Friday, November 3, 2006

Friday again!

I'm glad today was Friday. That means I typically get to see my daddy a whole lot because it is his day off. Sometimes he has to work on his day off but not today. He was here with me ALL day! Mommy went to The Tasters Tea at the Methodist church and everyone there was asking about me. So, she walked over here to get me and took me over there to see everyone. I was quite the hit.

She went back to work and I hung out with daddy and Max. When she got home from work, we went to LaFiesta for dinner. I wore my new Thanksgiving outfit that my Mimi got me. It is a 0-3 month outfit and probably won't fit by the time Thanksgiving gets here so I have to get good use out of it now. Everyone loved it. Here I am looking out the window at LaFi.

After we left LaFi we stopped to see Pat & Karen Biglane. They live across the street from us. They gave me a beautiful whale bank. It will look so good in my room. If anyone would like to help me fill up the bank, just let me know.

Since the Biglanes just live across the street, it was easier for me and daddy to just walk home rather than putting me back in my carseat. Daddy had me all wrapped up in my blanket. How cute is this???

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Another busy day for mommy!

Mommy left early this morning for another traveling day for her job. She knew she would be back after 6 tonight but daddy had to be at a meeting at church by 6. So, this presented a problem for me. I'm not quite old enough to stay home by myself so daddy dropped me off at Aunt Sue's until mommy could get there. Mommy told him to be sure to take the camera just in case I did anything interesting.

Manna kept me entertained by letting me stare at myself in the mirror. I like looking at me!

After just a little bit, mommy got to Aunt Sue's house. I was SO happy to see her because she had been gone all day. She was awfully tired but I perked her right up.

HA! Manna makes me laugh! I love her.

On the way to Vicksburg, mommy stopped by to check on Mimi. She hasn't been feeling too good this week after a little minor surgery. I didn't get to go but I bet I would have made her feel better. She also saw NeNe while in Jackson. Nene had bought me all kinds of things. One thing was a PRECIOUS Christmas outfit from The Cupboard in Clinton. It has a Santa Hat that goes with it. Mommy put it on me and then they all laughed at me. Apparently, I made a very unhappy face and refused to smile. Then, mommy said it made me have fat cheeks. How rude!
Before I left, I took a picture with Josh and Manna. For some reason, I look scared to death. It is probably because mommy had just told Uncle Josh a VERY scary story about when she was a freshman in college. (Kathy, Keyesy, Tiffany, Caroline, was the Krispy Kreme/Final Exam story!!! MEMORIES!!!!)

Hey...I'M IN THE BIBLE!!!!

So, I'm at Aunt Sue's house tonight and she is talking about Micah reading the Bible. (Micah is Pattie's grandson who is a little more than a year older than me.) Anyway, I start to wonder why I've never read the Bible. (Well, I have read my God loves Jonah Bible that Juan and Shelly sent me, but not a grown-up Bible!) Because, as you have seen in the past, I have read both the Natchez Democrat and the Concordia Sentinel.

So, Aunt Sue gives me her Bible and I start flipping through it. AND WHAT TO MY WONDERING EYES SHOULD APPEAR BUT AN ENTIRE BOOK OF THE BIBLE NAMED AFTER ME!!! My daddy says that the Jonah in the Bible was very disobedient and had a run-in with a whale. (Note to self: Be very obedient as to avoid any run-ins with whales!)

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Whew...I'm tired! heard it here first! HALLOWEEN OFFICIALLY WORE ME OUT!!!! I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon before mommy got home. Then, I slept 30 minutes in my swing before going to the Welch's for dinner. THEN, at church, I slept in the swing for a while. WOW!!!

I achieved a new milestone today. I wore my first 3-6 month outfit. Can you believe how fast I am growing? Apparently that seems to be a general consensus because that is ALL people talk about when they see me.

I never get in the bassinet anymore but the phone rang as mommy was walking past it, so she laid me in there. Wow...that thing is cramped. I'm glad to have my crib!!!
Here I am in the new swing at the church nursery. I am so sleepy in this picture. Just a few seconds later and I was OUT!

Good thing I had a hat on my jumper because it was COLD when we left church. I liked the hat though. It made me chuckle when mommy pulled it on my head!

Here I am dressed and ready for my last bottle and BED!!!

Can you see the hand pushing Max over by me? That would be daddy's hand. I don't think either of us cared to be that close to each other!!!!
He's gone so I'm happy again!

And now, I'm very deep in thought and ready for sweet dreams!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My first Halloween!!!

I hope you are ready to see LOTS of pictures because I have loaded this post up with them. Let me tell you how my first Halloween started. Mommy was feeding me and noticed I had a scratch to the right of my nose. She realized that one fingernail was too long. So, she asked Daddy to trim that nail. Instead of the nail, he took off a huge chunk of my finger! (Well, not really a huge chunk, more like a tiny piece of skin, but it was my finger and I'm the one who bled so I can exaggerate this all I want!!) I chose not to post a picture of that because I'm sure this site would be overwhelmed with comments expressing concern!!! Yes, my finger is fine. Hey, I may never be able to finger paint but I'll blame daddy for that one day when I am older and in therapy!!

Around lunchtime, my nanny called mommy and said she had to come home because I was sick and had thrown up everywhere. Daddy was already on his way home and he got here just in time to experience the HUGE mess I made. Ms. Faye even had to go home to shower and change clothes! (I got her GOOD!!!)

Mommy worried that something was wrong and I would miss Trunk or Treat tonight. But, I wasn't sick, I just didn't handle that bottle very well for some reason. When mommy got home, I was ALL smiles and ready to go!!!

This first picture of me looks kind of like a mugshot! I'm wearing a bib that my cousin Gavin and his mommy and daddy gave me. It is my first Halloween bib.

The next picture was going to be very cute but SOMEONE walked in front of the camera. Max just has to get in the picture somehow!
Since my Halloween costume was a little warm, mommy didn't want me to wear it longer than I had too. So, she put me in a white onesie with this cute bib and blanket and we headed to the festivities at the church.

OK...before I tell you what my mommy and daddy dressed as, look and see if you can tell????

Yeah, they are "black-eyed peas!" Get it? They have P's on the shirt and have a black eye. HA! They crack me up! (OK, I have to laugh or else I would be too embarrassed to claim them!!) So, since I was a pea in a pod and they were black-eyed peas, we were all a part of the Pea Family.
(Jada, you would not like us since you are not a fan of the "pea/bean family!")
Here are a couple of shots of me just me in my costume!

They had a men's cake decorating contest. This is the cake Josh made. It was my favorite. They did a golf theme so he made his cake to match their theme. Even if it weren't my favorite, I would still say it was because I'm kissing up to Josh. When I cry really loud, he doesn't like it and says mean things about me. Maybe this will make him like me more! ;-)

I fell asleep right after we walked outside so the next few pictures are of me with different people while I slept! (Whoo-hooo...Halloween is fun!)

Jon Betts and Sue Wilson in their golf theme
Me snoozing!
Me and Sylvia Strahan (as Elsie the Borden Cow)
Me, Debbie & Devin Smythe and Donna and Vera Verdel as pirates
Me with Liz and Reggie Walker as Fred and Wilma Flinstone
Me, Rayna & Gail Hathcox and Charlotte Rivera as Legos
I finally woke up. Here I am with my daddy!
Back asleep again! Sophie Webber is a beautiful Little Red Riding Hood.
Oh...awake again. It's the Pea Family!!
Cindy Randall as a biker dudette holding me!

Look, it's me with my friend Noah. He is a scarecrow and so cute!!
I got kind of hot outside, so mommy took me inside to the nursery to change me and let me cool off. When I got in there, they had a new exersaucer!! OH MY GOODNESS! I had SO much fun. I have to get one of these things! I laughed and played so hard. It was so funny that mommy went and got Aunt Sue to see how much I enjoyed it.

I went back outside but didn't wear my costume because it was too hot. Here I am with Josh Wilson and Jon Betts.

I was so tired when it was over. Mommy headed back to the nursery to get all of my things and all I could do was rest my head on her shoulder and watch all the activity going on behind her!
Mommy loaded me in my car seat and we headed to the car. But, not before Aunt Tammy stopped me to make me smile.
Then, I saw Bro. Joshua. He was a scarecrow. See my face? He kind of scared me!
Well, that was my first Halloween. Mommy and daddy both said they have never seen me so happy at the end of an such a busy day. But, it was fun and I can't wait until next year!

From the mommy...

This has been quite an introspective day for me. When Jonah woke up at 4:30 this morning, I got his bottle ready and picked him up to feed him. My thoughts immediately went to what life was like before him. Everyone says that once a baby arrives that you can never remember life without them. I think I have been just the opposite. Every milestone, every new adventure, every FIRST reminds me of how long I waited and prayed for this little boy. That caused me to reflect on this time last year.

I remember being at Trunk or Treat and seeing all the babies and small children dressed in their cute costumes and wondering if the day would ever come that I would be able to dress a child in a costume. I remember being very sad about what I was missing as a parent. It wasn't just on Halloween. It was at Thanksgiving when people were all talking about how they were most thankful for their children. It was at Christmas when I saw all the "Baby's First Christmas" clothes and stockings and ornaments. And, it wasn't just the holidays. It was in Walmart and at restaurants and driving down the road and waking up and going to sleep. It basically consumed me. The desire to have a child became my obsession. The hardest thing about my quest to become a parent was to see all the people who were given children that seemed so unworthy. Those who didn't value their children or meet their needs. I couldn't (and really still can't) understand how God decided they needed a child more than me.

Unless you have been down that road, you can never explain your feelings. Only those who have been there understand and empathize with you. Even though it seems those closest to you don't understand your deepest pains and hurts, you know there are people everywhere who are in the same situation. It is odd because as much as you want those people to understand, you would never wish that feeling on anyone else!

Last November 28th, we were amazed to discover that we were finally going to be parents. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that it would never happen for us. Doctors said it wouldn't happen and we accepted that. So, obviously I am writing this tonight from a different perspective.

I'm writing because I still know mommies and daddies who are at home tonight with empty arms. I say mommies and daddies because they are already parents...just parents without children!! They have a desire beyond all of our comprehension to tuck a little one into bed at night. They would give most anything to be missing sleep at night because of a newborn baby or toddler who has just arrived in their home. They can't imagine being able to plan a birthday party or shop for Christmas gifts. They won't complain about how much diapers and formula costs because they will just be glad to have the opportunity to buy it. Some who realize their journey to parenting may never start in a delivery room but in another country or waiting outside someone else's delivery room! They go to bed tonight anxiously awaiting the day that their biggest struggle of the day is whether to dress their little one as a Pea in the Pod or a pumpkin!!!

So, to all of those people who read Jonah's blog, who smile and rejoice with us over this little miracle in our lives...know you are loved, prayed for and that Dan & I can not wait to gush over the first Halloween pictures you send. It will happen...but while you wait, you are in our thoughts and prayers!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pea in a pod!

My halloween costume has been narrowed down to two choices. A pea in a pod or a pumpkin. It all depends on how cool it is tomorrow night for Trunk or Treat as to which costume I wear.
As you can see in the picture above, I am trying to eat the peas rather than wear them. I'm getting to the stage where I like to put EVERYTHING in my mouth. So, I guess peas are appropriate!

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