Saturday, October 7, 2006

A night out

I can see myself!!! Mommy put me in my BUMBO in front of the mirror yesterday and I was content for quite a while! She was putting her makeup on and daddy was in the shower, so there were no extra hands to hold me. This worked great. I love looking at myself! (Mommy says I take after my uncle Larry!!)

After everyone was dressed and ready to go, we headed to Community Hospital to meet my new friend, Jonathan. His mommy and daddy go to our church and one day soon, he will too! They are going to have to get more nursery workers if any more babies come along. Speaking of babies, could someone please get a few girls in there??? We are going to be overrun with boys! Hopefully, Caroline will get here SOON so we will have at least one girl. I sure hope all those other boys know that she is my girlfriend. I know she isn't here yet, but our dads have already worked it out.
Here he is. Meet Jonathan Cortez Smith. Mommy held him and said it was like holding a piece of paper compared to me. She then had the audacity to say (in front of a room full of people!) that I was a chunk! HELLO?? A chunk? That isn't a very nice thing to say. What if I have a glandular condition? (That's for HOPEY!) Maybe I can't help being a chunk. I've looked for Lo-cal Similac but I can't find it. Geez!
After the hospital, we went to LaFiesta to eat. We saw almost everyone we knew there. I had fun staring at people and even meeting new people. Max's vet was there. He didn't even ask about Max. It was ALL ABOUT ME! I couldn't wait to get home and tell him that. I didn't sit in my carrier long, I wanted to be up seeing everyone and everything. I especially liked sitting on the table. What a fun night out with my mom and dad!
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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Catching up on the news

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Yeah, she is wrapped around my little finger!

My daddy left VERY early this morning headed to Shreveport for Mr. Danny Beard's surgery. We knew he wouldn't be back home until late tonight. I think Aunt Sue felt sorry for us so she cooked supper for my mommy and me. I started not to go because I'm not completely over the comments she made about my clothes last night. BUT, I knew mommy was hungry, so I gave in and went. BUT, I did not eat a thing she cooked. (That will show her!!) Well, as you know, I am not very fond of being confined to my car seat. So, by the time we got over there, I was pretty unhappy. As soon as mommy got me out of my seat and handed me to Aunt Sue, I started grinning at her. She had the audacity to say that I might have a temper! Who knew?? She can say what she wants but I think we all know she is completely smitten with me!

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A few random pictures!

My granny and granddaddy went on a cruise this week. They were out of the country so mommy couldn't call them when I put on this sleeper they gave me. She wanted to call because I was screaming but when they put this on me, I quit crying. Maybe that will work in the future too!! They gave it to me a long time ago but it just now fits me. Thanks granny and grandaddy!

Daddy swaddled me and put me in the bed and I decided that it was time to be wide awake! So, they turned on my CD player on my crib and I just stared at my mobile until I went to sleep. I'm getting almost to big to be swaddled! I dread when that day comes because I LOVE my miracle blanket!!

Mommy had the carpet cleaned Monday so we could not walk on it Monday night. I'm addicted to my swing so they put it in the hallway in case I wanted to sit in it for a while. I did not like it in the entryway. I cried pretty soon after they stuck me there.
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Yeah, I'm still a cutie!

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Here I am wearing my first bib!

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My first pair of jeans!

Here I am wearing my very first pair of jeans and a sweater vest!!! My jeans are a little too long but mommy rolled them up and I wore them anyway. I even wore my brown Robeez with my jeans. We got to church early so my daddy could see me looking all grown up. Everyone said how cute I was. (Well, everyone except Aunt Sue...she thinks I'm too little for jeans. Gah...I've gotta grow up sometime!!!) I was in the nursery again and there were lots of us in there. I think I'm gonna like that place once I can crawl around and play with everyone else.

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Sunday School and Gavin

Well, the day finally arrived that I got to go to Sunday School. Would you believe that when I got there, 3 people were waiting to hold me? Either they like me a whole lot or they were prepared for me to be really bad!!! I wanted my friend Noah to be there but his great-granny is sick so he went to visit her instead. Oh well, I feel pretty sure he will be there Wednesday night so I'll see him then.

I was not really impressed with the way Sunday started out. Mommy woke me up and made me take a bath. That was not my normal bath time so I got really bothered by that. Then, she put "beautiful clothes" (according to Ben Shields!) on me AND shoes. I wore my outfit from Ms. Pat White. She was my mommy's neighbor when she was a little girl. Now, she lives down the street from my Gigi. My outfit had a hat but I did not like it at all. I screamed until mommy took it off. It looks like I am doing the letter "E" in sign language with my right hand. Although, I do plan to learn sign language. that is not what I was doing.

This is the face I have when mommy is trying to make me smile but I really want to be whiny.
Here is Aunt Tam, Aunt Gail and Aunt Sylvia waiting on me in the nursery. (Man, I have lots of aunts and uncles at this church!!!)

Guess who came to see us today?? My cousin Gavin! (He brought his mommy, daddy and Gigi with him, too!) He is 3 months older than me. Man, he can do a LOT of stuff. Gigi said I'll be doing the same things around Christmastime. I can't wait! This is Gavin.

I let Gavin sit in my bouncy seat while I sat in my Bumbo seat. Mommy says she picked out that bouncy seat because Gavin liked his so much. I'm glad he tried it out first. That way we had a voice of experience.

HA! It looks like Gavin his hand on my shoulder. I guess you can see Max trying to get in the picture. He was glad Gavin was here because Gavin's daddy played with him a lot!!!

This is me and my daddy with Gavin and his mommy. Gavin's mommy is my daddy's sister. (Not that you can't see the STRONG resemblance!!!) It looks like Gavin just punched me in the face. He didn't...he is just stretching. I'm just whining for no apparent reason. Maybe I'm tired of having my picture taken so much!!!

My daddy was trying to make both of us smile. It worked for Gavin. I wasn't impressed. Daddy will have to work a little harder to get a smile out of me on command!!!

We were really checking each other out here.

My daddy had fun playing with Gavin. Isn't this a funny picture of them?


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