Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just Hangin' Out

Daddy had a meeting tonight in Waterproof so we went to dinner at Aunt Sue's. It was fun until I got sleepy and then it wasn't fun anymore. (just ask Josh!) I love hanging out on the floor these days. I've become a fan of BabyPraise and will lay for a while and watch it. Sometimes they put me there while they are getting ready to go somewhere. When I realized I was in the room alone, I decided to demand a little attention.
Mommy came to pick me up and then laid me on her bed. SOMEONE jumped up there with me and tried to keep me entertained. Mommy picked up the camera and it is obvious who tried to make it ALL about him!!! GEEZ!
Here I am at Aunt Sue's! (This was when I was still happy and not sleepy yet!) I did lots of smiling tonight and tried to talk. I'm so close to talking. I try SO hard but I just can't quite make the sounds. Soon though!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hump Day!

Yeah, my mommy is a goober! Look at this picture of her. She looks like she is holding flowers like a bridesmaid instead of a baby. What's up with that? We (me and daddy) made fun of her over this picture. Mommy said that she looks like a bridesmaid because she had 16 times to practice being one. Her friend Melanie got married in August and mommy would have been a bridesmaid in her wedding but I was due to be born the day she got married.
I went to church tonight and stayed in the nursery with Jon & Debbie Betts and Marty & Debra Probst. My friend Noah was there tonight but he was a sleepy head! Aunt Tammy came in to visit me before church started. I smiled at her several times just to keep her coming back. She's addicted to me!
When mommy came to get me, Mr. Marty was rocking me and I was fighting sleep! I stretched really big right as mommy took this picture. She said I looked like a Pentecostal instead of a Baptist with my hands raised like that. (Manna and Aunt Emily are Bapticostals so I bet they'll like this picture of me!)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

From one extreme to the other

Have you ever seen such a pitiful face? Mommy, daddy and Bro. Joshua were eating dinner and they left me in the swing in the living room all by myself! Mommy came to get me and that made me very happy. THEN, she handed me to Bro. Joshua and that did not make me happy. Look at my lips. If this face doesn't get me some serious sympathy points, then I don't know what will!!!

Mommy took me from Bro. Joshua and put me in my Bumbo seat so I could sit at the table with them. As you can see, I really liked that. I felt like such a big boy. I've never gotten to sit at the table before.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bath Time

I am so very grateful to the individual who invented cropping. Otherwise, these photos could have been quite embarrassing to me. I still don't understand why people feel the need to get the camera out when I am naked. Surely that will change at some point in my life! (just as soon as I can lock the bathroom door on my own!!!)

I usually get a bath every morning but tonight, I had a rather unfortunate experience during a diaper change. Therefore, I got a bath! I won't go into detail but trust me...BE GLAD YOU WERE NOT HERE! It took both mommy and daddy to get the situation under control. The end result was a bath for me, a blanket thrown away, LOTS of hand washing, a load of laundry being done and one VERY relieved 11 week old baby!!! Posted by Picasa

It's official...I'm a morning person!

Well, much to the dismay of my parents, I am a morning person. I love the early morning. I usually wake up anywhere from 6 - 7 a.m. They try to feed me and put me back down but I never go back to sleep. I'm ready to PLAY!!! This morning, mommy needed to check her work email so she put me in my bouncy seat. I played HARD for about 30 minutes. I try SO hard to get those toys out of the holders they are in. I come so close but I just haven't mastered it yet. When I get tired of trying that, I stare at myself and get very excited when I see ME looking back at ME in the mirror above me. Man, I'm cute!!

Mommy wants to make sure you notice that it is still dark outside! I personally think she needs to get over that. I'm here to stay!!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a day!

HA! Does that picture make you laugh as much as it did my mommy? She came to get me out of my swing so I could get ready for church and I was just waking up. I was quite the sleepy head! But, as you can see in the next picture, I recovered fairly quickly!!!
Unfortunately, all of my "Sunday morning" pictures seem to be taken in the same place...the glider in my room. Because daddy has to be at church so early on Sunday, mommy is the only one there to take my picture and she has to prop me up on something. In the next picture, she put my jacket on then laid me on her pillow so she could put her shoes on. You can tell by my eyes that I wanted to smile but I made her work for it!
Daddy took this picture after lunch and before Mrs. Trudie's shower. I don't think I've ever made this face before. It certainly isn't one of my cutest! Look at mommy...she just assumes I'm smiling too! Makes her like kind of like a goober!
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