Saturday, October 14, 2006

I have a hat!

Well, I have a hat and I actually like it. I wore it for a long time. Mommy and daddy took lots of pictures but I only put a few of them on here. Maybe you will think my hat is as cute on me as my mommy and daddy do!

Oh, look at mommy watching the TV. She is watching the KFC commercial about the KFC FAMOUS BOWLS. Do you know about those? If not, click here. Mommy thinks that is the grossest thing she has ever heard of. Every time that commercial comes on, mommy talks about how gross that is. (To be honest, daddy and I are a little tired of hearing about it. )

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Oh happy day!

Do I look like I am in a good mood? I AM! I woke up so happy and remained that way for most, if not all of the day. I even got better at sticking my tongue out. I've been doing that for over a month but now it is actually getting past my lips!
Daddy needed to work on his sermon, so mommy and I went out for a little. Daddy took our picture before we left. GUESS WHO was jealous because mommy picked me up instead of him? Yep, you guessed it! MAX!! So, he jumped and jumped until mommy picked him up too! He's such a camera hog!

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The Picket Fence

Here I am with Mrs. Torri at The Picket Fence. We had to go there this morning to pick up a present for Caroline. Tomorrow is Mrs. Trudie's baby shower at the church and mommy ordered her present but almost forgot to go back and get it. That would have been bad if she forgot! (But, kind of funny!) It just so happened I was wearing one of my outfits from there so I looked like a major kiss-up when I went in. Posted by Picasa

Seeing family

If the above pictures looks like I am about to cry, I AM! I had just gotten out of my car seat after a 1 hour ride and I was looking very forward to having the WET diaper removed. Instead, mommy plops me down on to this bench to take my picture. As if that wasn't bad enough, she didn't even take the time to pull down my pants legs. Thanks, mom!

We went to Brookhaven to meet my Mimi, Sissy and Maw maw. Sissy has been here from Tampa helping Maw maw since her knee replacement. Well, she is flying back to Tampa tomorrow and really wanted to see me just one more time. Originally, my granny and granddaddy were going to be here but granddaddy got sick and they couldn't come. So, when Mimi found that out, they all planned a road trip to Brookhaven. It worked out well for me because they had presents from the Canton Flea Market just for ME!!!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A night of donkeyball!!

Yeah, that is Max! I decided I would post a picture of him so he would quit trying to get in the pictures with me. I was down for a nap so mommy snapped a picture of him. There once was a time that the only pictures ever taken were of Max. Oh well...things change!

Did you know I am on TV everyday? Well, not real TV but a monitor that looks like a TV. It sits next to the recliner in the living room so everyone can watch me sleep while I am in my crib!

Tonight was the long awaited game of Donkeyball. This was a fundraiser for Relay for Life. They asked my daddy to play on the Vidalia team against Natchez. He said yes before he really thought about it. I don't think he would ever say yes again. (He is already hurting!!)
Before getting ready for donkeyball, I played in my crib for a long time. I have a pumpkin that my Mimi gave me that shakes. I really like it. I like anything that moves and makes noise.

When mommy was changing me and gettng me ready to go, I was in the BEST mood. Lots of smiles.

Once we got to Donkeyball, I showed everyone how excited I was by going to sleep. It is hard work being so cute. Sometimes a guy just needs to rest!!!
Here is my daddy and Mr. Cliff before they mounted the donkeys! (It did not go good for either of them after this picture!!)

Look at the third person from the left on the bottom. That is MY daddy singing the National Anthem. Wow....who knew he could sing?? I'm so glad that he is my daddy!! I love him! (as referenced on my bib!)

Here is daddy and Bro. Brian at halftime. If daddy looks a little beat down to you, he is! The first two minutes of the game just about killed him. He was thrown off two times and have the bruises and marks to prove it. Poor daddy!
After the game, my daddy was glad to come get me and love on me! He was smiling really big because mommy won a really good door prize. She won a $50 savings bond from Delta Bank. Guess who will be getting that?? Yep, that would be me!!!

Here is a picture of my family.

And finally, I get to go home!! They wrapped me in a blanket because it was cold outside. I've never felt cold outside before. I think I may like it!!

Who is missing???

So, most of you know I have a stalker! Well, tonight at Donkeyball, I sat with her family but she wasn't there! My mommy made all of them take a picture with me because she knew how jealous that would make her! Not only did she miss me, but she missed out on a Stagg's family outing! (During HER birthday week!!!!) We love you Sara!!!

By the way, before you look at these pictures, you should know that mommy didn't button my pants back. She said I was hot and was trying to give me some air. Uh, for future reference, I prefer my pants to be closed when I am having pictures taken!!!!

Ha! Notice Kendra in the picture above Rachel? She looks happy to be at Donkeyball doesn't she? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not a happy camper!!!

Yeah, so you know I despise my car seat most of the time. Tonight was one of those times. Mommy picked me up from the nursery and put me in the carrier. I waited to begin wailing until I was actually in the car. I screamed from the time we left the church until we got home. (Hey, don't criticize me, Noah was screaming in his carrier too!!) When we got home, mommy sat me on the floor (see picture below) while she turned off the alarm and let Max out. Well, that made me even madder! How dare she take care of Max before me?
After she took me out of my carrier, I proceeded to scream at the top of my lungs for 15 minutes. I screamed so loud and so long that Max started howling. That got on my nerves so I quit screaming. The picture below is me in the midst of wailing!!
I did finally settle down after mommy changed my diaper and put me in my P.J.'s. She read my "God loves Jonah" Bible to me and I went right to sleep.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting ready for bed

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Under the covers

Yeah, that's Max under the covers in mommy and daddy's bed. They took this picture a few years ago and it has always been one of mommy's favorites. I've seen it flash up on her computer screen as the screen saver a few times. So, today, for the first time ever, daddy laid me on their bed and on his pillow. He pulled the covers up on me and I knew this was my chance. I had to make my pictures just as cute as the ones of Max from a few years ago so mommy would like my picture in their bed just as much. So, here they are...what do you think?

As if my cuteness factor wasn't enough, mommy made daddy lay down with me. That wasn't enough though! They had the nerve to put Max in the pictures too. Uh, do you see me in the picture with him that is up top? I don't think so! Man, can I have just one cute picture without him in it?

Monday, October 9, 2006

A face only a mother could love...REALLY!

So, here's the story! Jonah's schedule was SO off yesterday because of church. Typically he goes down around 8:30 every night. At 11:00 p.m., he was still WIDE awake. So, we get the bright idea to feed him and then put him down. That way, he MIGHT sleep until 7:00 a.m. So, Dan feeds him then gives him to me to burp and put down. So, I'm burping him then I hear the LOUDEST, LONGEST burp I have ever heard. Dan comes from the kitchen saying "What was that?" About that time, everything he had just eaten came up. ALL OVER ME, ALL OVER HIM, ALL OVER THE CHAIR! It was everywhere!!! But, the worst part was that as soon as he got it all out, he buried his face in it. Can we say YUCK? The look on his face was priceless! (See 3rd picture!) Fortunately, I keep the camera pretty close to wherever I am so Dan was able to grab it for a photo op before cleaning the munchkin up. Jonah doesn't really ever spit up so this made up for that past 2 months. YEEKS!


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