do so mommy will dress me in the right clothes. Even though I didn't wear this to the hospital, she took pictures of me before changing me. How cute is this? Maybe brown is my color?

Mommy put the matching bib on me and I immediately put it in my mouth. I'm at the stage now where EVERYTHING goes in my mouth. I especially like burp cloths and bibs.
Check this out...I'm in the elevator with mommy and daddy heading upstairs to see Caroline and I'm carrying her gift. How funny is that? I held on to it for a while too. I'm getting good at holding stuff!
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Want to meet my wife?

Well, she finally made it! Miss Caroline Alexis Lee was born last night and I was there for the welcome party! Here is a picture of me and my daddy walking into the hospital. I'm wearing a jacket for the very first time. Daddy looks like a Mormon missionary wearing black pants and a white shirt. All he needs is a bike and he will really look the part! (He did a funeral and didn't have time to change before we headed to the hospital!!!)

When we got to the hospital, we ran into Dr. Daigle. She delivered me and was getting ready to go deliver Caroline. We never got a picture with her in the hospital when I was born so mommy took one last night.
Here is Bro. Brian right before heading in to the C-section. He looks ready to me!

Oh well, apparently it wasn't quite time yet because Dr. Daigle came back out into the waiting room to play with me. I like her. (Maybe because she got me out of those cramped quarters a few months back!!!)

As time passed, lots of people showed up to wait for Caroline to arrive. Here I am with Caleb Vines. He must really like me because he is actually smiling in this picture.

And, HERE SHE IS!! Isn't she beautiful? I'm going to marry her one day! (Or at least that is what our parents say!) She weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 ozs. That is just 4 ounces less than me when I was born. I'm glad she didn't weigh more than me. That might bother her! Mommy got this picture while they were still checking Caroline out. She went back there with the two grandmothers so they could look at Caroline without having to try to take pictures.

This is me waiting for them to put Caroline in the window so I can see her. Apparently this whole "being born" thing takes a lot of time.
Here she is all sprawled out after her bath. I haven't seen her cry yet. If she isn't sure how to scream, I can help her. I've gotten really good at that when I want my way!!!

That's all the pics of Caroline for now. We have lots but we will wait until her daddy has a chance to post on his MySpace. I'm sure you will see lots of pics of us together over the years.!

Monday, November 6, 2006

I'm growing FAST!

A few weeks ago, mommy realized that i didn't have anything warm in 0-3 months to wear. So, she ordered me the this cute Ralph Lauren outfit. I put it on for church today and she realized once we got to church that it was already too small. Apparently, I need 3-6 in most everything now. Can you believe how big I am getting? Everyone that picks me up calls me a chunk! That is starting to hurt my feelings. Just wait until I can talk...I have a few names for some of them!!!

After church, she put me in these "gymmies" and they were too small too! That 0-3 Rubbermaid bin of things too small is filling up QUICKLY!!!! See me laughing in this picture? Mommy was tickling me. I laughed out loud. The next picture is my "serious" look before the tickling begins again!!!

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